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  1. Spank me, it's my birthday!

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    2. ticlaude


      wish you all the best ,...for your butts :wub:

    3. Remote45


      I know it's late, but happy birthday, and I hope you got the spanking you wanted!

    4. Remote45


      Thanks for the like. At least I know there is someone there who is actively reading this. Would love to talk to you more.

  2. Tomorrow I am getting a real blistering!


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    2. myredbutt


      It was a serious one!  My bottom is mighty sore today.

    3. Keith Lemontree

      Keith Lemontree

      My thought is that a proper spanking leaves one VERY sore.  Hope it accomplished what you had hoped for!

    4. ticlaude


      I know what you means , I'm sitting on a sore bottom right now  

  3. Don't let my fussing and squirming and wiggling deter you, all naughty boys fuss when they are getting their bare butts tanned and might say anything during a spanking if they think it will persuade the spanker to stop..  

    1. abbsorberr


      Does your wife want one more to pput over her knee?  I would be happy to submit  Doug

    2. ticlaude


      I'm next ,...please :P

  4. Butt Manitenance

    I rub my butt daily with aloe. It seems to do the trick. I use it pretty and post spankinq.
  5. staying still

    Squirming, wiggling, kicking, crying, reaching back are all natural reactions to a real spanking. It makes it more fun and more realistic. Besides how could one stay still with the intense stinging over and over on their tender bare butt cheeks?
  6. staying still

  7. I know I am going to get it good tommorow. I back talked my spanker and was disrespectful to her as well.  Why do I have an elephant mouth and a hummingbird brain?  It gets my ass beat every time I turn around.

      Now I will not be able to concentrate at work today, at all!  All of my thoughts will revolve around the spanking.  I will be on the net looking at pics, reading articles and just generally fretting about what's coming to visit my poor butt. 

    I guess I deserve it and in some way i am looking forward to it, b  ut on the other hand I do dread getting the brush!

    1. myredbutt


      So I got my bottom bared and blistered on Friday.  My sit spots are still

      black and blue. It was quite the lesson in how not to be a smart mouth.  I think I better temper it in the future or she may just beat my ass till I can't sit down for a week!

  8. When one knows a spanking is coming they cannot think about anything else until it is over! At least that's the way it is for me.

    1. Jenna1220


      In anticipation I usually think of what I'm going to say beforehand...then forget it all when I'm standing in front of my mentor :).  

    2. myredbutt


      Yeah, when you are standing there with your pants down there isn't much to say.  You know it's coming so you might as well accept the fact that you are going to get it!


  9. Embarrassment

    The most embarrassing part for me is knowing that I am acting like a 5 year old kid when I am getting it. I would think a grown man would be able to take a little spankinq better than I do. In no time over her lap I am giving her a full view of my bottom and other parts while I am wriggling and squirming. Its like there is no difference getting it now or when I was a kid. It hurts and I can't control my emotions when the brush is raining down on my bare bottom. It's so embarrassing!!!
  10. First times - Professional or Non?

    I agree with Michal. Find a good pro and go for it. Stay away from dommes they don't really get our fetish I know that from experience. You might be able to train one to do it like you want but that takes commitment. Go with a professional disciplinarian. They are around some even travel!
  11. Favorite Spanking Impliment

    Nothing sexier than a gal who can impart a real and meaningful lesson with just her hand! It is rare but so good when you get a bottom blistering from a gal using only her hand, oh my😋
  12. Favorite Spanking Impliment

    Of course nothing gets the job done like a good old fashioned wooden hairbrush! The sting is horrendous, but it is the ultimate otk implement!
  13. What kind of hairbrush?

    Two brushes are at the top of the list, an ebony hairbrush and a Vermont bath brush. Both are hard to find. However, if you go to a pet supplies store you can find a perfect wooden brush!
  14. Spanker, Ohio

    Very cool or very hot depending on how you look at it!!