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  1. I see what you are saying, but when she says "Get over here!" while sitting down holding her paddle, or starts by ordering me to bring her paddle, the verbal dominance and prompt obedience is already established. Yanking my pants and then underpants down briskly in a business-like way begins the physical dominance and emphasizes my helplessness to avoid the spanking that's coming. It's part of a steady escalation to the climax of the spanking continuing relentlessly on my already thoroughly sore bottom as I squirm and wail, begging her to stop!
  2. Sometime in the next 24 hours, well 18-20 hours. She told me yesterday I was going to get a spanking. We were traveling and she didn't pull over and paddle me in the backseat of the car. We got checked into our vacation rental, and after dinner she said she was too tired to spank me. It's 4 AM and she's asleep but I'm awake worrying about the spanking I'm going to get. We have some plans for tomorrow, but if we get up early enough she might spank me first, in the bedroom. More likely it will be after, late afternoon before dinner. It's pretty private here and her big paddle is already sitting out on the chest of drawers waiting. Maybe she'll just sit on the edge of the bed, but I'm worried she'll sit on the living room couch and tell me to fetch the paddle. Then she'll pull down my pants right there in view of the windows, and I'll be squirming and wailing over her knee as my bare bottom gets thoroughly paddled right where anyone might see! I really can't sleep.
  3. My wife has been putting me over her knee for a good bare-bottom paddling whenever I deserve it for more than 30 years. Unless some infirmity gets in the way, I don’t think we're going to stop!
  4. If she raised her hand to hit you and you were in a position to grab her forearm, she was not trying to spank you. Lashing out and hitting people is indeed an assault, and is abuse not discipline.
  5. An immediate spanking teaches the best lesson but is often not practical, so it is made clear to me that I am going to get spanked later for what I did. The anxiety of waiting is then part of my punishment. I don't really need any reminder like your husband's belt trick to keep me mindful of the spanking I'm going to get! Often I have difficulty thinking of anything else and can't keep my mind on what I'm doing. Usually I will be spanked as soon as we have the house to ourselves, and if she is out or busy but no one else is home, her big paddle will come out of the bedroom drawer and be left on the kitchen table or in the living room for me to see. Then she'll come home with groceries and as soon as I've helped put them away, she'll sit on a kitchen chair and pull down my pants, or she'll finish whatever she's doing and sit on the living room couch to spank me. When I see that paddle I know I'll be spanked as soon as she's ready!
  6. Bad behavior and a severe spanking are different for a child and an adult, so I have difficulty choosing one worst event… Being a fire bug leads to the worst situation for many kids, because of the potential for damage and injury. I was 10 when I found an old pocket lighter, no fluid or wick but the sparker still worked. I was playing "blow up the house" when my Dad saw me sparking it over the mouth of a gasoline can in the garage that I had opened. I suddenly felt like I was flying through the air as he dragged me out of the garage, but I landed with my pants down over his lap and he already had his belt off. He tanned my bare bottom beyond any other spanking I ever had as a child. I wailed that he was stupid and the lighter didn't work before I got to the point of being unable to speak clearly. As I was sobbing afterward, he explained that gasoline was so flammable the spark was enough and I was lucky I hadn't killed myself and burned down the garage if not the whole house. As an adult the worst situation was soon after my wife started spanking me. I don't recall now what I did, but when she asked about it, I put her off by giving her a misleading partial truth response. I thought I wasn't lying but she was soon back with more specific questions, and once she got the whole truth she said I had lied to get out of a spanking. Her paddle came out, my pants came down, and I got the spanking I deserved for what I did. Immediately followed by a worse spanking for lying about it. I was incredibly sore by the time she finished, and very tearful not because it hurt but because of her scolding about a grown man lying to get out of a spanking he knew he deserved! I have gotten in trouble and been spanked by her many times since, but I never again tried to hide what I did once she started asking about it. BTW, my parents never had any patience with "but she said" or "he did it first" excuses, and I have never even tried that with my wife. Every situation that leads to a spanking has been totally my own fault!
  7. My recent hotel spankings have been with a silicone kitchen spoon, which has a steel rod in the handle, and is quite effective! It's much quieter than the hairbrush, but my wailing is still just as loud! At least it's less obvious why I'm carrying on if anyone hears.
