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  1. I can think of nothing worse to be... than an ER without an EE ... for 17 years I have tried to make you see how badly I want to put you over my knee..I cook for you and do the laundry ,I keep your car in tip top shape ...to burn off stress... no way for me ,all I want is for you to be my EE. You call me daddy ,and thats as far as it goes ....so we talk and you say that you'll try , but then weeks go by them months then years , have you forgotten ,so once again ...we sit and we talk and again I'm ignored... so you refuse to submit so me thinks I will quit being daddy... because I'm so very t
  2. Hey ,t there are some of the people I know .... thank you glad to be backĀ 

  3. been a while since iv'e been online ... hi y'all

  4. finally back online woohoo

    1. Dariachick


      yay welcome back hugggs

  5. happy fat tuesday everyone

  6. love my litte girl ... I dedicate this song to you

    1. Dariachick


      Too cute to the cutest couple I'm the southwest

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