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  1. I got spanked like this in May. I need an otk spanking soon. I've been misbehaving again lately.
  2. There wasn't a PM on my profile message link. That's not going to be easy for y'all to track down like that.
  3. It was from this site. A notification of a Personal Message or Direct Message from the account name above. And in here, no message at all.
  4. It said it was a PM from this site. I clicked the link and it showed me the .Amazon reward crap.
  5. Someone here spammed my personal email. Lucky I didn’t open it in Windows 10. IPhone stops that Windows email hack all do. Something about a splash page with Wal Mart Gift Card or Amazon Gift Card is Yours Now opened up. Touché. Someone out there needs a spanking for spamming.
  6. Just received a hard bare bottom hand and bath brush spanking, along with other brushes on Sunday. I'm fairly new to the scene. Daddy had me laying on the bed, pulled off my short shorts and pulled my briefs to my knees, then proceeded to spank me, starting with his hand. As he progressed through the spanking, he shifted the cheeks of my bottom to more thoroughly spank my bare bottom with the hair brush and bath brush. My last spanking Dad never did this. He also ordered me to unclench which is difficult to do. This was a more emotional spanking for me experience wise that had me in pain, as well as rather enjoyable. I can't wait to get the belt this Saturday.
  7. I dislike the hairbrush as well. I had never been spanked with a hairbrush as a kid. It was hand on my bare butt over the lap, or belt on bare butt laying across the bed, propped up on pillows. The belt still causes me to cry on impact.
  8. Do you allow kicking and Bucking and squirming during a spanking? My spanker did with me. I kicked, bucked, yelled, but didn't try to cover my bare bottom. I was told not to clench or I would receive harder or more spanks as a result. I did my best not to clench. My spanker, disciplinarian father was really supportive of me in this effort, turning me into a punished child.
  9. I could use a spanking from you if you have time. I live in San Antonio Texas.

  10. Are you willing and able to spank a male?


    1. gojo


      hi jenna i need a spanking hand spank over your knee

  11. If I make it out your way, I'd be interested in meeting up to be spanked. Please let me know if and when you might be available for this, and maybe where my spanking could take place.




  12. If you make it to San Antonio, Texas anytime this year, pm me and we can meet and you and your husband can spank me.



  13. If you're free to provide a hand spanking followed by a belt spanking, pm me when you can. Maybe we can meet at a local San Antonio diner and talk, get to know eachother.


  14. PM me if you end up in San Antonio any time soon.

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    2. nickstewart26


      If you're willing and able to spank me for punishment, let me know. We can meet at a local eatery. I live by Thousand Oaks and Nacogdoches about 1 mile south and enjoy donuts from Dunkin Donuts over at Thousand Oaks and Nacogdoches. I am a fan of donuts and coffee.


    3. nickstewart26


      Or breakfast sandwiches there.


    4. nickstewart26


      Are you a spankee only?

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