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  1. Could use one if you are ever out in Dayton Ohio.
  2. Good for you two. Its great to see people willing to help others. If you ever consider taking on males, id be interested as well. Good luck to you both and be safe out there.
  3. Welcome welcome! Always glad to see spankers in the area!
  4. Haha. Yes a sense of humor is sometimes very much required! Haha.
  5. Hi everyone. Im a 33 year old male. I spank my wife but im a spankee to other people. I have the desire to be spanked myself. Looking to seen if there is anybody willing and interested in giving me a spanking and make my butt nice and red.
  6. Hi hairyass71 Thanks. Where in Northern Kentucky are you? Near Cincinnati?
  7. Is this still active? Sounds like there are many Ohio spankers around. Im in Dayton Ohio here. Looking for a spanking now and then for myself.
  8. As someone who has met and been spanked by Christy (as many others here have) i can assure that Christy is NOT FAKE!
  9. How do we access the Team Gandalf pages?
  10. Itsme1122 Since you are a supervisor you should know better. For the next 2 weeks, each day when you get home, you are to stand in the corner for however long you are late to work (late 5 mins, you stand in the corner for 5 mins). After that you are to spank yourself 25 times each cheek with your hand to start. Then with a brush or paddle (whatever you have) you will give yourself 2 swats for every minute you were late, and then stand in the corner again for an extra 5 mins. Then on Sunday you are to stand in the corner for 2 minutes for each day you were late (late to work 3
  11. For staying up late, you now have a set bedtime. You are to be in bed with electronics off (as long as you can have them off...ie work phone or something) no later than 10:30pm (i c that is still too late then make it 10pm). For each minute you stay up beyond that bedtime, it will be 2 swats per cheek with the first implement you closest to you (no a feather doesnt count). For neglecting your chores, you will have nightly bedtime spankings of 25 swats each cheek with a different implement each night until you are caught up on your chores. I have been swearing more lately, esp
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