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  1. Agreed, except I never seem to be able to avoid a startled yelp when the first spank lands. After that I grit my teeth and remain silent, although I will start to kick and squirm. I used to contain my noise all through a spanking, but long ago I concluded it was pointless and represented a bad attitude. Yelling and pleading gets me into a headspace of regret that allows me to leave guilt behind and feel properly punished. There is point where I become very aware that I don't know how much (more) I'm going to get spanked, that I have no control over it, and I deserve a lot of punishment. This
  2. We have had over a dozen through the years, but my wife tends to stick with what she finds most effective and get rid of old ones. We have three for current use, in order of frequency: her big paddle (most effective but too large to use in a car or carry in her purse), the hairbrush (most effective in the car, fits in a purse), and a silicon kitchen spoon with an interior metal rod (travels in inspectable and possibly lost luggage, quieter in hotels). I think I saw one of her old favorite paddles in the bottom of a drawer recently with a leather spanker, but neither has been used in years, an
  3. When my wife decides to spank me, I get spanked in whatever I'm wearing and it doesn't make much difference to me. In any case my bottom will be bare when I go over her knee. Usually this means pants and underpants around my ankles, but on occasion I've gone over her knee wearing just a bathrobe, and had the hem dragged up to expose my bare bottom for the paddle.
  4. Well, I voted #2 but am actually between #1 and #2. A few years after we were married I got my wife to watch a VHS tape from Playboy that masqueraded as couples therapy. You'd see a couple sitting on a couch being interviewed about some marital issue, and then see them have sex in some setting that was supposed to address the issue. That made it acceptable, and while I'm not sure it turned her on, she got turned on by my reaction. Otherwise, when I watch porn, I try to make sure my wife doesn't know. She doesn't consider it cheating, but she is offended, so when she does catch me, I get a span
  5. "Poking the bear" AFTER being told you're going to be paddled? Not me, I'm on my best behavior, because even small irritants that are not usually spanking offenses can make things worse. On a few occasions, as the paddle continues smacking my truly sore bottom and I'm wailing about how sorry I am and begging her to stop, I've been told "No. No I don't believe you're really sorry! Even when you knew you'd be spanked you still behaved like an ass. Now you're going to find out what sorry really is!" She means it!
  6. She's always spanked me OTK, which is how I was spanked growing up. Although I could easily get away (if I was foolish), being held in place while the paddle is applied makes it very clear that she is in charge of my punishment. Her big paddle is 18" of long-in-use maple and very effective OTK. We don't go in for the HoH role, our only real rule is that we should both act like responsible adults. Occasionally through acting on impulse, not paying attention and not thinking things through, I don't act like a responsible adult. Afterwards I usually realize this, but sometimes it has to be
  7. Did I ever go ahead and do something knowing that afterwards I'd get spanked for it? No, I'm not quite that stupid, but the closest was about a year ago. Just before the pandemic lockdown I was told I would be spanked. Then came adult children sheltering at home, no privacy, no spanking, lots of stress. Stress means my wife is irritable and my behavior worsens, so another spanking was soon promised but not delivered. I decided when the lockdown ended I would get a big spanking no matter what, and became pretty careless about my behavior and possibly getting spanked, and soon my wife added anot
  8. I certainly wouldn't tell anyone that my wife spanks me except among spankos, and have been extremely embarrassed the few times it has been clear that someone heard me getting spanked!
  9. Truly unable to sit, no, but choosing to stand when seats are available and it might appear more normal to be seated, yes. I do sit on a pillow, in private, sometimes after a recent spanking, and sometimes I have to consciously avoid shifting in my seat too often in a restaurant or other public place for a few days after a spanking. My wife can usually still tell how uncomfortable I am sitting, and knows very well why, but I am afraid of attracting the attention of others who might guess why I can't sit still!
  10. I agree, I have seen wives scolding husbands, husbands scolding wives, and couples quarreling in public. It's generally not pleasant for everyone else, and doubt people other than some spankos would want to see it turn into a spanking in front of them. But these aren't DD couples. My wife has only to give me a stern look, and maybe say something like "You're going to be very sorry you did/said that" or "Just wait until we get home" and we both know she's going to spank me and I immediately shape up, without disturbing those around us. Sometimes she will say "You are going to be spanked!" or "
  11. It's good to see so many women who spank their husbands on this site, and to know that it's not extremely unusual for a husband to get spanked by his wife. But only spankos post here. The true answer to the question of whether more women spank their mates than we think depends on if it happens when neither of them is a spanko… My wife is not a spanko, and feels the spankings she gives me are private. She discovered that a good spanking is an easy and effective way to punish me when I deserve it. Since all relationships have friction and frustration, and often one person has a personality trait
  12. I get aroused by the topic of spankings: talking about them, reading about them, thinking about them, etc. So if my wife says "You're getting spanked for that!" and drags me to the bedroom to get out her paddle, or pulls out her hairbrush and sits on the nearest couch or chair, I'm immediately aroused and will be fully erect when she pulls down my pants to put me over her knee. But if she says "I'm going to spank you for that when we get home!" or "You really deserve a good spanking for that, and you're going to be very sorry when I get back this evening!" then I get immediately aroused and wi
  13. Interesting that so much discussion is about seating arrangements. For me an ideal over the knee spanking would include: 1) Spanking given "on the spot" 2) Pants and underwear at ankles 3) Held firmly in place, wrist grabbed and held tightly if I reach back 4) Use of a paddle or equivalent (hairbrush, kitchen implement, etc) Unfortunately #1 is not always practical, so a spanking given later is in our bedroom (or occasionally a hotel room) with my wife sitting on the edge of the bed. On the spot spanking just requires a place my wife can sit comfortably and securely h
  14. I believe most people dream every night if they get adequate sleep, and mostly don't remember it when they wake up. I remember something of my dreams only once or twice per week, and only a minority of the ones I remember involve spankings. It does seem more likely to occur when I have recently been spanked or I am dreading a spanking I expect to be given, probably because it's very much on my mind when I go to sleep! I don't recall ever dreaming an entire spanking though. Usually I wake up remembering that in my dream I knew I was going to be spanked, or a spanking was starting (my pants wer
  15. If you can find a suitable and willing young lady to visit the hotel with you and naughtily misbehave by the pool, it shouldn't be too hard to make your dream come true!
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