  8. My discipline spankings are severe enough that I can't say that I ever want a spanking, although I can feel I need one and know I deserve one, and it can be like when you have a big scab as a kid and it itches, and you pick at the edges, but you know it's going to really hurt if you peel it off. I'm always contemplating my next spanking, with some degree of thrill and anxiety, and some dread. It can reach a point of feeling let's just get it over with, and while I never ask to be spanked, I say something like "I guess you're going to give me another spanking soon?" Replies vary from "We'll have the house to ourselves this Saturday and you are really going to get what you deserve!" where it's clearly already planned, to "You certainly deserve one!" when I then get spanked at the next good opportunity and suspect I brought it on myself. I comfort myself that I would've gotten a more severe spanking if it had waited longer. This happens when it's been 2-3 months since my last spanking and I haven't been told I deserve a spanking (which usually follows pretty quickly) but I have been warned about my behavior a few times. I'm usually on my best behavior for about two weeks after a spanking, and my most recent spanking will dominate my daily spanking thoughts for about a month, after which I think about various past spankings and worry about the next one. Except immediately before, during, and after a spanking I am always glad knowing my wife does and will spank me when I deserve it, but I'm usually hoping it won't happen again soon.
  9. Any suggestions would be ignored. Having discovered how to give me an effective spanking, that piece of wood remained her paddle of choice for a couple years. That house had many windows that had to be propped open, and we had a variety of props that moved from window to window. It quickly was made clear that her spanker was to remain in our bedroom, and soon after other similar props were used to spank me and took up permanent residence in the living room and kitchen, for convenience. She eventually tried other implements that she "thought might work" and traded up to whatever she found most effective. When I'm not in trouble we have discussed what implements she has or might want to use, but when she's going to spank me she uses the most effective implement available, and pays no attention to anything I say about the method or severity of the spanking I'm getting!
  10. My first real spanking from my wife was with a piece of scrap wood about the size of an 18" ruler. It was pre-sanded hard wood trim. After we had been married about half a dozen years, one day when my wife was quite angry about something I had done (for good reason), she declared I should be punished. I immediately suggested spanking, hoping to avoid a truly unpleasant punishment, and she said "That never works!" (We had some unsatisfactory experiments with her giving me play spankings). I began suggesting items she could use, like a slipper, but she said no, she'd think of another type of punishment. I continued to suggest possible items for paddles, and closed the window, in case she agreed, as I didn't want the neighbors to hear anything slapping my bare bottom. Big mistake! The sash cord was broken and the window was propped open with the piece of scrap wood. As soon as I removed it from the window, she announced "That might work!", took the scrap wood and slapped it against one palm. Before I knew it she had my pants down and I was across her lap getting my first real spanking as an adult. That piece of wood stung like crazy every time it landed on my bare ass, which seemed to go on forever, and I was sore for more than a day afterwards. I was very sorry, both for what I done and that I was getting spanked, throughout the spanking and for a long time after, and she was quite pleased with the result. I have continued to fear and regret every spanking she has given me since she learned what she needed in a paddle and how effective a good paddling could be!
  11. I agree. Certainly I will say anything to try and get a severe spanking to stop... it doesn't mean anything. The only thing like this that I experience is when the spanking has stopped, but a question about what I have learned gets an answer that is too narrowly focused or too slow, suggesting I still have not thought everything through and grasped a broader possibility of harm from what I did. I get a brief additional spanking, but no further questioning. This really is for shock value, so that my reflections on my sore bottom during the following week will lead me to further thought about the broader implications of my misbehavior.
  12. You are much more aware and thoughtful than I am, if you have to compartmentalize in order to act without thinking... sometimes impulsiveness and sometimes mental carelessness leads me to do something without really thinking things through. Outcomes and criticism of my behavior then forces me to consider, and in hindsight, I really SHOULD have known better... So I feel sorry independent of the punishment, although the punishment being proportional to the unhappiness and inconvenience I caused others, can actually make me more sorry about what I did.
