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  1. Online spanking implements store?

    Well it depends on what I'm looking for where I purchase online, or in person if i'm at a party that has vending. Paddles: Paddles By Walt (also has a amazon store) I own a lot of his work. : http://www.thewilbournegroup.com/Specialties/ Compass Rose Creations I own a lot of her work: http://compassrosecreations.com/ I love all her stuff but it's not cheap, she really only works with exotic woods. Straps: The London Tanners (I have some of their older stuff, but haven't bought anything since owner ship changed, but have seen some stuff and quality hasn't changed): https://www.thelondontanners.com/ Ouch.co.uk (don't have any of their stuff, but have used some and love it): http://www.ouch.uk.com/ Canes: Quality Control Canes: (Don't have any but have seen them used, want to get some, were recommended by Miss Chris): http://www.quality-control.co.uk/home Canes4Pain (I have some of the ones here, and they are very good): http://canes4pain.com/ Here are a few sites, feel free to PM me for more info.
  2. Creative spanking positions

    It doesn't put pressure where you are looking but you could always use the wheelbarrow position. where you lets on on either side of his hips and u support ur body with ur upper arm. http://bare-bottom-spanking.com/wheelbarrow-position-spanking/
  3. Ever get spanked in public or wanted to?

    I have spanked a person a few times in public area's but we knew they were safe area where no one was around. One was at a camp, the other was on the side of a white rock road behind my truck. Was nice having the rock, as we would be able to hear & see a car coming from a way away.
  4. Texan Spankee

    Welcome to the site. What region of Texas are you in? There are 2 groups that meet in DFW every other month for spanking parties hosted at hotels.
  5. inexpensive wooden paddle

    It all depends on what your price range is. These guys have paddles from around 40.00 and up. http://www.thewilbournegroup.com/Specialties/ I have about 5-10 of his paddles and they are all great and sturdy.
  6. Texas All State Spanking Party

    Make sure to go register. The room block is now closed but you can still get a room but they are not in the party area from what I understand. If you only want to come sat to the vendor fair that part is free. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Texas All State Spanking Party

    It's held in Dallas.
  8. Texas All State Spanking Party

    This will be my 3rd TASSP.
  9. Texas All State Spanking Party

    Is anyone from here going to TASSP this year? http://www.texasallstatespankingparty.com/
  10. Dallas, TX - Spanker Wanted

    BlueJeane, I'm just North of Dallas myself. I attend both BU and SAINTS spanking groups. I will be at TASSP also. I would be interested in talking with you and seeing what you are looking for and if I cannot help you out point you to some other people in the community that may be able to help you. . the I would also highly recommend coming to some of the local parties as that is a very safe place to play and get to know people. The parties are held at hotels as suite parties, very welcoming group of people and a very low pressure type environment. If you are interested in going to TASSP prices go up June 1, and there are Saturday options available.
  11. Straps

    Don't know anywhere in Canada but http://www.thelondontanners.com/canadian-prison-strap/or http://www.ouch.uk.com/index.html (I didn't find the strap on the site but I know they make them.)
  12. 8 years in, still no spanking- Houston, TX

    PoutyBrat, The Lone Star spanking party is going to be in Houston, I know there will be lots of people coming into town for that. You might be able to find someone then to get a spanking from. I do know a few people in Dallas that would be able to help but I don't know if they are going to Lone Star this year. If you could make it to Dallas, they will be at TASSP.
  13. For Spankees: What Time of Day?

    I enjoy a good old spanking either early in the morning before going to work so the sting is there all day long, or a spanking right before bed as it will help me go to sleep. But anytime is the right time for a good OTK spanking.
  14. Spankers in DFW area!

    Greetings Mkelly Looks like my name got dropped here. Feel free to shoot me a msg or reply here, and we can chat. I live North of Dallas but can travel around DFW if needed. There are also some party groups here in DFW that I can point you too as I attend both parties when I am able.
  15. Texas roll call

    DFW Area