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  1. This poll is for guys who associate a particular kind of clothing with spanking - feel free to add comments!
  2. I have always associated boyish white cotton briefs with spanking, and especially love when the spanker gives me a good warmup over them before slowly removing them! Also, there is something extra-embarrassing to lower one's pants for a spanking and reveal those white briefs!
  3. My most embarrassing spanking happened at summer camp Age:13 A firmed and I were horsing around in our cabin before breakfast, and broke a light fixture by accident. The counselor (probably about a 19-year-old college student) pulled us each over his knee and spanked us over our camp shorts, and then made us pull them down and spanked us over our briefs, in front of the other campers. To add to the embarrassment, I developed an erection from it all and desperately tried to hide it when I got off his knee!
  4. I have orgasmed over a lap on a few occasions, during a more erotic spanking, with lots of rubbing in between spanks, especially when I am stripped to just briefs and spanked over briefs - I think the rubbing of the fabric helps!
  5. As you can see, I think the most appropriate underwear for me to wear for a spanking is boyish white cotton briefs!
  6. I find spanking extremely arousing, and that applies to spanking with women OR men! It is just different, I think the spanking with men is more about the ritual, the embarrassment, etc, while with women it can be erotic as well, but both get me going!
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