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Community Answers

  1. Due to various laws we can't discuss pros as defined as spanking as a trade for monetary gain. People can make a lot of friends here and make various connections that don't result to that.
  2. Thanks going to have the co admin look at it this weekend.
  3. We are pretty sure we fixed the issue. I’m glad you are able to login.
  4. We are aware of the issue and actively working on it. This issue is also tied in with the login errors.
  5. We are aware that it’s still been an issue with others and working on trouble shooting.
  6. We are aware of the issue and will be making a post about a solution later. Please tell me which devices and browser seems to be the issue.
  7. Correct; and if we allow a review system; pro or not - we could be liable for hosting a platform where people are endorsed. I can loop back in with the lawyer to see what we can do though.
  8. It would still be giving a platform for pro's and people vouching for them and or their contact - which in my opinion is safer, but the lawyer said it's still being a host for what is considered legally a form of "prostitution" and if anyone was hurt that I myself could face criminal charges and liability for allowing it on the site. This legal change was a late 2019. Personally Pro's or not; I liked the idea of people having optional 'reviews' on their profiles of verified people who they've met and how encounters went (even if it was a friendly chat for coffee).
  9. We do not allow “pros” to solicit their services for money on the site. There are plenty of people who just want to make friendship and desire to help each other without a charge here. This is something we legally can not allow.
  10. Kink Aware Professionals is 100% safe to post and we welcome outside links It's a great resource and I link it to people all the time. We just can't allow people who aren't licensed to charge a fee for spanking and call themselves professionals and be a host for that here (Kink Aware Professionals isn't about that).
  11. As a child I really resinated with the berenstain bears and their spanking references in both the VHS older cartoons and books. Later on it came out that the authors were spanko's and it all made sense. The entire series was meant to be about the brother bear tries his best to avoid being spanked. It was watered down a lot. As a 4-6 year old this was very interesting to me.
  12. We used to have a section for it and our lawyers advised us to take it down once SESTA/FOSTA became a thing.
  13. Thank you for starting this thread It can be hard to create a space where everyone feels open about how they truly feel when some people assert x or y must be wrong, and can’t be how someone feels, and assert it must be z for them.
  14. Sorry, but no. We can not allow a hosting spot for profit to do with spanking on our site due to regulations that would shut our site down.
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