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  1. Lol now at the end of May and still seeking.
  2. Hi, I have been seeking a female that needs/desires/ deserves a good spanking for a very real reason. I believe in using spanking as areal punishment. I am very expierenced and enjoy doing it as well. I am now 69 yo going on 70 in about 4 months. Let's do this!
  3. Well here it is 2021 and it is time to start things going again. I am now 69 and seeking a female to spank.
  4. Oldspanker60

    soap 2.jpg

    I believe the using of washing out a young ladies mouth with a bar of soap is very effective in making her think next time about what she says. It works as well as a good old fashion spanking as a part of her punishment. The 2 together really drives the point home well.
  5. So far I have not given any spankings and still looking. Are you interested?
  6. I hope you had a great thanksgiving hugs 

  7. Well I have set up 3 meetings so far all were no shows and then disappeared. Are there any females in need of good old fashion real punishment spankings interested? Please let me know and be real please.
  8. Hey it is getting time to get back out, how about I hear from you.
  9. if she came home drunk after midnight she does deserve a good hair brushing that will make sure that is not repeated. I am a firm believer in giving what is deserve and she does deserve a very hard one for real punishment. maybe next time she will think twice before doing that ever again. That is how discipline works. My advise use the hairbrush hard.
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