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  1. For me tears are definitely about emotion. I get spanked for misbehaving, and during or after the spanking, it is thinking about what I did, how I should've known better, how much I upset my wife, how much I deserve the spanking, etc that can get me to tear up.
  2. I don't get any choice, my wife decides when, where and with what she's going paddle my bare bottom. Over the years she's had a series of favorite paddles, kept in our bedroom. When she finds a new one that's "more effective" she discards the old one. "More effective" combines ease of use with requiring little effort to get me as sore and wailing as she wants without too much marking. For a while BC (before children) she had a similar "downstairs" paddle, convenient for putting me over her knee on the living room couch. For many years now she's had a wooden hairbrush that she considers a bit
  3. Interesting discussion. I'm not sure I'd put so much emphasis on what kind of site this is supposed to be, it's really just a personal preference. A setting that displayed only initial letter avatars vs profile image avatars might be desirable for many. I admit I put my spanked bottom as my profile avatar when I first came here because it seemed to establish my bona fides for being here (there's an anachronistic term for you). Having read this, I just changed it to our spanking hairbrush, which carries the same message but shouldn't offend anyone.
  4. I don't think I've ever gone to the doctor less than 3 days after getting paddled, at which point there usually isn't much to see even though I can still feel it. Occasionally there's just a bruise that I could claim was from falling on my butt, and doctors are only required to report what they think are signs of abuse. If I ended up getting spanked the day before or had too much marking, I probably would come up with an excuse to reschedule my doctor appointment!
  5. Personally I'm not any happier with an FLR than with the old patriarchal model for relationships. It's going from one extreme to the other. I believe the patriarchal model rose from the time when the male was in charge of fight or flight decisions for a family and there was often no opportunity for discussion. This is not a good adaptation to modern life. Nonetheless there are people who are emotionally content to leave all major decisions in their life to their partner, and there are others who feel the need to control every aspect of the couple's life. Both types come in both male and female
  6. The spoon StevenSampson provided a link to says it has a nylon core, but the one we have has a steel core as you mention, and I think this makes it heftier and increases "thuddy-ness", which makes marking more likely. Our loudest implement is a large wooden paddle, but I'm sorry to admit that most of the noise comes from me, not the implements!
  7. As Torc87 noted, Impact Play is a broader term than spanking in terms of body regions impacted and implements used, and "play" is not usually actually "discipline", but people do not always use terms precisely. It sounds to me as if your acquaintance couple is into domestic discipline not restricted to spanking but including other forms of corporal punishment, but you could right and they just don't like the term "spanking"...
  8. Several have commented that female spankers are a rare breed, and I suspect women who aren't professional disciplinarians but will engage in casual spanking are very rare... but as overherknee suggests, women in a serious relationship who will discipline a partner who needs or deserves it may actually be pretty common!
  9. Yes, but I can't kick it very far! If I don't think I deserve a spanking I can say so, and we'll discuss it. If she misunderstood what happened, or I feel my actions were justified and can persuade her of that, then I won't get spanked. If I'm forced to agree that I shouldn't have done what I'm about to be spanked for, and should have known better, then she'll go ahead and spank me. And if it becomes clear that I argued just to avoid or delay a spanking, I'll get spanked for that, too!
  10. "The Buckle was removed and both ends we’re stapled and wrapped with electric tape to secure and serve as the Handle." Recognizable at a glance as a seat-belt! 😏
  11. I would agree this is the main goal for a good discipline spanking. Long-term behavior change usually requires more than one spanking. But sincere remorse and tearfulness are good immediate signs of success!
  12. A lonely or out of place car invites investigation, so our car spankings used to be at the edge of the herd at a mall or other large parking area... not really possible during the pandemic! My wife's solution is that our chick stuck back in the nest sleeps late, and to contain the noise I get spanked in the backseat of the car in our garage!
  13. Yes, whining that I don't need to be spanked, that I'm already sorry for what I did, etc comes just before the spanking... the crying and begging for her to stop doesn't come until the spanking is well in progress!
  14. This looks more like a typical discipline spanking! Since the older woman is dressed for an evening out and the younger is not, I would guess the spankee was slow to get ready to go, or else the spanker came home and caught her misbehaving.
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