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  1. We can't really black list certain links (even from SN); it's either they are on; or they are off. We have them on approval because people were mistakingly linking malware sites on our forum (and approve them one-by-one).
  2. Hi there. When I acquired the site - the reactions were already turned off due to a few issues in the community. A patch on IPB came out a few years ago that temp removed the visibility for everyone as it was being fixed. I worked removing the negative reactions from the poll and planned to get around to sorted this out eventually. In the past it's been something that's been voiced that people wanted anonymous and I have to think about it a bit but I quite prefer if added back on people have the option to stay anon. Honestly for the most part my idea was removing some of the reactions and in only selective sections have this one.This was honestly just a lowered item issue on my list that I didn't really think people cared about it. Thank you everyone for the feedback.
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