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  1. Hrmmm, I'll try to troubleshoot. Are you using desktop or mobile and which browser?
  2. I really hope you stick around and post your insight. You have an honest insight about you that is rare to find.
  3. I joined the site because of your posts back in 2013. They were so relatable and often wondered how you were.
  4. I feel like crying is just the start for me. A emotional spanking is much more impactful.
  5. Yeah, they just started requiring it the past couple years. It deffo takes away the anonymously from the site and I would encourage people to use a google plus number or something and not their real number. It's a good resource though.
  6. Oh that's true. I don't like you have to give your phone number out now, it's kinda creepy!
  7. Odd. Can you PM me his username? It's possible it got mistaken as spam.
  8. I believe Reddit (which is more anonymous); but I would never join a spanking group on Facebook with my name attached.
  9. Again, we've given you the platform to anonymously report them. And just making statements like this really isn't helping anyone; or any cause.
  10. Ha! I think older people all need coffee in order to get up out of bed.... sooo.... that might be Okay.
  11. If people would actually read the guidelines it's quite a simple process. The guidelines were changed in Oct of 2019 (a few months after @Mystery Man and I acquired the site) and have done away with the professional disciplinarian talk, and requiring members for a fee to speak with them or whatever. SN is about community and connections. We don't even run ad's for revenue (admin pays fully); we aren't going to allow members to profit from something we feel strongly shouldn't be made to profit. We do not have anyone currently here doing this. So I don't know why you're making that stateme
  12. We've been monitoring that and removing content that you have stated above. Starting a person thread and trying to figure out your interests and confused because of childhood upbringing is one thing. There are posts that are removed rather if they are real or not; that just shouldn't be shared here publicly, because it was sexual abuse. We look at all the posts from the person reported and deal with it. The above example you posed the content was removed. The fact is despite how much separation that some of us have with sex and our spanking needs; there are still sexual/ intimate parts.
  13. If you feel this is trauma related I'd recommend that you also reach out to a licensed therapist and work with them. There are BDSM friendly ones I agree that spanking is powerful in helping heal, too. And it might need several life approaches for healing. Although, please make sure anyone you trust to give power exchange to is not abusive towards you and wouldn't go past your limits (you hadn't stated if you were still in a abusive marriage or if this was a new partner).
  14. What purpose does this thread hold? Other than judging other peoples dynamics of people over 18 years old? Also we do not allow money exchanges on SN. If anyone is asking for money on the site it should be reported. I find this thread very misleading and meant to portray SN in a light in which it isn't. Before you keep making threads warning our community about everything that it is not doing and bringing drama from other sites in on SN, why don't you look over the guidelines first? Thanks.
  15. Thread moved: To Debate section; OP cool it with the term raciest. We don't tolerate racism here; that said; we also aren't a platform for you to assume everyone is raciest and needs to be "educated" on to be 'anti-raciest'. We're a spanking forum. Thanks.
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