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  1. Any suggestions would be ignored. Having discovered how to give me an effective spanking, that piece of wood remained her paddle of choice for a couple years. That house had many windows that had to be propped open, and we had a variety of props that moved from window to window. It quickly was made clear that her spanker was to remain in our bedroom, and soon after other similar props were used to spank me and took up permanent residence in the living room and kitchen, for convenience. She eventually tried other implements that she "thought might work" and traded up to whatever she found mos
  2. My first real spanking from my wife was with a piece of scrap wood about the size of an 18" ruler. It was pre-sanded hard wood trim. After we had been married about half a dozen years, one day when my wife was quite angry about something I had done (for good reason), she declared I should be punished. I immediately suggested spanking, hoping to avoid a truly unpleasant punishment, and she said "That never works!" (We had some unsatisfactory experiments with her giving me play spankings). I began suggesting items she could use, like a slipper, but she said no, she'd think of another type
  3. I agree. Certainly I will say anything to try and get a severe spanking to stop... it doesn't mean anything. The only thing like this that I experience is when the spanking has stopped, but a question about what I have learned gets an answer that is too narrowly focused or too slow, suggesting I still have not thought everything through and grasped a broader possibility of harm from what I did. I get a brief additional spanking, but no further questioning. This really is for shock value, so that my reflections on my sore bottom during the following week will lead me to further thought about t
  4. You are much more aware and thoughtful than I am, if you have to compartmentalize in order to act without thinking... sometimes impulsiveness and sometimes mental carelessness leads me to do something without really thinking things through. Outcomes and criticism of my behavior then forces me to consider, and in hindsight, I really SHOULD have known better... So I feel sorry independent of the punishment, although the punishment being proportional to the unhappiness and inconvenience I caused others, can actually make me more sorry about what I did.
  5. I don't think you spank someone one to make them repentant or persuade them what they did was wrong. When I get spanked it is because we both agree what I did was wrong, and I should've known better than to do it. So of course I'm sorry I did it, and not just because I'm going to get a spanking. By the time the spanking is over, I am in my wife's words "a lot sorrier!". Some might say "truly sorry" but I don't think they mean I wasn’t actually sorry before. The goal of the spanking isn't really a measure of repentance, but of sufficient suffering to make a lasting impression and deter future s
  6. I am always pleading for my spanking to be over well before it is, and can't imagine asking for more. Occasionally she asks the rhetorical question "Have you learned your lesson?" and the obvious answer is always a loud "Yes!" Often a more probing question related to the reason for the spanking is asked, and if my answer is declared "Not good enough!" I go back over her knee for more spanking! A not good enough answer is not a wrong one, I manage to avoid that, but is either "weasely" or "too slow" which means I haven't learned my lesson properly...
  7. I think it's pretty easy to actually injure the feet by beating on the soles (bastinado)... in any case it's easier to carry on when you can't sit than when you can't stand or walk!
  8. Starting from scratch with a clean slate, and knowing that my wife cares enough to give me a spanking when I deserve it, are certainly reasons I like that I get spanked, along with my natural fascination for spanking in general. But also spanking does work as behavior modification, because while I am glad that my wife spanks me when needed, I very much do not like "getting a spanking" even though I deserve it. There are three different types of behavior that I get me spanked: "Oww that hurt! My bottom is so sore, I'm never going to do that again!" This happens when I didn't think so
  9. For me, consenting to be spanked means accepting that my behavior deserves a spanking… so defiant and argumentative is definitely inappropriate and deserves extra spanking, which by the time a spanking is happening I'm trying to avoid. So I am obedient, repentant and nervous, although the nervousness mostly comes out in my voice. Once the paddle comes out, pleading not to be spanked is pointless, but I tell her how I'm already very sorry for what I did and promise to do better in hopes of reducing my punishment. For years I tried to be stoic during my spankings, gritting my teeth and not yell
  10. My wife would certainly tell you that it's her big paddle that I hate the most. It's her favorite implement and used for all at home spankings, because each spank hurts more than a single spank with either her hairbrush or the kitchen spoon and gets more reaction from me. This means it takes fewer swats and less effort for her to get my bottom as red and sore as she wants. The truth is my only real preference is the kitchen spoon for hotel spankings, because it's quieter. Yes, I make at least as much noise as the spanking, but it's less embarrassing to know I was heard shouting and pleading fo
  11. I was 12. My mom gave me a good paddling, I don't recall why, and when I pulled up my pants over my sore bottom, I noticed I had an erection. This was surprising but not embarrassing since the only thing I associated with erections at that time was needing to pee. A year later I knew more about what an erection meant and would have been extremely embarrassed to have one in front of my mom! My mom appeared not to notice my erection, but looking back I think she did and was embarrassed. After that she always said I was too old to spank, and assigned some other punishment. Belt spankings from my
  12. My wife would usually wait until family or visitors went home to get out her paddle, although once when family were staying with us it suddenly turned out there was an errand we had to take care of together. She had her hairbrush in her purse, and when we got back I managed to rush to our bedroom without seeing anyone. I remember lying face down on the bed nursing my sore bottom, and listening to voices throughout the house, very embarrassed that someone might realize I'd just been spanked in the car. She told them I felt ill, and I said it was something I ate when I was fit to rejoin them, so
  13. We all seem to agree that other spankos knowing we get spanked is not a problem, but we don't want vanilla friends or even strangers to know we get spanked. The question is which is worse, someone of our own sex finding out or the opposite sex. I tend to believe that most vanilla women would approve or at least accept that my wife should be able to spank me if I really deserve it, even if they find it weird or embarrassing. I think many vanilla men would disapprove and think I am a creep for letting her spank me, even knowing I really deserve it. So another male finding out is much worse!
  14. Thanks, Ms. L. My wife is by nature a private person, and I think she is actually pretty careful to keep my spankings from others, although I know at least 2 people have definitely heard me getting a spanking, and I'm pretty sure one neighbor couple has, based on some remarks. But she likes to make my embarrassment part of my punishment, and since she controls when and where I get spanked, I often get spankings that feel very embarrassingly public, although she may know the possibility of witnesses is less than it seems!
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