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  1. To answer your first question so far I have not yet cried from a spanking since I was a kid, as an adult I have come Very close to tears a couple of times. The second question I think the cane hurts 2 much for the most part I refuse to let someone to use the cane on me..
  2. Out of the ones I have been spanked with so far The Cane hurts the most...
  3. I want to be spanked by the WWE Smackdown Women's Champion Bayley...
  4. A self spanking on March 11th, paddle and like every spanking I ever give myself it was bare butt..
  5. I don't like to have visible marks and any spanker that does not respect that will Never spank me.
  6. I don't like having visible marks. What about you?
  7. I just gave myself a hard spanking because I have been procrastinating way 2 much lately...

    1. bravesfan2506


      It been a while since the last time I spanked myself that Hard!!!!!

  8. Are there any spanking implements that you have not yet been spanked with that you want to try 1 day? For me 1 day I want to experience being spanked with a belt. I have never been spanked with a belt.. What is your fav online site to buy spanking implements?
  9. The last time someone gave me a spanking was on April 30th, 2017.
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