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  1. We just realized that members couldn't access that section! Ahhh!!! Sorry about that. It should be fixed now
  2. This is exactly part of the reason why we have the "spanking safety and advice" section. Thank you for sharing your story. Sometimes it's needed as a reminder for even longer term spankos to put into prospective. There are certainly spankos who don't set correct boundaries; or take it over the top, and need reminding of this as well.
  3. I would say it's possibly related to your medical treatments. Those sort of treatments have made me more sore and sensitive to any type of pain. After an infusion a couple days later I am hyper-sensitive to pain.
  4. I think it's great your commenting on old conversations! Feel free to start new ones with questions of your own.
  5. I think a spanking that leads someone to the hospital from impact is abusive or 'over the line' vs. severe.
  6. For me they can be the other side of each others coin. I have a moderate to higher pain tolerance and a hard spanking, leaves me in bruising, and in tears. I should be able to feel it for a few days. For some it would be severe. A hard spanking pushes at the physical limits for me, gets my attention for a bit of time, and a severe spanking would be at my very end of my limits.
  7. Welcome to the site, feel free to ask a lot of questions about things
  8. Hows everyone today?

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       ˙buoɹʍ s,ʇɐɥʍ ʍouʞ ʇ,uop ˙ɟɟo sןǝǝɟ ʇsnظ ʎɐpoʇ

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      Groovy as ever. You?

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      Absolutely friggin peachy. (Yes, that's sarcasm) but at least its Wednesday.

  9. Unless the spanker is not a spanker, and doesn't receive any enjoyment in helping you grow and thrive under their structure, a caregiver role can still be very rewording for the Top.
  10. For the 6th time I told you tonight, I was not site owner in that timeframe. I asked the past admin who has no idea what this is about. When you expressed concerns about someone knowing your username last year, and being harassed, you stated that you didn’t know their username. You stated it was a friend in real life who found it and that they where telling your circle of friends, that it was 'complicated' because you were friends with his friends. We encouraged you to call the police and block the member. You are slightly slandering the community and deceiving people too by claiming it was a “PM” in your original post. **Thread Lock - OP is throwing out misinformation.
  11. I wouldn't be completely against optional usage, but I would be a bit concerned about the method. Most people don't use real avatar pictures. I don't like the idea of people sending me their ID's and we can't ever guarantee the 'verified' person is who they say they are or they are of that age with 100%. That would be my main concern.
  12. Staff note: I asked the OP to report the PM he has cited and verify that it came from our website. He sent me a PM with a slightly different breakdown of what happened. Reporting the private message log would allow us access to see if people are bullying. In the past we have asked him to provide proof and had failed to do so (clicking the report button); and he has not. Blanket statements like this need to be followed up with a report so staff can address it.
  13. I don't know if this is quite true. What exactly would we verify? That they have a name/ age? In which the process to do that and to also insure they aren't using someone else's information does not make things risk free. That's been my only concern having a 'verified' option. Because we can't guarantee anyone is who they say they are online.
  14. Thank you for the kind words ❤️ We are getting much more clearer and defined on the guidelines of actual children. We do not support mixing in actual minors in with our adult kink world. Personal experiences (on receiving end); and ageplay/ repression, as you state are completely different things than the above.
  15. Thank you, we are dedicated to beating out the kinks of the chat software
  16. I’m so sorry you felt judged. We are working on a clearer set of guidelines so that people feel safe to post.
  17. Although not Christian per say, spirituality and spanking go hand and hand with me. I’d love to welcome those members here and try to find them a place on here for them if that website doesn’t come back up!
  18. I think what needs to be conveyed to them - is you have a coach, a fatherly/ brotherly figure, that helps keep you held accountable with the standards you want to hold yourself with. That it can be religious for you. I would explain all of this and then explain the methods of discipline used (if they seem accepting). I think you're right about being upfront as soon as possible. If for you, like me, can separate and have two different ideas from a disciplinary figure that you see like a father/ brother and a long term romantic partner that would do DD as two separate things - at some point I would explain that to them too. That things you would be held accountable for in a platonic non-sexual mentorship is different than when you would submit to your husband. In a vanillas persons eyes, they might not grasp that until acutely broken down. If you and the other person you disclose to start dating, let them know that their opinion matters, and you don't want them to feel uncomfortable. But this is who you are. It's either they are OK with you seeking out your needs and or/ possibly willing to be involved with helping you with them. Letting them know, and trying to involve them to their comfort level would be the best that can be done. How they react to you being single and submitting for discipline, let them know of all the progress, and all the steps being in that dynamic has helped you. Let them have time to choose how they are feeling over it and to pause for questions. Lately, explain that you are not perfect, you have struggles, and this helps you function. But, even if they seem confused at the time, tell them you are willing to answer questions and ask them to take time to think about what you just shared. That sharing what you did wasn't easy. If you are opening up to someone you obviously feel chemistry, and like a honest connection could happen, and you wanted to trust them.
  19. Child of Light


    That was a self spanking???
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