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  1. I completely agree. I'm also a bit sad because I just found an old childhood friend on the sex offender registry.
  2. window2

    Mid West

    I'm a spanker in north-central Illinois.
  3. Longer and alternating severities without lessening it overall is another way to get what you want. I also think that anything your spanker can do to keep you in the right frame of mind the next day will help.
  4. This is the article: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/11/11/fashion/modern-love-a-spanking-fetish-is-not-revealed-easily.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0 The author was also interviewed on Savage Love: http://www.thestranger.com/SavageLovePodcast/archives/2012/11/20/savage-love-episode-317
  5. What benefits did you get from it? It doesn't sound like it was very beneficial for you.
  6. Thanks, everyone! I'm rather obsessed with De Stijl and Bauhaus...
  7. That sounds very abusive. I think a good question to ask a strange person is where they get their sexual release from. If they don't have some outlet, they're probably going to affix on you. If they say they have that taken care of, it's not a guarantee, but I think it's a good filter. It's an awkward question, but if it's important to you, they should be willing to answer it.
  8. I feel that way sometimes, although I'm not so disgruntled that I put it into my name.
  9. Generally speaking, a rapid pace at the beginning is pretty hard to take, and it sets the tone. After that, the pace can adjust to whatever's most effective. Starting with a slower pace puts the spankee in the mindset that they can get through it and it's at a tolerable level. Starting too quickly and intensely for the spankee is a trick some couples use to distinguish erotic spankings from discipline spankings. Again, I'm speaking generally and general advice about something so personal won't matter once it's replaced by experience together.
  10. Just throwing my hat in the ring here: I'm a spanker in northern Illinois. I enjoy providing accountability (and "mentoring," although I'm not too excited about that word) online and offline, and spankings offline for whatever purpose is helpful. I'm not a professional. Spanking is just something I enjoy and I look for opportunities to give it to people who want it. Aside from and in addition to that, I'm happy to talk about shared interests. Fun facts: 1. I spank with my left hand (or hold you with my left hand if you're wiggly.) 2. I may have you stand outside while I hit a pillow to chec
  11. Hi, I'm window from Illinois. I'm a programmer consultant into reading, music, walking around my neighborhood to pick up litter, playing bridge and whatever happens to be the hobby of the month. I don't like to take sides on things unless they're extremely important or extremely unimportant. I keep some weird hours so you probably won't see me much in the chat, but I look forward to getting to know you all.
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