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  1. ** Thread Locked The co-owner that uses @SpankingNeeds & I are establishing what are and aren't the boundaries on what has been addressed above in the next couple weeks. I understand a couple of people PM'ed me in regards to this post (sorry for the late response) -- right now, we are discussing privately, and then with our staff -- on what is and isn't allowable content. Hopefully, the newly revised guidelines will help with these issues in the future.
  2. 💔💔💔

    1. AfterGeometry


      I'm sorry CoL.  Hang in there, girl.  

  3. At least for me -- whilst some parts flawed; the awkward 'picking at' were non-bdsm'ers processing a new world. And at the end of the season (which was short); 'non kinky' people of interest started to accept the Dommie for who she was. I am hoping for better writing if the show keeps carrying on.
  4. Although not just spanking -- it's BSDM, mainstream (that has paddles and spanking scenes)! The series is about a woman that does Dominatrix (without sex) as a 'side job' to her college life. I started an episode of it last night and although I'm a Submissive typically -- I found it amusing. https://www.netflix.com/title/81004814
  5. Welcome! Hope you enjoy our community
  6. This is a great topic. Three of my medical team knows my interest (and knows how intense). I told them for health reasons and to confide in them. It’s not easy and one doctor asked me several questions (spankings reduces my migraines better than any pain med). He found me “interesting”.
  7. If I was forced to take them down... I don't think I would and would wear an iron pair of underpants.
  8. As an ee' I am careful not to wear babydoll or lotion prior to spanking because it makes it worse.
  9. This person violated your trust and consent. What they did was not okay. I am glad it didn't go further than what it did (but still crossed many lines) and can see why you are nervous about getting back into trusting someone to spank you again. You did nothing wrong here and did everything correct. You spoke online for a while, did a public meetup, had a safe call. You expressed your needs, what you didn't want and a safe word. He disregarded it. It's going to take you a little bit to come to terms 'not all people are like him'. @SpanknuttGave some pretty good advice. It will take some time. Keep talking to people here and build up your trust in people.
  10. Hello everyone. New members are now being required to use a legit email address (you don't have to use a main personal one) but the idea behind having credentials to your account is to have it secured (i.e if you forget your password you can reset them). When creating an account it will tell you that verification was sent to the email you listed on file. Please create a kink-friendly email address (or whatever you're comfortable with -- members can't see your emails); and keep the credentials to those accounts for future reference. We made this change for spam. If for some reason your having issues registering after this change -- contact staff@spankingneeds.com I also encourage everyone here that used a 5-minute throwaway email or fake one to do the same. To update your email go to Account Settings --> Overview --> Change email. Thank you!
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