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  1. You cant cry or feel a womans hand on your bottom online wish there was someone like you in Indiana
  2. wheres female spankers in madison or hamilton county In Indiana

  3. figures another possibility shot down the toilet why cant Indiana have something like this
  4. Indiana definitely aint a spanker state been trying for 5 yrs to find a female spanker no luck yet
  5. im starting one got 1 right now its like a hairbrush paddle w/o the bristles
  6. School paddle-hairbrush w/o the bristles ping pong paddle with holes-belt
  7. You shouldn't have done it in the first place
  8. Blue Hawaii: Elvis Presley spanks this teenager who has a crush on him but she's very stubborn so after she realizes he doesn't care about her she tries to drown her self Elvis rescued her and gave her a proper spanking.
  9. I created a new spanking game playing uno a card game. when a hand was over if you had a wild card in your hand your getting spanked regular wild it was25 hb-10school paddle. if you caught with a draw 4 wild card 25 + the 4 cards you drew
  10. I was spanked really hard in 2010 and I didn't cry I think the reason is I needed a womans hand instead of a guys hand
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