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  1. Hello everyone, I wanted to bring to your attention an important matter regarding the board guidelines, specifically related to "Spanking Services." It has come to my notice that some members have not been thoroughly reviewing these guidelines. Please take a moment to read the guidelines outlined below. Spanking Services Due to various legal reasons, it is imperative that we do not allow any content related to "Spanking Services" on our website. This applies to all areas, including forums, chat, blogs, clubs, and direct messages. If you encounter anyone attempting to charge you or requesting a 'tribute' for such services, I kindly request that you report their post or direct message. By doing so, we can promptly address the issue and maintain the safety and security of our website. This community holds great value to all of us, and I am dedicated to ensuring its continued well-being. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this rule or any other matter, please feel free to send me a direct message. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
  2. What one defines as “quality” content and what another person defines it may vastly differ. We recently had this talk about free speech and how some members wanted inclusive rights to state their opinions others disagreed with and well others thought the quality of such posting was not on mark. I’d like to promote fairness here and common sense to people. Allowing fairness and inclusiveness does not make a site suffer.
  3. Words matter…. What is subjective about this post is who “contributes meaningfully” and what that means, and having to set markers around who is a “troll” and who isn’t (we don’t allow trolls here but we also don’t assume someone is a troll their first interaction), the idea and follow up, seems a bit of a judgmental one, and maybe I’m mistaken a bit? For people who want to role play or write stories we have a couple sections for that… their desires and what they want/ need out of the site does not mean they are a troll or don’t contribute in some way to SN. Their needs are just as valid, even if not understood by you. I could tweak the sub-forum name of the role play or someone could create a public club that could be merged in the forum, to indicate faster-chat like role play scenes (if the club got over 8k posts). But again, I wouldn’t want to lump any group or people into a “troll” or “non contributor” just off the fact it doesn’t suit some people’s needs. I’m also uncomfortable with the idea of pretending I know for a fact someone’s post is “role play” and should be placed in such an area. For many this is a first line of support they come to SN and start talking about their desires, and exploring. I imagine some people don’t even speak about it in person, and that’s ok… there is no shame in that… but how someone explores their desires, is just that. It’s not up to anyone else to prune or shun them… Labeling people or discriminating against members of the site because of your preference is indeed childish. It would have been taken a lot better without the digs of how other people live their life thrown in.
  4. We don't allow members to upload and send images through private messages. This is a known security patch we are fixing and hopefully we will be able to allow this in the future.
  5. It's tailored to how much a person is "ranked" on the site and their 'ranks' (e.g., the higher rank, the more 'likes' one can create). The "rank" system is a combo of how long someone has been here, their engagement, and their activity in the community. Due to security reasons, I can't explain to you what those measures are because we use those for many different things to prevent spam and attacks on our site. Even Facebook has a threshold in a 24-hour timespan. As a smaller site, our threshold has to be smaller than facebook's.
  6. I never saw anyone calling for all members to boycott a beer company due to dislike of transgender people, I saw a thread talking about a hot topic in the United Stares. The debate subform is not moderated the same way the rest of the forum is, if we didn’t have the debate section, a thread about a conversional topic in the United States would not be allowed posted on here, the chat constantly get told politics there isn’t the place. If threads contained a desires to harm groups of people, incite violence, slurs, or encouraging people to treat a group of people differently, would not be allowed here period. Also we are adults here. If someone has a problem with what people are saying, they can voice it. I don’t know how to make it anymore clearer. Here are the site guidelines
  7. Moderation Note: Hi all, I want to remind our members that the debate section might not be everyone's cup of tea, and it's okay if some members refrain from engaging in discussions that they find uncomfortable or challenging. However, we ask that all members participating in the debate section do so with an open mind and a willingness to engage in respectful discourse. It's important to remember that a topic can be debated without attacking or disrespecting the person presenting the argument. If a member finds themselves unable to separate the topic from the person presenting it, we recommend that they step back from the discussion and take some time to reflect before returning to the debate section. The debate subforum should be the only place for in-depth debates, and while we do not plan to moderate this section unless there is mention of children heavily or parenting styles come up because this is an adult site, we do want to make it clear that personal attacks can lead someone to be revoked from the section. Our forum will not tolerate hate speech, personal attacks, or kink-shaming.
  8. Due to various laws we can't discuss pros as defined as spanking as a trade for monetary gain. People can make a lot of friends here and make various connections that don't result to that.
  9. Hello! Yesterday we had some hiccups with a site update from the software we use (Invasion Power Board). In sandbox (testing) it worked perfectly, going live, it caused some issues late last week. @SpankingNeeds and I had planned on troubleshooting that further and updating the software later this coming this week (with only moments of downtime). Yesterday, during some normal routine moderation -- our site software thought it would be 'helpful' and execute (start the update) without checking with us! !! We spent a bit of time updating the software (back-end) and fixing the errors (that we knew would happen from last week's dry run) which was why we were waiting! Nothing user-facing has changed! I know I got a lot of messages with members asking what happened to SN and got a lot of "kicks" and "ptttttt, what are you guys doing now!?!?!" from angry people! We assure you that if we can we will be as transparent as possible if extended down-times occur. Both @SpankingNeeds and I had other commitments, mine with my health as I have had the flu, and he had family-related scheduled events going on earlier in the day. For many of us, including myself, this is a safe haven, and even a 12-hour window of being down is upsetting! Other than some downtime, we lost no data, and the site is now updated, thanks to @SpankingNeeds it is back running smoothly. We all thank you all for your patience and understanding!!! During the downtime yesterday several members asked if there was a way to help bring the site up faster via donations (was really honored when I heard this); we've also had this request in general if we'd accept donations and so I thought I'd address it. We will have a few options set up in the next couple of weeks (or a month), for those who would like to donate. There is no pressure and we are humbled and in awe that our community wants to help! !! It means so much!! In the meantime (or really, just in general) what would be super helpful, is if members created threads in the Board Help and Feedback section to tell us your ideas on how to make SN a better place (not that it isn't already a good place); the idea is to improve the website in all aspects (i.e forums, layout, chat, functionality, site bugs, and glitches etc). If you have something you need to discuss privately or don't feel comfortable sharing in the main forum, please don't hesitate to message @Child of Light, @SpankingNeeds or our moderation staff.
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