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  1. There was a negative reaction here that we removed awhile ago. I'm guessing the points didn't reduce from the profiles.
  2. **Thread Lock** Please read the guidelines. Threads like this could get our site shut down: https://www.spankingneeds.com/board/index.php?/topic/24100-site-rules-guidelines-updated-october-23-2019/ Spanking Services
  3. We do not allow "Pro's" or people who charge (unregulated people) soloist on our website and are removed as it's against the TOS. Being a "Pro" as the term that is used my some in this lifestyle is not safe. It's likely even more dangerous. We could bring ratings on profiles (like Yelp review) if it's an interest of the community; but have decided if we want to go into that direction of drama. We've been in the middle of a pandemic for nearly 2 years. And people need to feel safe with someone they are consenting with. Guilt trips that they are "playing games" or etc - won't help. If it happens
  4. ** Thread Warning: We've allowed the thread to stay. But no name dropping is going to be allowed. We do not support professionals and they are prohibited to be referred to on SN. Anyone found trying to solicit themselves as a paid services on SN will be removed from the site.
  5. We have informed Google via proper forms there is no longer any issues and waiting for that to come off.
  6. Welcome to our website! I'm also asexual
  7. I feel that even on RP this would be hard for me because natural bodily functions happen. If he brought it up and made it awkward during your last play that’s something different. Doesn’t seem like he did that.
  8. We do not allow professionals (i.e paid disciplinarians) and if someone is trying to charge you a fee on this site please report them; as they are breaking the law and can get the site in legal issues. And we strive to make this a legal, consenting, adult spanking site.
  9. I'd like to point out that we on Spanking Needs do not allow people to charge for 'services' between members and if advertisement for such is done they are banned as spam. There are massive issues with "professional" spankers.
  10. Even at the 70 percent rate from research it's seemingly like masks during spikes are going to be needed.
  11. Vaccinated but masks and social distancing is still a must for me. The vaccine even with this just gives me a a little protection (due to my immune issues).
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