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  1. Online Disciplinarian - What are your thoughts?

    On line mentoring can work but to be affective a load of commitment is needed. To on line mentor it requires someone who can self spank as directed. Video chat like Skype is used, there is scolding and lecturing like R/L, the spankee is told how to spank and how many swats like R/L, corner time after your spanking and about the hardest part of On-line mentoring is closure. But for some, this is a way that works. I have become friends with a few ladies by doing this.
  2. Spanking of the Bride?

    Actually it was at our house, yeah she knew I was going to spank her. Actually she wanted me to whip her with a single tail. And over a dress? Any spanking isn't a spanking unless bare bottomed. As I said, we were and still live the BDSM lifestyle. We're getting old and we don't play too much anymore and with other people almost never. I do still Mentor ladies that need and want discipline, but that's about it.
  3. Spanking of the Bride?

    She got great pictures, most are in our private album.
  4. Spanking of the Bride?

    12 years ago when my sub became my bride, it was a true lifestyle wedding. Even the person who officiated was a Dom. And yes, after the I do's I sat down and gave my new Mrs. a good spanking in front of everyone there.
  5. Crying from Spanking

    Lot's of good comments. Most of my mentee's don't cry, I found out that the scolding and lecturing bring tears faster than the actual spanking, Just an old Dom's 2 cents worth.
  6. Writting assignments

    Can some one help out an old Dom? A while ago someone had sent a guideline of a writing assignment. I am Mentoring a woman on line and I want to give a writing assignment, just spanking and grounding doesn't always get a point across so I'd like to try something else and I heard about writing assignments. Can someone here help me out? Thanks much.
  7. On-Line Mentoring?

    Thanks much young lady, from the responses I think I'll try..
  8. On-Line Mentoring?

    Thanks for your input, I am going to Mentor on line and see what happens. We already chat everyday and we have been on Skype just to chat and get to know each other.
  9. On-Line Mentoring?

    Thanks so very much for your input.
  10. On-Line Mentoring?

    I agree about communication is one of the most important thing along with honesty. Thanks for your input.
  11. On-Line Mentoring?

    Hello everyone, I'm an old Dom (almost 65) I've been Mentoring ladies for over 10 years now real time, I've tried on line mentoring a few times and it didn't work for me and then it didn't work for her either. Now I've been approached by a young lady that told me about Skype. It sounds like just a way someone can get his jollys. But thinking about it does seem to have some merit mostly that you can verbalize not just typing. My question is if any of you have tried this and how it worked for you, both Mentor and mentee. Thanks ahead of time for your impute.
  12. How badly should i be spanked?

    Wow, first impression, I would say about 100 hand swats, 50 swats with a paddle 25 swats with a hair brush anf 25 more with the strap. That would do more harm than good. First off you need to sit down with whoever is Mentoring you for a long talk. Discuss what you want to change. Talk about how you can reach goals you will set. There's too much for me to type all day but you get the point. Make it known what the punishment is for, be specific. My first session with a new mentee would be the talk before hand, don't spank someone until you tell them why they are being punished, what they need to do and not do and what the consequences are for not following rules. Then it's over the lap time. My first spanking would be with hand alone, scolding would continue through out the spanking. When it is felt the spanking is over the mentee is instructed to get the paddle or whatever, she will be told next time if rules aren't followed she will get a spanking with the paddle. Then I give 2 swats per cheek for her to know how it feels and what a spanking with the implement, Then in the corner or I have a stool she sits on to think about next time and what she can do to avoid that. Then it's a lot of tender care, a good closure is most important. This is a lot of typing so that's just my take. Good luck
  13. As you get older there are things that you just can't do anymore or you aren't as good at it as you used to be, spanking isn't one of those things for me. When someone willingly goes over your lap with the intensions of getting a sore bottom the power thing is a very big power trip, but the biggest reason for me is because I love to spank. I love to see the bottom jiggle, I love seeing it get redder and redder, I love the more wiggling and squirming as the spanking goes on, the more pleading and promises to behave. I guess there are more reasons but the biggest love for me is because it's just plain fun. Yeah I guess I'm just selfish but in most cases the selfishness is just as strong a feeling for the spankee.
  14. Counting Swats

    Counting swats is a little different for each spankee, some like it and some don't. Sometimes after a hand spanking I use a paddle, hairbrush or whatever, I swat each cheek once and for corner time they consider what 20, 30 or whatever you agree on will feel like and if it will be worth whatever rule they break again will feel like. It's a good way to make them stop and think before leaping so to speak.
  15. Open Marriage

    Hello, I just had to put in my own two cents. My wife/sub and I have had an open marriage for 15years (17 together). We both have lived the BDSM lifestyle for most of our adult lives. When we decided to get together we were both going on our 3rd marriage and we both knew what we wanted and we both agreed to have an open marriage. Most of our play was as a couple but once in a while it was 1 on 1. Now my wife because of health reasons doesn't play anymore. For the most part I stopped also but (On her suggestion) I started seeing other women for discipline. There is no sex mandatory but sometimes if wanted sex for some is a good knowledge that if the rules they have are followed a good girl spanking afterward is their treat. As I say mostly there is no sex but I do try to just see lifestylers, and it is common practice for the spankee to thank her spanker. It doesn't work for everybody but we are both very happy. I am a Disciplinarian not a Mentor.