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  1. Sometimes the lesson is to choose yourself this time. 

    1. Ms.Mary


      Very true my friend.

    2. dmirk
    3. sweetpea


      So true. One must take care of themselves first.

  2. I think this site and peoples desires will live well past our lives and even have in my will were the sites hands would land
  3. We are aware of that we have to configure with google and have them confirm issue is resolved
  4. I moved your thread out of debate into the Roles section. The debate is more for off topic than spanking dynamics For me personally, I couldn't work or be with anyone who didn't believe in the gift of submission and consent. But I'm hugely into D/s.
  5. No. That's asking someone to give up their sexuality/ orientation/ who they identify as, to please someone else. This is like asking a gay person to be straight because someone who wants to date them is straight. I am an asexual Submissive, who needs a male Dominate in a D/s setting to take me in hand. This does NOT have to include sex (I would 100% prefer no sex in the dynamic) as it makes me feel safer. However my 'preferences' are not based on sexual desires; but power control and who holds it (but for some people they are sexual and that's OK) but my orientation and who works best f
  6. I would never be topped by someone I didn't know, they knew my triggers, physical/ emotional health/ general limits. It would need to be months of in-depth conversations - but thats just me 😕
  7. She sounded like she was in a lot of shock and taken back about what happened. I do find it strange they decided to do a punishment at a party (punishments aren't suppose to be at parties?). It really depends on what your friend consented to. If they spoke about limits (i.e broken skin, deep bruising, etc and it would be a HARD LiMIT) yea, he crossed many lines. But if they only spoke "if I say x stop" it's borderline iffy. The top should be checking in and having the bottom speak during an intense session.
  8. *Thread Warning Removing posts that are derailing the thread after my last comment. Enough.
  9. Maybe to relate to their own experience or figure out who they are. But yes, some people like to talk about their past experiences and describe them. Not everyone wants to hear about them; but within a limited scope they do not violate the guidelines. Everyone, that is bringing this thread off topic, let's bet back on topic. If anyone has a further questions about this guideline the feedback section is there. This thread isn't for if you like/ dislike this topic because it isn't against the rules. Thanks.
  10. Guidelines were updated less than 2 years ago. If you want to PM me the situation I'll look into it Your account has no warning or logs/ references to this. So I'm not exactly sure what your talking about so I can't clarify currently. As @Drooaygah and @Bramblewine has stated; and linked of guidelines; this thread is acceptable. In more detail though, we do ask you keep it to your own personal experience, and not share other peoples accounts, or if sexual abuse was involved, it to be removed. We do not advocate (or allow debates) on childhood spankings - and state a stance on non-consent
  11. Stop spreading misinformation. We do not allow people who charge on the site --> if people are asking a fee CURRENTLY; they need to be reported. It's against our guidelines for ANYONE to charge any fee on SN. We don't even have ad's on SN nor profit from it. We don't allow others to charge any sort of fee. It's written blankly in the guidelines. Period. End of discussion. I have asked you to report this in the past when you have made such accusations. Now I'm officially asking if you refuse to say (with proof) who is charging members you are to cease bringing this conversation up. You're do
  12. Hi. This discussion is not being removed. We do not remove valuable discussions from the community, because it feels it upsets a person or two. Once you start a thread it belongs to the community (not you) anymore. Everyone has different opinions and the rights to those opinions. You stated some strong ones here - and some people disagree strongly. That's fine. As long as no one attacks anyone; moderation action will not be taken.
  13. He needs to figure out his desires. He's going from what seems to be a Little dynamic to wanting to be a Top in a CDD? It would be awfully unfair to a serious CDD'er that takes submission and spanking in apart of their dynamic and religious practices to find out their partner really wanted to be the bottom and or/ switch and not be transparent about that. When they aren't looking for that at all.
  14. I am not sure about a plain full-on CDD site. We are a versed site in many different spanking dynamics and desires (mostly in regards around discipline). The Roles section, Relationships, Inspirational Box (were you can talk freely about religion) and the Directory section. The whole "foundation" part of subforms are for those in discipline based dynamics. Hopefully that helps you know CDD is much welcomed here!
  15. @Mystery Man was looking at this last night (reason the site was slower than normal) and we'll have another update soon!
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