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  1. Child of Light

    Non-Spanking Punishments

    That cream should be donated or thrown out!
  2. Child of Light

    My Two Sides

    I love this!
  3. Child of Light

    Older men

    (Personal post ~) I think this is a great post! Everyone has diverse needs and desires. Some people seek adult consented parental, or grandparent like dynamics, or in general favor older individuals spanking them. Some people do not care the age. Younger, older? As long as they get a spanking! Consented spanking for the win! For me, and where I am with my life right now, I have always preferred the dynamic of someone slightly older (i.e 2 to 10 years). This isn't because I find someone older a 'creep' or a "perve" --- but even though I have a correction or punishment aspect in my spanking needs..... my needs are more of the lines of 'a partner telling me what to do' (or a brotherly figure). For me, it just happens that my partner and the love of my life is 2 years older than me.
  4. Child of Light

    Chat update!

    Hit the "return" button or a button that looks like a left sided arrow.
  5. Child of Light

    Older men

    ***Thread Unlock*** Thread Warning: Multiple posts where removed (not all due to them being infractions of the rules); but due to one or two people hijacking the thread. If your post was removed, it doesnÔÇÖt mean you where breaking the rules! But removing all content of derailed quotes to keep this discussion active!
  6. Child of Light

    Older men

    ­čöĺ Thread Lock on OP Request ­čöĺ Everyone, please remember the guidelines! SN is an Open´╗┐ an´╗┐d Equal Community´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ All members are required to be accepting of any and all walks of life. We do not discriminate on this site. While we are not asking you to change your religious or other personal beliefs, you may not use those beliefs to attack members. If you´╗┐ disagree with a member's identity you should simply stay out of that ´╗┐members' business and posts. SN is a civilized place. Play nice. You may disagree and discuss to your heart's content, but abusive, insulting, or disres´╗┐pectful comments will not be tolerated. Inflammatory posts will be deleted. People who persist in being nasty after being warned repeatedly will be banned.´╗┐
  7. Child of Light

    Chat update!

    You hit enter
  8. Child of Light

    Chat update!

    That's good to know! Thanks. @SpankingNeeds will troubleshoot it
  9. Child of Light

    Favorite Implement

    I don't have a 'favorite' implement but I find myself mostly emotionally attached to a wooden hairbrush. Being spanked with a wooden brush really helps me get in the mindset of a punishment spanking.
  10. Child of Light

    Chat update!

    This is an issue that is going to take a couple of days to find a solution.
  11. Child of Light

    what do tops get out of it?

    It's a power-exchange dynamic and the exchange is mutually desired (rather sexual or not). For me, spanking isn't sexual and the need to be dominated over is powerful. It's a craving that doesn't really ever go away (but I don't associate it with sex or anything sexual). Almost like a mental high. I imagine there can be Tops/ Dom's that feel the same.
  12. Child of Light

    Chat update!

    What is the GIF generator doing for you? Also @SpankingNeeds our dev + fixed it! So all the thanks should go to him
  13. Child of Light

    Chat update!

    Hello all you night owls! We are currently fixing chat lagging! It'll be up shortly
  14. Child of Light

    A spankee"s Book of Excuses

    Deer in head lights needs to turn into sad deer eyes and an biting of the lip whilst looking up and an 'oops, I'm sorry... I didn't mean too... can I haz a hug?" Haha! It gets my partner every-time! It's hard to spank me when I act so innocent after that!
  15. Child of Light

    Sub ladies in Sussex UK

    Welcome to the site