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  1. Yes, but that core of fantasy non-consensual spanking is about the spanker having complete power over the spankee, but the spankee can trust the spanker to do what's best for the spankee.
  2. Fantasies, not real life? After more than two decades of frequent spankings by my wife, I do more reminiscing than fantasizing, having vivid memories of more than two hundred spankings- let's face it, punishment spankings are intended to be memorable! But I do some fantasizing with them. The spankings are I guess consensual non-consensual in that she has my consent to spank me whenever I deserve it, but I have no say in where, how long or how hard I get spanked, which is usually a good deal more than I would choose! Fantasies include for spankings I got that I know were heard by someone, imagining what they thought and said to other people about what I remember yelling and begging as the paddle smacked loudly on my bare bottom. I also fantasize moving spankings I got from "safer" locations to "riskier" ones: a spanking I got on a couch facing a picture window in a woodland cabin, looking out on unpeopled wilderness, moves to a slope-side ski chalet, with skiers passing by not far away from the widow as I get spanked, or a spanking in the backseat of the car parked in the thin fringe of parked cars far from an entrance of the mall moves to parked in a strip mall where almost certainly someone will see. And I do fantasize about being spanked right in front of someone I know, usually one of my wife's friends who is furious about something I have done. She confronts my wife in our living room, insisting that my wife should "do something about it!" The friend then watches, amazed and amused, as my wife pulls down my pants and paddles me on the living room couch, as she has done in the past but never with someone watching. A similar fantasy involves an out-of-town friend my wife has known from college, and I anger her when we are visiting, so my wife pulls her hairbrush from her handbag, down come my pants, and I get spanked right in front of the friend on the friend's living room couch!
  3. I don't know how common a honeymoon spanking is with two spankos. The first time I asked my wife to spank me was on our honeymoon. I am a spanko and had spanked girlfriends in the past, but she is not a spanko and had refused when I wanted to spank her before we married. I thought having her spank me might help satisfy my needs, so she tried to spank me when I asked. It was a very light play spanking that didn't do much for me, unfortunately. It wasn't until several years later when she felt I deserved to be punished that she decided to put me over her knee and use a piece of wood to paddle my bare bottom hard enough to leave me red and sore. We were both very impressed with how effective that spanking was! After that she has given me thorough punishment spankings whenever she thinks I deserve it.
  4. Does my wife know how often I come here? Probably. Not really. Well, there's history about this… Several years after my wife started spanking me, I gave her some booklets I ordered from the Disciplinary Wives Club (DWC). I think she found them helpful as I noticed some improved techniques and approaches to her spankings over the next months, but at the time she just looked through them, called them "interesting" and never mentioned them again. She did however ask where I got them. I told her about the DWC website, and she told me her concerns about privacy and tracking, similar to Bspankly's wife. I said I didn't think it was a problem, and she pointed out I had given them our home address as she got her paddle out of the drawer. Then she pulled down my pants, put me over her knee, and gave the most severe spanking she had ever given me! I don't leave spanking sites open or have them bookmarked, and anyway, she doesn't snoop. She knows me very well and picks up on little things, then asks me outright. She can tell if I try to lie or be evasive, and it makes the spanking much worse, so I end up confessing. For several years I got spanked every 3 or 4 months for "looking at spanking porn on the computer again". Then she just stopped asking, having decided I wasn't going to change (I never agreed to, but felt my spankings were deserved because she had asked me to and I knew it upset her). So knowing me well and my daily routines, she probably has a very good idea of how much time I spend on spanking sites. But I doubt she recalls the name of the DWC site or knows it's gone, or knows anything about SN or any other spanking site. Still, if she ever finds out how much I have posted here, I'm sure I'll get spanked to tears and she'll keep coming back to it until I can honestly say I no longer visit SN or post on any spanking site!
  5. On blood thinners you will bruise more easily, so you should avoid thuddy implements in favor of more stingy implements. But try to avoid any that break the skin. Some cautious experimentation is in order.
  6. We usually drive on vacations. If we are staying at a vacation rental, we bring all the comforts of home: my wife's big paddle in a suitcase and the hairbrush in her purse. If we are staying in hotels, we bring a nylon kitchen spoon with steel rod embedded in the handle: just as quiet as a wooden spoon but has more impact and won't break! Of course the hairbrush still comes in case I get spanked in the car, it works well in tight spaces. When we fly we just take the kitchen spoon- it's not decorative and TSA may wonder but they haven't questioned it yet, and it's easily replaced. Unfortunately the hairbrush can't come: it not only has an embarrassing poem on it, it has a lead weight embedded behind the bristle-plate (for better balance and a larger sweet spot) which would attract attention in x-ray machines!
