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  1. I believe even in domestic discipline there should be a safeword. Yes my wife fully controls my spankings and there is no way out. But if I get chest pain, or smell smoke or leaking gas, or some other crucial event happens requiring an immediate halt to proceeding, I can use a safeword. If I were foolish enough to use the safeword just because I want to halt my punishment, we'd have to stop and discuss it. Then I 'd get the rest of my punishment followed by additional spanking for misusing the safeword. Of course, if I use the safeword for something like smelling smoke, once we dealt with the buring toaster or whatever, I'd still get the rest of my punishment, but nothing extra!
  2. They are kept in 2 drawers in our bedroom, but the hairbrush sometimes travels in my wife's purse. Sometimes when I'm going to be spanked the paddle will be left out on the bed, or the kitchen table, or in the livingroom, where I will see it and know what she has planned... but not if anyone is expected to visit!
  3. There's a GPS app on my phone that tells me where I last parked my Saturn! ?
  4. "Bring me my paddle!" (or my hairbrush) "Come here!" (seated holding paddle or hairbrush) "You're just saying that because you know you're going to get spanked!" (response to stammered apologies while my pants are pulled down) "Get over my knee!" (accompanied by a nudge or a tug on my wrist after pulling down my pants) "You can yell/fuss/kick all you want to, it won't change a thing!" (during a spanking) "You're going to be a lot sorrier!" (response to wails of "I'm sorry!" during a spanking) "There! I'll bet that hurt!" or "I think your bottoms pretty sore!" (when letting me off her knee)
  5. "You are going to get a spanking for that!" is definitely butterfly material, or any other clear promise that spanking is coming. It builds as any potential opportunity for getting the spanking approaches, and becomes a whole cloud of butterflies when she drags me to a chair/ the couch/ the bed with her paddle or hairbrush in her other hand!
  6. My wife definitely knows how and when to discipline me, and it's clear that you provide good discipline to your husband Ms L! Having a dominant HOH doesn't appeal to us, but that doesn't keep my wife from putting me over her knee for a good paddling whenever it's needed. Having a dominant HOH who gives maintenance spankings obviously works well for you and your hubby, and it seems to be a good arrangement for many others. Every relationship is unique, so it's not surprising there's no single type of household that fits all.
  7. IMHO maintenance spankings and "Just because" spankings are purely to establish and maintain the complete dominance of the spanker over the spankee. I'm not into that kind of relationship, but I see that it works for some. My wife and I are more co-equals, there is no HOH, and we discuss our way to agreement on most decisions, deferring to each other in cases of more expertise or decisions that have more impact on only one of us. When confronted with my own misbehavior or carelessness, it usually takes little if any discussion to reach agreement that I deserve to be spanked. At that point there is automatic division of labor: where, when, how, how hard and how long I get spanked is absolutely totally up to my wife, and my task is to accept my punishment and to learn from it!
  8. I've been spanked in the backseat of a car (and had sex in the backseat of a car when I was much younger). Timing and location made witnesses extremely unlikely, but the sense of being in public and the possibility of witnesses had a huge impact on my headspace...
  9. Aquarius and technically a switch: an ER (mostly) before I got married and an EE (mostly) since. On the basis of lifetime total spankings given vs total spankings received, I'm >95% EE.
  10. Growing up sometimes I'd get in trouble along with one or both siblings. Then one of our parents would spank us each in turn. Never as an adult.
  11. My wife determines how she's going to spank me, which is mostly a matter of practicality. I don't really have a preference, and my opinion is never asked. On the edge of a bed it's 1 and 5, on a couch or in the backseat of the car it's 2 and 5, on a chair, stool, or most any other seating it's 2. She's never trapped my legs, and I sometimes wonder what that would be like.
  12. Most of the time I at least tear up a little when my wife spanks me. Crying is an emotional thing, and I find for me it is about how much I regret the misbehavior I’m being spanked for, not how much the spanking hurts. If I think about how much I should be ashamed and I deserve to be spanked, I can find myself getting tearful just anticipating a spanking, or when I'm apologizing and thanking my wife for spanking me after the spanking. My wife only spanks me as punishment, over her knee on my bare bottom with a wood paddle or a hairbrush, and considers my kicking, pleading or yelling to be a sign that the spanking is really started. Mostly she ignores any tearfulness during the spanking, but is consoling if I'm tearful afterwards. Generally I get a great feeling of relief after a good spanking, whether I became tearful or not.
  13. I don't talk about it with anyone other than my wife. Generally my spankings are quite private, and I am paranoid about anyone seeing or hearing me get a spanking. I often think a few of the neighbors must have heard something and suspect my wife spanks me, but I hope they are not sure, and none have ever said anything definite about it. I sometimes wonder if our kids have figured it out, but they've never said anything. A few times strangers have definitely heard me getting spanked in hotels...
  14. Agreed. Also, my wife pulls down my pants and underwear before putting me over her knee in a brisk and business-like fashion. There's no need to spend time getting them any lower than my knees, and she's clearly goal-oriented to applying her paddle to my bare bottom, which adds to the mindset. Of course gravity will often take my trousers to my ankles, and once I'm kicking as I get paddled, clothes tend to work there way off. If I'm barefoot or wearing shoes that can easily be kicked off when the spanking happens, I sometimes end up naked from the waist down by the time she's through. The only times I have been fully nude while being spanked, the spanking started when I was wearing only shorts or swim trunks.
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