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  1. Welcome. Hope you enjoy the site, there aren't that many Pro-Dommes who hang around and participate in the forums, so it would always be informative to hear your take on things.
  2. I think I've come up as INFJ as well! I think that since with some qualities, you can be on the cusp - 55%/45% depending on how you're feeling in your life you can go from one to the other. I would imagine they have a more thorough test that gives you a more reliable outcome, but I also think it must depend. Yeah, its interesting. In my experience people who are spankers & spankees come in such varieties and with such different personality traits that led them to wherever they are that I'm not sure how consistent it would be in predicting. There are definitely spankers that are introverted and they play in an extraverted way and vice versa. I imagine it would influence the way they interact however, how empathetic they are, how intuitive etc. & thanks! I knew there would be another INFP who would find it interesting!
  3. I'm sure some of you have come across this test - based in Jungian Psychology. https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test I'm INFP - the "Mediator" - hits pretty spot on. each type has personality compatibility for partners - I wonder if it matches differently for Spanker/Spankee What should mine be?
  4. Thanks for your perspective Annie! It's interesting that you've already come out once before and that this has some similarity, at least in how difficult it is first to talk about. I hear you on talking about it to Therapists. Early on, when I started seeing shrinks, I would mention it, but would never really dwell very long on it or want to tell them how strong the fantasy was. I think I was in the closet with myself even, so it was difficult to speak about it openly even with a shrink. The difficulty I found later was the fact that talking about it would make me embarassed a little yes, but if I was being honest, it would also turn me on a lot too to simply talk about it in the presence of my shrink. After I got over this initial hurdle of being turned on and a little flush - it happened with less and less frequency until I can just talk about like I'm discussing my grocery list. Maybe it's not exactly like that, but its starts to become pretty normal. I can attest that I've found great relief as well as insight from talking about my spanking fantasies and needs with my shrink! Just my two cents and encouragement that you should keep sharing with them! I hear you on the friends dropping hints. I think that's happened to me - once even, I was in a school setting and one student (a girl) was giving a play spanking to a boy (over his clothes) and I felt so flush I passed quickly by, even though these were people I knew and could feel comfortable just going: "getting a spanking huh?" Ah well. I won't miss that free play spanking next time
  5. How many are truly Vanilla is the question? Too many to risk revealing ourselves, or too few to not risk being fully authentic? I don't know the answer nor do I think that being authentic with oneself means that you have to be public, but I do think if the desire to reveal is there, perhaps there is a larger grey area than some of us are aware of.
  6. Perhaps. But would you accept someone (provided they are close enough to you) telling you about something that isn't part of your own daily routine of life? Would you judge them or want to quiet them? I don't think you would. Now you might say that is because you too have something you'd like to share that is unusual, however my theory is that most people would fall into this category and welcome having someone be truly vulnerable with them. That said, spanking, a fetish or what have you is not something that you can really share easily in everyday conversation, so I'm not saying it shouldn't be shared with prudence. Just exploring this topic in my mind.
  7. Real talk Sydnee. I'm reminded of a story Dan Savage shared recently about a Police woman who was fired because she had previously been a Domme and fetish model. Our society is still very close-minded when it comes to sexuality but I would hope that this will change, and I feel that it is. I concur that feeling comfortable talking about in the privacy of a forum is the first step, and also agree that the company of spankos would be next, perhaps I live in a progressive enough city that I think it might actually not be such a big deal to out myself among friends. It's interesting to hear you say: "Most ppl dont' get it." as well as "i just don't think there are many of us." I don't doubt that you're basing these opinions on solid experience and your environment but I funnily have the opposite opinion from my environment (again, neither of us are right or wrong, perhaps our locations are different) "Most people would get it, because most people have something they also enjoy that's unique in their sexuality." and "I think there are many of us, because the evidence seems to point that direction - even if not everyone is specifically into spanking" However I agree that sharing these kinds of things can have real world consequences. Sexuality and the uniqueness of human beings is frightening to many people and seen as innapropriate conversation to many people. I definitely don't think that talking about it wily-nily is the way to go if you do care about how people see you and have a career that depends on that image - however I think there is a middle ground between "other spankos" and "Friends and acquaintances," a middle ground where it might be worth the risk to drop a few hints, if the reward is feeling more free, less shame, as well as telegraphing to others that - its okay, a lot of us have unique lifestyles. Maybe not everyone wants to hear about everyone elses, but I think everyone wants to have the right to pursue the life they want, and can respect an individuals right to choose that life.
  8. haha. I would not recommend bringing it up with a customer, definitely. the "if the only knew" is interesting...I kind of feel like everyone has something that they like that they might second guess about sharing, so I think it could go another way - the person might find the courage to share something about themselves.
  9. A + . I hope you write a novel someday.
  10. Laid across her lap she spanked my fire out entire
  11. Really? No one? Come on....maybe an accidental "outing?"
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