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  1. Y’all after several years of seeking someone to discipline me I finally found someone in my area. we have a date and time set and now I’m nervous. I am a male and the spanker is a male. we are both str8 and he has agreed to help me with some issue on the regular. what should I do to prepare what should I expect should I write a journal of how it goes and share here? Oh no what did I get my self into.
  2. Hey everyone looking for some advice 30 here been married for 7 years I am a spanko! I just cant get my wife to understand she only likes a smack here or there during sex. Which is fine I don’t have to spank her but she won’t spank me. she calls me crazy and has Told her friends who now think I’m sick. how do I convince her else wise and get the discipline I deserve?
  3. Bend Over, bare ass, whack whack whack whack whack sobbing.
  4. I would love to attend a spanking party but there are eminently in my area
  5. Self spanked 3-4 can’t get the right satisfaction and by some one else none looking to change that in 2020
  6. I’m straight and would let you discipline me if you were near me. I need an old fashion ass whoopin!
  7. Well I’m a switch and I haven’t ever received in real life (Yet fingers crossed) but I have given with hand and paddle.
  8. Hi I’m Kris looking for a spanking. I’m 30 and have wanted a real life spanking from someone other than my self for many years now.pleas contact me to speak more!
  9. Y’all I’m looking for some one to discipline me. I’m 30 and married and my wife won’t. Looking for male for daddy son spanking or couple for mom dad son spanking or for female for some various spankings. I need my ass beat ASAP!
  10. Spanked@23


    Noah would love to talk and maybe swap spankings dm me!
  11. Would you’d it’ll be available?
  12. Ok everyone I came came to that point where I am getting lazy and not helping around the house, cursing alot, and eating badly I need to be punished and some one to work with me to help me to pull my load around the house, to stop cursing and to eat better and lose weight. I am in Chattanooga/ Cleveland tn and would prefer some one to tan my behind every two weeks until I achieve my goals and to tan my behind if I start going backwards.... I am stubborn and lazy I am about to be a dad and need some discipline to get me to my goals... Reply if you'll help
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