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Thanks for visiting my profile. I don't know if this is really the right site for me, because I don't consider myself a "spanko" nor do I particularly like spanking. My real interest is finding a female mentor who can give me structure and guidance in my life. If you knew me, you might think this is an odd request. After all, I'm over 50, I've been very successful, both financially and professionally, in my chosen profession. I have all the material aspects of a good life -- a nice house, the cars of my dreams, good friends and reasonably attractive and fit. Outwardly, I seem to have a lot of self-discipline. But inwardly, I have lots of self-doubt. It would be a wonderful feeling to have a non-judgmental mentor with whom I could freely share my thoughts and seek guidance, and who can give me discipline when I need it

Here are somethings I'm NOT looking for:

(1) Sex. I understand spanking can be erotic and a form of foreplay. Discipline is not. I don't want to form a romantic or sexual relationship with my mentor. Obviously, we should have a cordial relationship, but there should be a degree of detachment that is true of any professional relationship.

(2) Role-play. I don't want to be your "naughty nephew" or "bad boy." I want us to relate as regular adults based on our normal personalities

(3) Domination. Of course, whenever someone has the power of punishment, there is a degree of dominance. Having said that, I'm not interested in the stereotypical leather-clad Domme saying "kiss my feet, worm." Those things might make for great fantasies, but they do nothing to give me guidance in my real life.

(4) Spanking for its Own Sake. To me, spanking or any other corporal punishment can be necessary at times, but it is not a means to an end in its own right. In other words, the game is not for me to misbehave so you can spank me. Frankly, I would like to conform my conduct to my mentor's expectations such that drastic punishments would be used rarely if ever. Additionally, discipline has many forms besides corporal punishment. Invoking the "nuclear option" of corporal punishment for any infraction quickly devaluates the deterrent effect.

Well, those are some brief thoughts. I'm smart enough to know the chances of me meeting anyone fitting my thoughts is slim to none. Still, hope springs eternal, doesn't it?

"The sands of time are eroded by the river of constant change."

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