  13. I don't think you spank someone one to make them repentant or persuade them what they did was wrong. When I get spanked it is because we both agree what I did was wrong, and I should've known better than to do it. So of course I'm sorry I did it, and not just because I'm going to get a spanking. By the time the spanking is over, I am in my wife's words "a lot sorrier!". Some might say "truly sorry" but I don't think they mean I wasn’t actually sorry before. The goal of the spanking isn't really a measure of repentance, but of sufficient suffering to make a lasting impression and deter future similar behavior. Another factor is the spankee's suffering being proportional to any suffering the bad behavior potentially caused others, so the spankee gets "what they deserve" or justice. Talk of "making someone sorry" is sloppy language, but doesn't really differentiate between caring discipline and sadism, IMHO.
  14. I am always pleading for my spanking to be over well before it is, and can't imagine asking for more. Occasionally she asks the rhetorical question "Have you learned your lesson?" and the obvious answer is always a loud "Yes!" Often a more probing question related to the reason for the spanking is asked, and if my answer is declared "Not good enough!" I go back over her knee for more spanking! A not good enough answer is not a wrong one, I manage to avoid that, but is either "weasely" or "too slow" which means I haven't learned my lesson properly...
  15. I think it's pretty easy to actually injure the feet by beating on the soles (bastinado)... in any case it's easier to carry on when you can't sit than when you can't stand or walk!
  16. Starting from scratch with a clean slate, and knowing that my wife cares enough to give me a spanking when I deserve it, are certainly reasons I like that I get spanked, along with my natural fascination for spanking in general. But also spanking does work as behavior modification, because while I am glad that my wife spanks me when needed, I very much do not like "getting a spanking" even though I deserve it. There are three different types of behavior that I get me spanked: "Oww that hurt! My bottom is so sore, I'm never going to do that again!" This happens when I didn't think something was a big deal, but it was to her. I knew better than to do it, but I did it without thinking, or thought I could get away with it. Before she puts me over her knee, she makes it clear how upset she is (there are possible consequences I didn't foresee, she has emotional baggage that was triggered, she views what I did differently) and then she gives me a spanking that makes that much clearer! I spend a lot of time thinking about what she said during the following week each time my bottom reminds me of that spanking. I really don't do that again in the future, not because I fear the pain, but because I remember how it upsets her. This happened more back when we hadn't been married so long, and she first was spanking me. "Bad habits are hard to break, but you're going to keep getting spanked until you learn!" This is true, and she has broken quite a few bad habits over the years. A habit you do without thinking, but once an association with getting spanked is established, you remember not to do it. Unfortunately, I seem to develop new bad habits at times. "That's the last straw! You're getting another spanking!" Some things are just part of my nature (smart remarks, impulse behaviors). As an occasional thing they're not so bad, but if they happen too often, she becomes annoyed, and I get spanked. Then I keep them under control, at least for a while. The spankings don't get rid of these behaviors, but keep the amount and her frustration down.
  17. For me, consenting to be spanked means accepting that my behavior deserves a spanking… so defiant and argumentative is definitely inappropriate and deserves extra spanking, which by the time a spanking is happening I'm trying to avoid. So I am obedient, repentant and nervous, although the nervousness mostly comes out in my voice. Once the paddle comes out, pleading not to be spanked is pointless, but I tell her how I'm already very sorry for what I did and promise to do better in hopes of reducing my punishment. For years I tried to be stoic during my spankings, gritting my teeth and not yelling or pleading, although I never could avoid squirming and kicking. Eventually I gave that up, realizing that keeping silent requires some refusal of my responsibility for my getting spanked, fear that not voicing my repentance made my spankings longer and harder, and recognizing that being stoic was not keeping my dignity. There's no possibility of dignity when you're over your wife's knee getting your bare bottom paddled because you can't behave yourself!
  18. My wife would certainly tell you that it's her big paddle that I hate the most. It's her favorite implement and used for all at home spankings, because each spank hurts more than a single spank with either her hairbrush or the kitchen spoon and gets more reaction from me. This means it takes fewer swats and less effort for her to get my bottom as red and sore as she wants. The truth is my only real preference is the kitchen spoon for hotel spankings, because it's quieter. Yes, I make at least as much noise as the spanking, but it's less embarrassing to know I was heard shouting and pleading for unclear reasons, than to know I was heard yelling along with the loud and distinctive sound of the hairbrush repeatedly smacking my bare bottom! She always spanks me until she achieves the amount of soreness, redness, and reaction she wants, no matter what implement she uses, so I don't dread any particular implement, I dread getting spanked by my wife!
