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  1. Interesting that so much discussion is about seating arrangements. For me an ideal over the knee spanking would include: 1) Spanking given "on the spot" 2) Pants and underwear at ankles 3) Held firmly in place, wrist grabbed and held tightly if I reach back 4) Use of a paddle or equivalent (hairbrush, kitchen implement, etc) Unfortunately #1 is not always practical, so a spanking given later is in our bedroom (or occasionally a hotel room) with my wife sitting on the edge of the bed. On the spot spanking just requires a place my wife can sit comfortably and securely h
  2. I believe most people dream every night if they get adequate sleep, and mostly don't remember it when they wake up. I remember something of my dreams only once or twice per week, and only a minority of the ones I remember involve spankings. It does seem more likely to occur when I have recently been spanked or I am dreading a spanking I expect to be given, probably because it's very much on my mind when I go to sleep! I don't recall ever dreaming an entire spanking though. Usually I wake up remembering that in my dream I knew I was going to be spanked, or a spanking was starting (my pants wer
  3. If you can find a suitable and willing young lady to visit the hotel with you and naughtily misbehave by the pool, it shouldn't be too hard to make your dream come true!
  4. B. Current spanking partner I used to fantasize about where and how my wife might spank me, but for many years I have replaced that with simply reminiscing about some of the many times she has spanked me. Occasionally I indulge in imagining a previous spanking occurring in a new location where I have not (yet) been spanked, but might be. Unpleasant and intrusive thoughts come from a guilty conscience, when I imagine how, where, when and how severely I am likely to get spanked for some not yet discovered misbehavior!
  5. Ditto Visible bruises or not, if I don't still feel the spanking for at least a day or two, my wife would be wasting her effort! But she's never wasteful. 😒
  6. As a kid I was spanked in front of other kids occasionally, and I have no wish to repeat that experience as an adult! Generally my spankings are quite private, and I am paranoid about anyone seeing or hearing me get a spanking. I often think a few of the neighbors must have heard and suspect my wife spanks me, but I hope they are not sure, and none have ever acknowledged it, which I would find really embarrassing. A very few times strangers have definitely heard me getting spanked in hotels, which was extremely embarrassing! My wife has assured me she would never deliberately spank me in front
  7. No, yesterday morning (relative to the topic post). It's more than 48 hours later (time of this reply), and I can still feel it.
  8. For me tears are definitely about emotion. I get spanked for misbehaving, and during or after the spanking, it is thinking about what I did, how I should've known better, how much I upset my wife, how much I deserve the spanking, etc that can get me to tear up.
  9. I don't get any choice, my wife decides when, where and with what she's going paddle my bare bottom. Over the years she's had a series of favorite paddles, kept in our bedroom. When she finds a new one that's "more effective" she discards the old one. "More effective" combines ease of use with requiring little effort to get me as sore and wailing as she wants without too much marking. For a while BC (before children) she had a similar "downstairs" paddle, convenient for putting me over her knee on the living room couch. For many years now she's had a wooden hairbrush that she considers a bit
  10. Interesting discussion. I'm not sure I'd put so much emphasis on what kind of site this is supposed to be, it's really just a personal preference. A setting that displayed only initial letter avatars vs profile image avatars might be desirable for many. I admit I put my spanked bottom as my profile avatar when I first came here because it seemed to establish my bona fides for being here (there's an anachronistic term for you). Having read this, I just changed it to our spanking hairbrush, which carries the same message but shouldn't offend anyone.
  11. I don't think I've ever gone to the doctor less than 3 days after getting paddled, at which point there usually isn't much to see even though I can still feel it. Occasionally there's just a bruise that I could claim was from falling on my butt, and doctors are only required to report what they think are signs of abuse. If I ended up getting spanked the day before or had too much marking, I probably would come up with an excuse to reschedule my doctor appointment!
  12. Personally I'm not any happier with an FLR than with the old patriarchal model for relationships. It's going from one extreme to the other. I believe the patriarchal model rose from the time when the male was in charge of fight or flight decisions for a family and there was often no opportunity for discussion. This is not a good adaptation to modern life. Nonetheless there are people who are emotionally content to leave all major decisions in their life to their partner, and there are others who feel the need to control every aspect of the couple's life. Both types come in both male and female
  13. The spoon StevenSampson provided a link to says it has a nylon core, but the one we have has a steel core as you mention, and I think this makes it heftier and increases "thuddy-ness", which makes marking more likely. Our loudest implement is a large wooden paddle, but I'm sorry to admit that most of the noise comes from me, not the implements!
  14. As Torc87 noted, Impact Play is a broader term than spanking in terms of body regions impacted and implements used, and "play" is not usually actually "discipline", but people do not always use terms precisely. It sounds to me as if your acquaintance couple is into domestic discipline not restricted to spanking but including other forms of corporal punishment, but you could right and they just don't like the term "spanking"...
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