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  1. Hello all, We are still troubleshooting the chat refresh issue and sound not alerting and are working on it.
  2. * Thread Lock An on-going thread is already happening about labeling. If anyone wishes to make any other threads addressing any other issue it can be done in the feedback section. @SpudStateSpanky is free to have a private conversation with me. But messaging other staff members with PMs harassing them asking them why they are a moderator is not productive and is just bullying.
  3. I don't think you are misreading things. People assumed things of OP instead of waiting for a response for him to clarify. It seemed obvious when reviewing he was into consented DD/LB type thing with adults. Things have been taken way too far with defining consenting relationships between adults as pedophilic and assuming power dynamics between two consented people that likely aren't even related.
  4. @Drooaygah is right and I do not see anything snarky in him trying to point out the facts of what was posted here. I thought his response was to the point that are within our current guidelines. He made wording bolded to show how it was not talking about a individual under the age of 18 years old. The first sentence of the title can be taken as two ways; but the follow up sentences conclude they where talking about a person over the age of 18 years old and not interested in talking about childhood experiences but talking about their adult experiences. Because the OP did mention several times he was talking about adult dynamic it is not our concern if it's literally, or the father/son stuff is role-play/ fantasy or part of a non biological dynamic. If it came to light that someone was talking about an incapacitated adult (rather that be their ward or ward of the state) that could not consent to BDSM we would report the situation to adult protective services and work with authorities about a vulnerable adult being abused (rather related or not). Bramblewine started a thread about clarifying adding tagging or labelling of posts as a resolution to the uncertainty of something being "real" vs "role-play" and that staff have a private forum we are discussing on how to add that in to make it clearer that discussions are consented between two adults. If people have concerns about a thread 1. reporting it (which I've seen happened but members still commented on here as off-topic to OP discussion) 2. Start a thread like Bramblewine did for troubleshoot of adding on more security to the site. 3. Make a thread in the private section between you and all the staff. 4. Send the admins a PM (myself and @Mystery Man).
  5. The team will have something written up after we talk about it in the staff section . It has been a general rule to keep The Foundation area non-fantasies and to move non-factual events out of that section. We can define a few things to improve. Thank you for the feedback.
  6. I have a close friend that knows some of my lifestyle choices. What your ex-girlfriend and former professor did was highly inappropriate in my opinion. I would not take kindly to a former romantic partner 'outting' me to my professional life or someone that has a professional power dynamic over me trying to pressure that sort of thing. The feeling of shock would not be there but appalled. It would be a feeling of betrayed, violated, and concerns of a professor stalking me.
  7. I don't think most women expect men to submit to them. I had honestly thought we had more male EE's being expressive of their needs here because of society issues towards mean being submissive is taboo. Non of this is "just part of being a guy" but it can be "just part of your kink" which is totally fine I've never dated a man that I wanted to do any of those things to.
  8. The Group setting should be fixed were colors clashed.
  9. We've submitted tickets to IPB and working with our host. We've been upgrading to the latest IPB patches. Life has been hectic sure, but SN is still a priory for me.
  10. @Jacevires Did you have consent to post those images?
  11. Hello everyone @Mystery Man did some board updates today to try to resolve some on-going issues and I'm working on modifying our current board theme.
  12. Hey guys, our IT is going to be responding shortly. We did an upgrade that seemed to help and then another (for the software) I have not been online for awhile and just realizing the problem did not resolve. The staff is going to be having my personal email and cell phone number going forward. Both will direct to me.
  13. When someone disappoints you more than you thought they ever would.... sigh.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. alyssandra


      Sorry to hear you are experiencing deep disappointment.  I hope the situation changes very soon!

    3. AfterGeometry


      Remember we are all only human and mistakes can get made; perhaps there was a miscommunication or misinterpretation of some kind...give it a little time to shake out.  

    4. Jacevires


      The world let's you down

      Silly corporeal flesh

      The pain, too, will pass

  14. Spanking is only a part of me and isn't something that has been feasibly present 24/7. No one should shame you for focusing on other aspects of your life. Sometimes I can't get in the scene for months at a time. At times the desires aren't there and other times they are strong but can't have anything done. Because at the end of the day other things have higher priority when it comes to importance of my own health, life, family; and of the other persons.
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