  7. 10 years! Had to look at my own profile to see. I would've joined sooner if I'd found the site sooner!
  8. Growing up, both parents, both my paternal grandparents (my grandfather gave the spankings until he died, but after that my grandmother did) and one sitter. I spanked 3 of my girlfriends in college. Since we met, I have only been spanked by my wife. So six people have spanked me. I don't know how many times I've been spanked, growing up it was mostly my parents, and it seemed like a lot but it was all over the course of about a dozen years... my wife has been spanking me for decades, and has undoubtedly given me most of the spankings I've ever gotten!
  9. I am glad we were just passing through and never lived in the hotels. It was excruciating dealing face to face with a single person who had listened to me getting a spanking from my wife, and then never seeing them a again. The idea of daily encountering multiple people who had heard me getting paddled over my wife's knee is awful!
  10. It is extremely embarrassing to realize someone has heard the clearly identifiable sound of a hairbrush smacking your bare bottom, and listened to you wail as you got your spanking! But my wife also tells me "you should have worried about that when you misbehaved!"
  11. My wife is generally quite determined to teach me a lesson when she spanks me, which I am sure helps her keep going!
  12. My wife says the spanking is just getting started when I start to beg, or at least when I start yelping that I'm sorry, and pleading for her to stop follows quickly... but she keeps going! Pain from stingy implements doesn't last more than a day or so for me, unless you are really raising welts and breaking the skin, which we avoid. A paddle with good sting but also thuddiness will bring on a deeper muscle pain that builds over the first day as the sting fades, and then continues longer. For me, if you spank enough to give real pain that lasts all week or makes it uncomfortable to sit for more than a day or two, you're probably causing more tissue damage than I think is desirable. What my wife considers "a good spanking" with her wooden hairbrush or her paddle leaves me with a sting that fades over 1-2 days, with a deep pain that continues from the day after for 3-4 days. After that I can't say it actually hurts, but I can still distincty feel that I was spanked for the rest of the week! It's continuous at first but fades to being intermittent or situational before it's gone, and it's enough to make me think about the spanking I got, how much it hurt, and why I deserved it many times a day all week. So I would recommend an implement with a little less sting but more thud, and a wife who doesn't stop as soon as you beg her to! 😄
  13. Definitely not a fantasy and not fun! We've never had security show up, but once a spanking in a hotel was interrupted by knocking... my wife answered the door with her hairbrush in hand, but it was the hand on the inside doorknob, so not visible. I was also behind the door, having shuffled to that corner of the room before trying to pull my pants up! It was a middle-aged housekeeper, who told my wife if we wanted the room made up, we had to be out of it in the next half-hour as she had to leave to pick-up her granddaughter from school. My wife assured her we would be out within 15 minutes, and closed the door, so the housekeeper didn't see anything, but I was extremely embarrassed knowing if we heard her at the door then she must have heard me getting spanked! I was even more embarrassed when my wife insisted on putting me back over her knee and finishing the spanking... for all I knew she stayed outside the door to listen! By the time my spanking was over and I washed my face before we went out, she was on a different floor. Still it remains my most embarrassing spanking, and an experience I really wouldn’t want to repeat!
  14. The only time I was convinced that the sound of my getting spanked was drowned out by noise in a hotel, there was construction remodeling going on two doors down the hall. Even my wife said afterwards she didn't think anyone heard me wailing! Of course they only did the noisy stuff between 10 AM and 4 PM- they warned us when we checked in, so my wife took advantage to give me an overdue spanking then, rather than waiting to get home from our trip. I have been spanked in hotels quite a few times, and the way my wife deals with the noise problem is to spank me near to the mandatory checkout time. Most people traveling on have already checked out, and those staying on are usually out and about. The management has never said anyone complained, and only once has another customer let me know she heard me getting a spanking (very embarrassing!). Several times it has been clear the housekeeping staff have heard me getting spanked, but they don't complain and I always make sure to leave a good tip in case we have inconvenienced their work schedule.
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