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  1. go ahead and ask away We can't answer if we don't know the questions. Everyone I have met here is very friendly and willing to help. Welcome to the site
  2. Portland, OR 2018

    This is all kind of funny because I was in Olympia until 2016 when I moved to Portland area. I didn't have the best luck meeting people in Olympia. I have talked to people in Portland, Seattle even Tacoma but I can't say I ever met anyone in Olympia Good luck to everyone. I hope that everyone stays active and we welcome new members.
  3. Portland, OR 2018

    I'm sorry to hear that. I haven't met many people yet but I am thankful that those I have met have been very friendly and helpful but you can never be too careful. I'm hoping one of these months to make it up to Seattle for a weekend but the parties always seem to coincide with the one weekend a month I work.
  4. There was a girl who I spanked had a small paddle that her uncle used on her. She offered to bring it with her one time and I used it on her from that day forward
  5. Wood paddle or belt?

    Between the two I would choose to use the belt. Unless we are talking about a small paddle that can be used effectively OTK.
  6. That is an interesting question. I think it definitely depends on the relationship between the two involved and what they are being disciplined for. If I am disciplining someone for a specific reason such as eating poorly that is a personal goal of their own not mine so I don't feel like I need to eat healthier just because they are. I might feel differently if they are my SO and I am eating with them regularly.
  7. Portland, OR 2018

    Thank you for responding. I'm glad to know there are others nearby. If anyone is ever interested in talking feel free to PM me. My friends near Seattle and they always tell me I should go to the Palms dinners up there but it is just too far away. Are there any events that happen in the area here?
  8. spanking games online

    I know it has been about 2 years since you replied but that is exactly what I was looking for. Can't tell you how many hours I spent looking for this site. I assumed they just took it offline
  9. Portland, OR 2018

    Hello, I'm a little new to the area. I'm a 27 yr old male. I actually live in Vancouver, WA. Wondering if there are any women around the same age into spanking in the area. Mainly looking for friends in the community to talk to. Feel free to reach out
  10. spanking games online

    Anyone know any fun spanking games that are out there? I'm talking about those Flash games or other ones you play in your browser. Maybe ones that you don't think other people really know about? I was looking for one from years ago. I can't remember much about it. I think you spank a secretary. There was a small story that goes along with it and it was and if I recall it was on some sort of french site. You had the choice of UK English or French for language if I recall. I have been searching for it again for a while but can't find it.
  11. From Washington

    Hello, I'm Romeo. I can't remember if I ever did one of these. I occasionally visit this site in hopes of finding someone my age and/or local. Anyway I'm 23 and in college. I live in Washington. I'm a spanker looking for female spankees around my age or so. Are there any other website people around here visit to try and meet others? I used to spend time on Spankolife when that was still a thing. The first website they had was the best. After it went down it seemed like everyone gave up on it and I lost contact with a bunch of people.
  12. College RP?

    Hi I'm Romeo. I'm 23 and a college senior. I've never done any real RP stuff but it could be fun. if you are interested in talking about anything PM me.
  13. Need a spanking in the Seattle Washington area

    I used to live in the Seattle Area. Might again in a year or so. Currently going to school on the east side of the state.
  14. Woman In Washington

    I actually lived in Olympia up until about a year ago. I plan to be back for a week a month from now. You can message me if you want.
  15. Looking for another college student nearby. Any female spankees in the area?