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  1. I know who it is. Some who forgot to post a number
  2. All that ranting and raving you did for nothing as well. All it took was for me to once again bring you off your pedestal and bring the number down where it belongs. 94
  3. Damn @AfterGeometrydid get a life for once. So much so I didnt recognize his pic. The Yin to his Yang is gone. 98
  4. Ironically I can teach you the real signs. I am an ASL interpreter. 96
  5. I leave and come back. What do I miss, nothing apparently. Same old same old @AfterGeometry taking up the whining role. Maybe one day he'll get an Oscar for his performances or tomatoes thrown at him. 108
  6. Not with alot of push back along the way 146
  7. Wow, you learned how to count up and wait again 😁 144
  8. Sometimes a nap helps you, but only "sometimes". 🤣 124
  9. I didnt say anything was wrong with it. 😝
  10. Oh look who finally woke up from his nap.
  11. You can't read letters and figure out what I mean you poor baby. Letter or number of the day is Sesame Street, which been around since the dinosaurs just like you. 120
  12. This number is brought to you today by letters A and G or @AfterGeometry 116
  13. But I do think so, so it must be true. What you gonna do about it 🤣🤣🤪🤪
  14. I'll tell you what I think about your apples. They are spoiled and rotten to the core!!! Time for my sweet sweet 116. Apple 🍎
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