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  1. Sorry to say, I dont have washboard abs. Mine is kinda soft, more like Winnie the Pooh.

  2. Been struggling with my sinuses for almost two months, give or take. I was thinking, perhaps a spanking would do the trick. Yup, spanking some naughty girl's bare bottom just might loosen that crap up!

    What ya think?

    1. nicoleS39


      Hmmm....not likely...but it would probably help you bear the sinus pressure much better....lol. Have you tried a natural herb we have been using for years...called quercytin?  It works well for us!

    2. arguy


      i'll look it up, i was trying to be a tad funny :D

    3. nicoleS39


      lol...you were funny....but the quercytin was a side thought.  It may not work for everybody, but it sure has for our family.

  3. "I can't hold back, I won't back down... girl its too late now!"

  4. Happy Hump Day!!!!!!!!!!! Its not till tomorrow, but I wanted to wish you that early ;)



    1. rubyredd


      Happy Day to You!

  5. Full Moon Monday! :boogie: ;) 

  6. i like to check and see if @DaChief has any new spanking videos!
  7. Happy Hump Day!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hope you are ready for Tuesday!!!!!!! 

  9. Full Moon Monday!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. rubyredd


      I was nervous to open this update... thought I might get mooned.

    2. arguy


      i dont even know if it is full moon Monday, but here is an invitation for patrons to share their moons ;) 

  10. Decided to smack my own bottom a few times with my hand. I think I hurt my hand more than my own butt. Whats up with that? 

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    2. arguy


      ah.. leather gloves! well i'll keep that in mind, esp if I'm spanking a lady. for myself, just a few smacks. Someone told me it was hard to do a long spanking, hard on your hands. 

    3. Davyd


      change the way your hand spanks... sometimes flat, other times cup your hand. Or of course use a wooden kitchen spoon... That saves the hand some pain but will give you a better sting on the butt:) 

    4. arguy


      ya know, i think i was just curious. i saw a major spanking model say it hurt her hand after a while sarcastically trying to say it was as bad as the bottom she was spanking. not sure that i believer her. perhaps i should have invited her to show me first hand 

  11. Pinching a cute girl's butt. 

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    2. badbecky


      My ex b f would often smack my jeans butt in public i liked it but also hated it if people saw it

    3. arguy


      im guessing he lots of reasons to smack you on the butt.. ya know, since you are bad

    4. badbecky


      that is what he said bad girls need good hard spankings  geeeeeeeeeehe spanked me even if i wasnt bad

  12. Hey friend

    1. rubyredd


      Hiya! How have you been?

    2. arguy


      Had a really bad sinus infection last week, back from the land of not quite alive

  13. that does sound lovely! to see the red of your bum in the firelight
  14. Yeah, was gonna make a change. Perhaps someone in the know can help us.
  15. I did a search, didn't find anything. How in the world do we edit an album we put up ourselves? Heck, I even tried to figured out how to delete one and couldn't do that either.
  16. I like peaches, so dig your nickname. Allen is a cool, progressive place! Welcome to the board! Hope you can find someone. Happy to meet you and your peach.
  17. Two things... you are making me want another massage, especially in the glutes. I sit a lot. That is a sensitive place to get a massage and if I find the therapist too attractive, not sure how that would work out. But yeah, I probably could use a massage. The is this blurred line between pain and pleasure. I guess it is probably well documented. So yeah, I believe a spanking for the right people could release those good endorphins and serotonin and dopamine. I think at this point its biology, science. I guess in the hands of the right lady, she could bring out those ins in me w/ a good butt massage ... spanking
  18. Yeah i think so. Spankings are supposed to release endorphins, right? A good massage can do the same thing as well as generate increased blood flow to the area. Persons who sit on their butt a lot (me) probably need them regularly.
  19. arguy

    GIFS & Stuff

  20. arguy

    cute wiggle

    From the album: GIFS & Stuff

    My cute little wiggle - Yes, mine. My bottom wiggling.
  21. Happy Hump day!!!!!!!!! Lets go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  22. So you are saying that in Northern Russian, some Vikings were spanked by women? That is pretty fascinating. Yeah, I write for my own amusement too, just scenarios from my head.
  23. One mile to every inch of
    Your skin like porcelain
    One pair of candy lips and
    Your bubblegum tongue


    And if you want love
    We'll make it
    Swim in a deep sea
    Of blankets
    Take all your big plans
    And break 'em
    This is bound to be a while

  24. You read my mind (you know you did)
    Girl I wanna shake you down (oh well, oh well)
    I can give you all the lovin' you need
    (I'm gonna love you)
    Come on let me take you down (oh, baby)
    We'll go all the way to heaven



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