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  1. My wife is a non-spanko who I tried to get to spank me several times when we were first married but she couldn't do it effectively. Often she would say "I don’t want to hurt you!" Then one day she was angry enough she said "You deserve to be punished!" When I suggested a spanking, she said "That never works!" But then she spotted something she thought she could use as a paddle to give a painful spanking, put me over her knee and paddled my bare bottom until I was tearful! For the last 30÷ years she's been paddling me whenever she thinks I deserve it. So my suggestion is to make it clear to your husband that if he ever feels you deserve to be punished, you feel it's OK and appropriate for him to spank you. If you convince him, you probably just have to wait: I don't think two people can live together any significant amount of time without enough friction that he will feel you deserve to be punished at some point!
  2. There are several things that determine how painful each spank is: force or how hard the spanking is, rate or how quickly the next spank comes, the implement used, and how sore or tender the bottom has become. The first two are easily varied over the course of a spanking, and you can of course pause and change implements. Tenderness tends to build over the course of a spanking but too much intensity can lead to numbing. To me the severity describes the overall pain and unpleasantness of the whole spanking. Very hard and fast but briefer, stopping before/as the bottom gets numb, can be pretty severe, and conveys a message, but doesn't leave the bottom sore for very long. A more moderate force and rate maintained over a longer time can be more severe, with building pain and lasting soreness after. My wife likes to use the most effective paddle available and start out hard and fast, to quickly achieve a high level of pain and tenderness, but gradually moderates the force and rate as the spanking progresses, to maintain a high level of pain without numbing. The severity of the spanking then depends on how long she keeps going, which also determines how long I'm sore afterwards. To me it generally feels like it's fast and hard throughout, because it's quickly very painful and stays just as painful as long as she continues, although she will sometimes finish with some spaced out particularly hard spanks, emphasizing her final scolding. The length and overall severity of each spanking depends on what I've done!
  3. OTK is more intimate and our preference. With an appropriate implement and effort, it seems it can be as painful as needed, although my limited experience with switches and canes is that they can more easily be more painful but don't work OTK. Stretching out the buttocks seems to increase painfulness, so lying face down on a bed or couch, either across your spanker's lap or with your spanker standing to the side, will hurt less than bent over the bed or couch, or OTK with your legs dangling or pinned down.
  4. Right after a spanking I usually lie on my stomach for a while if possible, and if not, try to stay standing. Spankings in the backseat of the car are the worst this way, as I have to "sit up and fasten your seatbelt, unless you want more!" so my wife can start driving, but I can manage to get most of my weight to one side or the other, and shift to the other side often. This experience and having to go right down to a hotel breakfast after being spanked in our room, where I amused my wife by squirming while we ate on hard chairs, made realize that right after a spanking when your whole bottom is really sore, squirming on a hard surface is better, because you keep the pressure on a smaller area and move it around. A pillow or soft upholstery fits to your bottom's shape, so there is lighter pressure everywhere at once, and squirming doesn’t help much, which is fine only once my bottom is no longer quite so sore all over! Also the bucketseat in the front of the car is worse after a spanking than the bench seat in back, and going into church to sit on a hard pew bench is actually an improvement, although I have to try not to squirm too much. Fortunately we spend a lot of the service kneeling or standing!
  5. Yes, it was a very painful paddling. There was another window with a broken sash cord and a similar prop in the dining room downstairs, and a few weeks later she dragged me by the wrist to get it, and then to the livingroom couch where my pants came down and I was taught another painful lesson. Soon there was another piece of scrap wood in the basement TV room, where there was a couch but no window! As long as we lived in that house, those three pieces of wood were regularly used to paddle me whenever I deserved it, and she never failed to make me really regret my bad behavior. By the time we moved I had replaced all the sash cords, but the props remained on the window sills, and one came with us when we moved!
  6. This is what I thought before I got that spanking. My wife made it clear that she felt my looking at other women, even in pictures, was a criticism and an insult to her sexuality and ability to keep me satisfied. I certainly never had thought so, but once she said this I could see why she felt this way, and didn't argue when she said I should be punished. I ended up getting thoroughly punished by that spanking, which more than satisfied my spanking needs and afterward my sexual needs. I can't say I never looked at pornography again, but not for quite a while, and then rarely and very discreetly. I don't want to hurt my wife's feelings, and I would expect to be severely spanked if she caught me looking at pornography again.
  7. My wife accidentally saw some mild pornography I had on my home computer. At least that is the spanking I have always considered my first real spanking as an adult. Having made the discovery, my wife immediately declared I deserved to be punished. Being a spanko, I said she should spank me, knowing she had never been able to give me any sort of effective spanking, so this might be fun and I'd avoid any serious punishment. "That never works!" she said, aware that the several times previously that I had persuaded her to spank me for fun (with her hand, a plastic hairbrush, a plastic kitchen spoon), she felt awkward and embarrassed and I felt I hadn't really been spanked. As she stood there glaring, tapping her toe, and trying to think of a suitable punishment, I suggested several possible spanking implements to try and get her to spank me. When I suggested she use her rubber-soled slipper, she agreed "that might work" and went to the closet to get it. Still not worried that it might be painful, I suddenly realized it would make a loud slapping noise on my bare bottom that the neighbors might hear and recognize as a spanking, so I closed the bedroom window. The sash cord was broken, so the window was propped open with a piece of scrap wood about 18 inches long, an inch and half wide, and a quarter inch thick. As I eased the sash down, my wife came over, and discarding her slipper took the piece of scrap wood and smacked it against her palm. "That could really work!" she announced, and I suddenly realized I might get a really painful spanking! I tried to stammer some sort of protest, but my wife was motivated as never before, and had my pants down and me across her lap before I knew it, and began blistering my bare bottom. She demonstrated to her complete satisfaction and my tearful squirming distress that it really did work! Ever since, when she gets angry or frustrated with me, and thinks I deserve to be punished, she puts me over her knee and thoroughly paddles my bare bottom.
  8. My wife claims I prefer the hairbrush to her big paddle, because the big paddle hurts more. A single spank from the big paddle does hurt more than a single spank from the hairbrush, but she spanks faster and longer with the hairbrush, so a complete spanking with either hurts just as much and leaves me equally sore! So I have always said I have no preference, but thinking about it now, hairbrush spankings are harder to take… The paddle is always used at home, usually in our bedroom. The hairbrush fits in her purse, and can be used in tight spaces, so nearly all my hairbrush spankings have been away from home: hotels, other people's houses, in the backseat of our car. These spankings are always more stressful/exciting!
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