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  1. Bottom Line: These two forum members, AmberTX and BeachGirl, have NO further interest in discussing this matter with you. To be frank, the patience of all three of us is wearing rather thin. Leave AmberTX and BeachGirl alone. That is NOT that difficult.
  2. Anyone who has spent time reading through various threads in this forum should be well aware of the fact that I have personally known both AmberTX and BeachGirl for some time. I'm not going to share exactly what role I currently play in either of their lives, but I will say that I am close with both of them. As is clearly indicated in each of their previous posts, it is obvious that they have concluded commenting on this topic. Furthermore, I feel that they conducted themselves properly and did indeed show restraint when responding to posters who had directed comments to each of them. Agai
  3. For anyone in the PA, NJ, NY, DE, and MD areas: The Delcos Spanking Group will be holding their bi-monthly party on Saturday, March 14th, from 7:00pm-11:30 pm in Philadelphia. You can find more information about the group and the party online. Or, send me a private message and I could provide more specific details. It's a good party for someone who has never attended a spanking party before, and has always been interested in attending one. Mark
  4. Hey Mikey: As BeachGirl stated above, we are both friends with the man who pretty much runs the MDSS parties in Michigan. He's a real quality guy, and goes all out to put on a tremendous spanking party. These MDSS parties are really good. Contact either of us to give you more information and get you plugged in.
  5. Kerrigan, it's great to have you here. You've done an exceptional job of sharing your experiences already, keep it going. It's very impactful. I always love to see someone who "lurks" for a lttle while, and then joins a forum. In most cases they end up becoming a very valuable member of the forum, and provide a wealth of knowledge. I think "lurkers" in many instances have a lot of experience, and are smart to hold off on joining a forum, until they are sure that it is the right one for them. The right place for them to contribute their valuable input, while also feeling accepted in the n
  6. This is an exceptional thread. It illustrates the vibrant nature of the spanking community, filled with members who are passionate and strong in their convictions. I think the goal of any forum is to have threads that are so informative and impactful, that 10 years from now, new members who have just joined a website like this will take a look back in the "archives", and spend time enjoying and learning from these interesting and stimulating threads. I've been fortunate enough to be a part of several prominent spanking forums over the last 11 years. I always heed the advice given by the man w
  7. Hello BostonDom, glad you joined here at Spanking Needs. Hope to talk to you more soon at some point. Mark
  8. For my money, Sarah from Real Spankings is the best spankee of all time.

    1. AmberTX


      I like her alot!! I can relate to her because she was definitely not a spanko. She did not enjoy getting spanked, which made her reactions authentic. And she's definitely the face of Real Spankings. Her promo photos are stunning!!

    2. BeachGirl


      She's awesome, but it's soooooo hard to pick just one. There are just too many incredible models out there!!

    3. BeachGirl


      Don't forget about the underrated Jackie :)

  9. Spot on post, AmberTX. Your perspective and comments are right on the money. I really feel compelled to post on this subject for two reasons. First, I want those who are new to spanking to receive the benefit of accurate and truthful information regarding spanking videos. Second, many times spankos and other girls with a spanking interest tell me that they would like to work as a spanking model, so information like this is very useful to them. There's a lot that I could say on this topic. For the purposes of brevity, I have decided to share the stories/accounts of two spanking models who
  10. I love this topic, because as a spanko, spanking memories from my early childhood days were so enthralling and continue to remain such a vivid image in my memory so many years later. It's amazing for a 5 year old kid to be able to remember details from any event, but us spankos possess this incredible inane ability to succinctly recall all the specifics of our earliest spanking memories. Honestly, it's really remarkable. I can attest to the fact that BeachGirl has earned some serious spanko "street cred" from sharing her experience of seeing that scene from "The Cowcatcher's Daughter". I'v
  11. This is a very important thread. Why? Because it exemplifies the fact that spankers need to focus on the personal, individual needs of the spankee. Every spankee is unique, there is no "Spanking 101" guide that can tell you how to properly address this situation. So, how do we handle the question of "how to bare the spankee's bottom?" Obviously, there is no single answer. It is the spanker's job to maximize the spanking experience to benefit the spankee. That said, here is a list of 3 very vital things that a spanker must do in regards to "baring the bottom". Of critical importance, is
  12. Great introductory message, modest irish rose. It's very good to see that you know exactly what you want, and with your positive outlook and attitide I'm sure that you will find what you are looking for. Welcome to this forum. Mark
  13. Thank you JoKitten and spankee214 for the very kind and encouraging words. I really do try to improve on an almost daily basis as a spanker, and receiving feedback from well spoken spankees plays a huge role in my development process. Like I mentioned previously, I place a lot of emphasis on two things: 1) Focusing totally on the needs of my spankee and 2) Devoting myself to ensure that the spankee receives maximum benefit from each spanking. Early on, when I was just beginning to give disciplinary spankings (or any spankings for that matter), I quickly learned that the vast majority of ne
  14. Very good post, NickT. Spankingtube has some real gems, and a lot of variety. For someone new to spanking videos, Spankingtube is a total gold mine. The site is free, and there are literally hundreds of video clips. As Nick pointed out, there are a significant number of amateur spankings that are non-studio related. These can be as long as 30 minute clips, and for the most part, are authentic spankings. Even as someone who is a paid subscriber to a spanking video website (RealSpankings.com), I routinely check Spankingtube. I am one who does prefer the studio videos, and for marketing p
  15. Very appreciative to be living in Annapolis, Maryland. The nearby water raises temperatures, which means a huge winter storm comes in the form of all rain :)

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