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  1. Your wife Is extremely lucky. I have seen first hand what COVID does to people and have known of people going on ventilators due to the severity of CCVID.
  2. A few of my doctors know, a close friend, and a family member of mine knows some limited detail. I'm very private with who I disclose to as it's still a personal matter.
  3. Hi there, hope you are well, I cannot seam to upload anything ...have IĀ been naughty or is there a problem. Also I was wondering if you would be up for a little bit of joint advertising banner swapping etc. Maybe i could do some spankingneeds artwork for you in exchange for some mutual promotions :)

  4. He'll have an update in a couple hours on what's going on
  5. @Mystery Man will be looking at this issue again tomorrow, thank you for the reports!
  6. ^^ This and hit the "report" button if it's a PM via the forums -- we will be able to see the logs and determine if it's spam or not! Screen shots for chat also helps (or a generalized time).
  7. **Thread closed: If you see any close up genital pictures hit the report button for staff to take care of. It's already against the guidelines. Guideline that addresses this: Snippet from Writing, Photographs and Videos ---------------------------------- Firstly, I want to point out the human body is nothing to be ashamed about. Please don't body shame because it's not your preference. It just isn't nice to call someones bodies 'gross' and degrade someone. Be civil Secondly you can be productive and read the whole thread --- a staff member (myself) has already commented that it is against the rules (females or males) to show close up genitals (nudity is OK as long as there is no close ups of genitals). If you see any close up genitals on the website you can hit the report button for staff to take it down.
  8. ** Thread lock because con's/ pro's or alluding to discussion of actual live children and the method of which a parent raises them is not really up to debate, discussion, or any forms of dialog here. I get this is in some context of SN (re: adult part) but due to the nature we are an 18+ site and not a parenting site, this isn't the bast place to discuss the best parenting method. Guidelines
  9. Please report the images. If they are at the very least tried to be covered up (and it looks like an effort was made) and only little parts show; I typically allow it; but if it's straight up close up genitalia, or distasteful -- we removed ASAP. Genitalia should not be the focus of any picture or largely in view in the background.
  10. The "hide" button is a way to delete on the. gallery. No one will be able to see the images.
  11. I think safe words are good for people to feel safe; especially if something goes wrong. I would not say they are dumb in the slightest. However I would never personally use a safe word myself. Because of the fact that I will only be spanked by those I trust, they know my medical needs, they know how I react if I'm having an medical issue, and if I just say 'help' or 'something wrong' or 'please pause' -- the spanking will pause, they'll address if I'm ok and if something needs to be sorted to safety spank me. Sometimes that means taking a small break and having some water.
  12. Exactly! I wouldn't spank them with a ten foot pole!
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