  19. I was 12. My mom gave me a good paddling, I don't recall why, and when I pulled up my pants over my sore bottom, I noticed I had an erection. This was surprising but not embarrassing since the only thing I associated with erections at that time was needing to pee. A year later I knew more about what an erection meant and would have been extremely embarrassed to have one in front of my mom! My mom appeared not to notice my erection, but looking back I think she did and was embarrassed. After that she always said I was too old to spank, and assigned some other punishment. Belt spankings from my father stopped also, but the had been less frequent and were usually "wait until your father gets home", so with mom grounding me, etc, it didn't come up.
  20. My wife would usually wait until family or visitors went home to get out her paddle, although once when family were staying with us it suddenly turned out there was an errand we had to take care of together. She had her hairbrush in her purse, and when we got back I managed to rush to our bedroom without seeing anyone. I remember lying face down on the bed nursing my sore bottom, and listening to voices throughout the house, very embarrassed that someone might realize I'd just been spanked in the car. She told them I felt ill, and I said it was something I ate when I was fit to rejoin them, so I don't think anyone guessed. But I'm still on my best behavior around visitors because I don't want to be paddled, even in private. Spanking is definitely effective!
  21. We all seem to agree that other spankos knowing we get spanked is not a problem, but we don't want vanilla friends or even strangers to know we get spanked. The question is which is worse, someone of our own sex finding out or the opposite sex. I tend to believe that most vanilla women would approve or at least accept that my wife should be able to spank me if I really deserve it, even if they find it weird or embarrassing. I think many vanilla men would disapprove and think I am a creep for letting her spank me, even knowing I really deserve it. So another male finding out is much worse!
  22. Thanks, Ms. L. My wife is by nature a private person, and I think she is actually pretty careful to keep my spankings from others, although I know at least 2 people have definitely heard me getting a spanking, and I'm pretty sure one neighbor couple has, based on some remarks. But she likes to make my embarrassment part of my punishment, and since she controls when and where I get spanked, I often get spankings that feel very embarrassingly public, although she may know the possibility of witnesses is less than it seems!
  23. Yes, I was spanked many times, and observed quite a few spankings of family and friends. I was interested in spankings from a young age and did not make myself scarce when others were likely to get spanked, so I'm not sure whether observing lots of spankings is a cause or a result of being a spanko!
  24. Should all spankings be the same? Yes and no. My punishment spankings always follow the same ritual: I'm told I'm going to get a spanking, she bares my bottom and pulls me over her knee, and she paddles me with an implement (her big paddle if we're home or almost always her spanking hairbrush if we're not home) as hard as she feels necessary until she is done, which will be sometime after I have started yelling and begging her to stop. This process emphasizes that I have no control and cannot escape getting a very sore bottom! One thing that changes is the risk of being heard or seen getting a spanking. Even a spanking in our bedroom can be heard by neighbors at some times of day, and anyone who comes to the door will hear it. An on-the-spot spanking in the living room or kitchen has much more risk of being heard or seen by anyone coming to the door or passing through the yard. Of course the risk is very great in a hotel room or the backseat of the car, but even a spanking at home can be terrifying when guests or family are expected! Of course, the big variation between spankings is the "the punishment must fit the crime". I know what I'm getting spanked for but she doesn't say anything specific about the spanking, just how badly I've behaved, and my guilt at the beginning makes every spanking seem like it will be severe. What she thinks I deserve is a complicated calculation. Outcomes matter, if something was broken, time and money wasted, feelings hurt, but possible outcomes are just as important. When I knocked over a valued vase but it didn't break, I got the spanking for breaking it because "I don't reward you for my good luck!" We don't have a lot of specific rules, but when I get spanked she says quite accurately, "You should know better than to…" How much I should know better is not just how obviously what I did was a bad idea, but also how similar she thinks it is to things I have been spanked for before, and how recently or often I have been spanked for them. Her reasoning is usually explained by a statement sometime late in the spanking, like "My grandma's vase could have broken, and you know better than to throw things in the house, even just tossing a book on the sofa, you've been spanked for that many times before!" If it's not clear, a comment on how hard I was spanked while rubbing my sore bottom once she's through will get a detailed explanation. I never argue with her logic, I usually can't and anyway I've gotten my spanking. I certainly don't want her to say I haven't learned my lesson, and put me back over her knee!
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