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Community Answers

  1. If you are trialing out something with someone new -- one or two templated rules may help break the ice of things to see if the discipline dynamic is compatible (on both ends).If your looking for more of a mentoring/ discipline only dynamic and not a D/s; than the rules should be tailored to you, for you, and your needs. Not the Tops needs. Obviously there are deal breakers in every dynamic. If I was a Top in the scene of discipline I would not associate with certain behaviors and make those a dealbreaker/ rule if they struggled with them (and they wanted to change them) or I would not work with them. Ultimately it's up to the EE and what goals they want to focus on. I prefer tailed rules that my Dom puts time into creating; not a cookie cutter that has been used multiple times.
  2. Welcome to the site Feel free to make questions and get to know us around here!
  3. Unless the EE has said they want attention drawn to it, than no - you ignore it.
  4. I would start off with getting her normalized to your partner giving you a few playing around hand swats around the pup. Nothing very hard and showing love and affection to each other after. One of my cats has laid on me and seemed to be thrilled when I received punishments at one point. For a puppy, or dog I would leave them out of the room but comfort them after so they know their humans are okay.
  5. It’s possible her inbox is full. I just checked and was able to send you a PM.
  6. We pay for it entirety ourselves. As for the original question, we’re looking for a more suitable chat program and aware of the ongoing issues.
  7. We will be releasing an update on this. Thank you for letting us know this is still an Issue.
  8. Welcome back to the site. We don’t allow any paid services listed on our site. This is a free support forum and community for people’s needs.
  9. The site has always been a support site. Laws and regulations about promoting and hosting a site with the SESTA/FOSTA legislation made it stricter on what we can and can't host.
  10. We have a role play section and a “online dynamic” section and area for people to connect in real life if they choose. Whilst people can meet up online, and quite a few have made in real life friendships here, this site is meant for support and talking about our needs.
  11. Please let us know if there is any issues past 11pm EST.
  12. The site will definitely be back up. Depending on the issue it may possibly be down from a very short period of time to several days. I’ll try to keep everyone updated!
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