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  1. Hi all, looking into this a few days ago I traveled across country and need to get my laptop out.
  2. Thanks for this indication! We will try to troubleshoot it from there.
  3. It took me awhile to find the link (hectic here) https://www.kapprofessionals.org/business-directory-2/. Here is more online -- the bottom one looks promising: https://www.therapyden.com/specialties/kink-sexual-outsiders
  4. This sounds like clinical depression. And those can take time, with doctors, and therapy, to help manage. Family and friends, and partners to understand. To be by your side. Most of the time I am not spanked (unless I fully neglect myself) during grief and depression. I am eased back into motivation. And have a different guide of how to do things until I shift back to normal.
  5. For some I think it could be age regression/ age play, I don't think it's inherently that though.
  6. I'm trying to mimic it. But to be clear, you go to google and search 'spanking needs" which results you to this?
  7. Can you further go into detail?
  8. There are many BDSM friendly kink couple therapists. I am sure I can find the list. Whilst she might feel the need to do a session with someone else -- let that happen, but also see if she would be willing to go to a BDSM friendly therapy with you? They have some in person and online. I'll have to find the list of therapists if the two of you are interested. My personal therapist is a BDSM friendly therapist and knows and does not judge my lifestyle choices!
  9. I think that's more of a complicated situation and I hope you two figure something out where you both are happy. It takes two to agree to an open relationship; which at this point she admits it might turn into. If you feel this is the only compromise to save your marriage it's kinda twisting your hands. I do feel it's slightly unfair for her to (although at least honest); to say things might go romantic and she'd not commit to cutting them off. That isn't going to be stable or healthy in the long run if your always feeling on edge that she might leave you. Which is a position she is putting you in. Please keep us updated and she's also more than welcomed to create an account here too. Especially if she's trying to figure out things. It might help her get over some resentment talking to other EE's that have more vanilla like partners.
  10. If she works with someone long term there might be a bond of sort as I explained in my original post, that can be mistaken for romantic or sexual to people that don't know how to separate the two, which you'll have to be mindful of assuming. It's very individual per-couple, really. You need to figure out what her needs are and see if she'd slowly let you understand and be in the process. I also hope it's something one day she realizes you are trying to understand and allows you to explore further with her.
  11. Welcome to the website. I can understand and relate with the feelings your wife is having. Coming out as needing to be spanked, or a spanko. I identify both as a asexual (I don’t get sexual for any desires) and a submissive. My spanking needs whilst in a perfect world would be filled in my romantic relationship — spanking isn’t romantic or sexual for me. And could be filled elsewhere with boundaries. I don’t think being spanked by someone other than your S/o makes you poly. Especially if no sex happens during the spanking. Try to look at it like other intimate but non sexual services (massagers, therapists, gym training, doctors, tanners, body waters) --- these can all be people that provide intimate services but you don't have sex or relationships with. Is there a way to compromise on limits if she sought out her spanking needs? Maybe a goal to slowly get you involved.
  12. Maybe age regression for some, but I don't think it's inherently a form of age play.
  13. Mine too. I recently lost a bracelet that said it on it.. and I'm so upset
  14. This is not a discussion allowed on SN. Spanking of minors is not something we debate about. Spanking Needs Site Rules & Guidelines Minors and Children 
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