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  1. Spanking is only a part of me and isn't something that has been feasibly present 24/7. No one should shame you for focusing on other aspects of your life. Sometimes I can't get in the scene for months at a time. At times the desires aren't there and other times they are strong but can't have anything done. Because at the end of the day other things have higher priority when it comes to importance of my own health, life, family; and of the other persons.
  2. This answer is correct. It pushes it. But doesn't cross it. recollection/ reflections of personal experiences can shape our spanko identity. Which is important not to oppress. However active child-parent dynamics, the parent sharing the Childs story, encouragement of this act on children or debates about the ethics of it is not permitted.
  3. We do upgrade as we grow. The site acutely gave me an alert today about extreme lag (we have a logger monitoring the issue). There is an update that needs to be done this month that our software released so we're seeing whats the best time is for that.
  4. ^ This is an issue with our forum software. And I agree, every other software has the age automatically updated. It's 2 different inputs that does age.
  5. **Thread Warning Everyone has different kinks/ needs. There is no reason to purposely [without consent] be mean; or put down other peoples fetishes/ desires [as long as they are with a consenting adult]. Do not shame anyone for their kink, fetish, sexuality, or their identity. This is a safe place for people to discuss those matters. When educating people on terms and etc - you don't need to make someone feel dumb for not knowing a term existed. -------------------------------------------------- From BDSM kink sites - ---- There are a lot of 'made up' words in fetish world to describe how you feel.
  6. Working on this it's a color issue with our theme.
  7. You can find it via this link here: https://www.spankingneeds.com/board/index.php?/online/ But we removed it from the main board and a few other plugins troubleshooting each day. Most plugins will return slowly through the week as we marked them off as not an issue.
  8. @Zhev has the correct answer. As we develop the two modes together the color pallet will (eventually) change so if your in dark/ light mode it's still visible. I have changed your color @Chawsee and it's viewable on both the day and night theme.
  9. Actually, no we have not made that clear. This is a community, ran by community members. So any co-op help is welcomed [with constructive feedback]. The moderators are not site owners and have the right to express their opinion on how they feel. As one of the site owners; I welcome; encourage; and would love a PM dialogue with you. We want the site to grow and thrive.
  10. We changed it quickly so that the members who had eye issues see the forum. But we can make several different versions of this for members to choose from. I totally agree that members should have a say! This was done quickly today as it's a skin that works faster on mobile and desktop than the other 2 and was friendlier on the eyes (but still needs much improvement).
  11. We want to make this site better for everyone. Chat is another ball game (and will likely have to switch chat providers); like the updates for Arrow Chat stopped coming out last year and is really buggy. We also totally understand this being a support site for many people and want to keep it like such.
  12. @Drooaygah I just wanted to let you know I appreciated and respect and also glad you feel you can freely express change needing to happen with the site. Communication of what was going on was a must. And you helped remind me of that. So, for everyone confused the last few months - I am sorry for not being more transparent on the work we have been doing [and struggles]. But we have not given up on this site. I love this community, and it's were I found myself at. And so honored to help run her. Sometimes when everything add's up and you're having a lot of anxiety you don't know how to put into words what is going on.
  13. Hello everyone, We updated the theme [again] it has a built in light/ dark mode - we are sorting out the colors [and trying to sort a new logo out]. This is just one of the several issues of the slow going site. We're hoping a much more updated theme will keep things running a bit smoother as well as other things we are implanting. This theme should work a lot better on mobile. Thank you for being patient [also feel free to leave feedback on the coloring of the theme - this is not the final colors]
  14. Moderators are free to express how they feel. There is a feedback section for a reason. I understand that its frustrating the site isn't working properly (trust me; it's not as simple as what we've put out; and it's been stressful for myself and @Mystery Man) - but we are doing the best we can given the situation.
  15. We don’t make any profit off SN (or break even). It’s purely a site we want to run to help people speak about their kinks. The co-admin and I both are essential workers during COVID and have both lost people in our Iives in the past year. It's not been easy. I've kept people updated on various solutions we've worked with our host the past 8 months on (and software company). It has not been an easy fix. We've been scaling back the site's features to see if a bug is within a plug in and purposely inducing the site to crash for troubleshooting reasons.
  16. We’re in the process of updating that version. That theme had to be re-written by scratch.
  17. The errors are in the Db and each crash we are troubleshooting the errors. There has been a few patches made. But for it to fully fix the logger is trying to find the root cause. We appreciate everyone’s patients as we are working through this (ps light theme should be up tomorrow and I’m not a dark theme fan).
  18. It's not a space issue that is causing the lag (we would just increase storage if that was the issue). But rather complicated how the server is connecting to the software and how it's releasing its load. Dormant accounts aren't causing any issues.
  19. Guest posts have been disabled; somehow they got turned on for no apparent reason.
  20. It's been a mix of a few things. We pay a good amount for SN a month in hosting; but we do use a shared hosting service and believe our server on their host might not be throttling correctly enough and not delivering on what we are paying for. If we needed to upgrade to a higher tier - we would. The chat software we used stopped doing releases last year and our forum themes were a bit laggy. So we're trying to improve all of those.
  21. Hello all, I want to first apologize for the site extreme lag. This was part of a lot of issues <that we are doing our best to resolve> and troubleshoot. We've updated to the most current of the forum software (another release was just let out since my last week update). @Mystery Man Did some updates to the back-end last night and I am doing some updates to the front-end (theme); in the meantime only the black theme will show up as the others need a major update. We know that this theme isn't ideal for everyone and will try to have a light theme running ASAP.
  22. Thanks for notifying us. This weekend we just upgraded the site which should have resolved the issue (apparently it hasn’t).
  23. We’ve noticed on other sites peoples rights of privacy being violated and wanted to make it clearer here.
  24. @Mystery Man Spent a lot of time updating some of the site.
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