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  1. How do we access the Team Gandalf pages?
  2. Itsme1122 Since you are a supervisor you should know better. For the next 2 weeks, each day when you get home, you are to stand in the corner for however long you are late to work (late 5 mins, you stand in the corner for 5 mins). After that you are to spank yourself 25 times each cheek with your hand to start. Then with a brush or paddle (whatever you have) you will give yourself 2 swats for every minute you were late, and then stand in the corner again for an extra 5 mins. Then on Sunday you are to stand in the corner for 2 minutes for each day you were late (late to work 3 days that week means you stand there for 6 mins). Then another 25 swats with your hand each cheek. And then you take 2 implements, brush and paddle (or something equivalent) and then that is 4 swats on each cheek, with each implement for every occurance you were late that week. I have been procrastinating on work. It is the end of the month and i have let myself end up with many many things to complete before the end. I am getting them all done, but i should wait until the last week to do everything. I have hairbrush, bath brush, leather strap, 4 paddles, wooden spoon.
  3. For staying up late, you now have a set bedtime. You are to be in bed with electronics off (as long as you can have them off...ie work phone or something) no later than 10:30pm (i c that is still too late then make it 10pm). For each minute you stay up beyond that bedtime, it will be 2 swats per cheek with the first implement you closest to you (no a feather doesnt count). For neglecting your chores, you will have nightly bedtime spankings of 25 swats each cheek with a different implement each night until you are caught up on your chores. I have been swearing more lately, especially at work. I have a number of projects at home i need to finish, but seem to procrastinate on more than not.
  4. Are you only interested in RL mentoring or are you also looking to do online mentoring as well?
  5. Hey there Loinsjack. Im always open if you want feel free to message me!!
  6. SouthWest Ohio here, Dayton to be specific. While i do spank my wife....im mainly a Spankee to everyone else. Looking for a long overdue spanking.
  7. For staying up late you now have a bedtime of 10 pm for the next week (even Friday and Saturday). All electronic devices (not work related and what you can have off) are to be off by that time. For sleeping in late you are to give yourself 1 swat on each cheek for every 2 mins past a normal wakeup time is for you (if you usually wake up at 8am, and slept in until 10am....that is 120 mins beyond, which would be 60 swats each cheek) with the first implement you see you have (and no, air or a feather doesnt count). I have been swearing more lately at work and need to cut back.
  8. Hi everyone. I have tried self spanking before but it didnt work for me....but ibwas totally in my own, no direction or anything. Totally willing to give this a try with swapping punishments.
  9. SW here. Spankee to others. Glad to see such an Ohio presence!
  10. Hi there. Always great to see active people, especially those willing to help others improve themselves.
  11. Hello everyone!! Been around for a long while. My spanking life has for sure evolved over the years and I am so thankful for this site as I found my amazing wife here. While my status of orientation has changed from strictly EE, to basically being mostly ER, find myself with a great desire to experience a spanking myself. Nothing sexual at all....just a nice spanking to remember how it feels and what i should aim for when spanking my wife. If there is any ody out in the Dayton Ohio area, or nearby that would be interested, please message me. Or ifbyou just want to chat Im totally open for that as well. Have fun everyone!! mSpank
  12. I am so grateful this site was created and kept going. Because of this site i found out im not the only one with this desire, i was able to experience my first ever interaction with spanking, and because of this site i met my wife. Thank you all for the work you put in to keep this site going. Here's to many more SN birthdays to follow!
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