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  1. Where in VA you from?  I grew up in Alexandria


  2. Hi Mimi. Thanks for your message. I can provide discrete spankings. Looking forward to getting to know each other so we can build up a level of trust where we are both comfortable. Heck, even if the eventual spanking takes awhile to happen, we can at least get to know each other and share our experiences. There are a lot of good folks on this site.
  3. Welcome from Southern Maryland
  4. Late to Welcoming you. I grew up in VA.
  5. Hello fellow DMV'ers! I can help. Even if it is just to talk.
  6. Love the Commonwealth of Virginia.


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    2. crash20636


      Where in VA?  You don't have to be specific.


    3. SpankmeOTKRon


      VA sucks.

      They tax everything. 

      95 is ALWAYS a parking lot.

      ABC stores?????

      Hot as hell in the summer.

      U like it? U can have it. Not for me.

    4. crash20636


      Well, that part of VA does suck.

      I live in Maryland.  Yes, VA is trying to turn themselves into MD from a tax perspective.

      think I'll escape to Blacksburg.



  7. Greetings from Southern Maryland. Solomons area.
  8. Nice to meet you toast.  It was a pleasure.  I've been on the site for awhile and you get a pretty quick sense when you meet someone who "gets" the site.  Looking forward to talking in the future.

  9. CHO!!!!!!!!!  YOU Rock!


    1. sweetpea


      ((((Crash))))  HUGS!!!!!!!! I Miss You!! :)


  10. Wife is correct. Even hear you need to have some discretion. Ginger, if you want to talk about spanking and sex I would stick to PM.
  11. Good luck with your search Sarah. Be safe. I'm from Alexandria BTW.
  12. Just wondering what I'm doing....

  13. Taking a Sabbatical. Nothing personnel to the people on this site. You've been great and I love how supportive you have been.

  14. Write him a letter about the scenario you need and mail it to him at your house
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