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  1. Hi 

    Just wanted to know a little more about this group

  2. What do you call it when you have your misceant over your knee, really blistering his bare bottom and he is wiggling and squirming and kicking and crying? I call it a bare bottom otk lap dance. It is the uncontrolable reaction of being spanked to panic mode. When he is out of his mind trying to avoid the next spank but never able to do so because the brush or paddle is like a heat seeking missle landing over and over and never seems to miss it's target! I know what the guy is thinking (I have been there once or twice); damn this hurts way more than I could have ever imagined, i th
  3. The anticipation, the baring of my bottom, when I realize this is really happening, the softness of her lap, the stinging, the wiggling, the spanking banter, I love everything to do with getting my butt blistered except when it is to the point that I don't think I can take anymore because my ass is literally on fire and she keeps spanking seemingly never going to stop, then I wonder - why do I like this?
  4. Old fashioned antique ebony hairbrush. The sting and burn that they provide makes a spanking with one an experience one doesn't forget!
  5. 1. Would you like to witness a spanking (either a sexual one or, at least in fantasy, a ‘real’ punishment)? For sure! 2. Would you like to see a male or a female punished, or both? Definitely a female spanked by another female. 3. Do you think the experience of witnessing would be exciting, empowering, or something else? I think witnessing would be exciting! 4. Would you enjoy the dynamics of the humiliation involved? Yes that's the whole premise of having a winess is to increase the humilation of getting a spanking. 5. Would you want to see the spankee taken to tears, pl
  6. I watch videos on spankingtube. Check out the ones with Ms Shannon as the spanker. She really beats that dude's butt. Only thing is she won't show her face. Be better if she did but I still think they are pretty good.
  7. My moms favorite implements were the switch and the belt.. I hated getting the switch then and I won't let anyone switch me now. Done like my mom, on a bare bottom, you won't be able to sit for a couple of days. You will definitely have welts on your bottom. Switching is way worse than the belt in my opinion.
  8. Got it good yesterday.  Punishment spanking with the ebony hairbrush and Vermont bath brush.  She spanked me hard from the beginning, no warm up at all for about 20 minutes.  I was wiggling and squirming so much she leg locked me and I could not move.  Then she really blistered my poor bottom.  I never felt such a burn!  I thought it would never end.  I now know what getting your ass blistered feels like.  I can barely sit this morning.  Guess I learned my lesson, for awhile anyway!


    1. uncle


      Not sure where you are, would love anticipation, the baring of my bottom. I am in the Windsor area.

      If your not maybe you know someone I am new at this.

      I am trying to post my ass on this site, I have yet figured out how to do it from one site to another

  9. My mom switched me often when I was a micheiveous little brat growing up. Those switchings were always brutal. They totally cured me of wanting a switching as an adult. The welts stay with you for days so a switching lasts longer than other spankings. Oh my....
  10. As an adult I think of all spanking as play whether it is for fun or punishment. I think the whole dynamic is fun. I like to plan the role play, anticipate the spanking. Then go through the ritual until I am over her lap getting a good hairbrushing. Sure it stings, stings a lot, but I can never seem get enough, well somewhere during the spanking it will be more than I can handle but i don't think about anything else during that phase. After I am worn out from the spanking we cuddle and I relax in her arms. What could be more fun?
  11. The switch is the worst! It always leaves welts that hurt for days. It is unbearable to get the switch on a bare bottom. Ouch!
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