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  1. Having it said to me in public has the intended affect. "Spanking" isn't what gets to me. Different terms for it can. Like "YOU need to be turned up!" "You need the Bad Girl Brush" is hard to hear. "Spanking dance" is. The. Worst. So many really. Also when I'm visibly embarrassed-"Just a spanking doesn't work with you. You know that!" The fact that my S.O. is my age but looks and knows how to conduct themselves and will be made to look like a 16 year old without any trouble along with how I act will change. I will get whiny,upward inflection in my voice. And instead of trying more not to do that I give up and end up doing it more!. Getting too emotional and accidentally saying "Mama" or "Mommy" turns things into something that is intense. "Do you need a Mommy? It's OK honey." It's not an age regression thing. It's really a lot though. Not cruel,but the opposite. I'm not used to being treated too nice and I'll fight it even though I like it. When I'm treated like that I'll break down completely sometimes. I've even asked for it to stop so I can be treated like shit. I'm supposed to make them feel better For some reason part of me being punished is to turn me into a total Crybaby. I mean I do cry a LOT for a lot of reasons but crying that certain way-it doesn't happen often but if I might then it then the effort is made. Now I feel a way.
  2. Always. It's expected and dealt with. I can't help it-the humiliation is part of it. I'm wired very oddly-the harsher the punishment the more I hate/love it. Not severe pain so much as an involved punishment. I do better with them in life too.
  3. 2 days ago I was broke-I could pay my bills and my food bill is not a lot. Then the ppl. I worked for a year ago wanted me back as a boothgirl for a video game company (Ada Wong from Resident Evil a Capcom title.)They the person who hired me the first time remembered me cuz I had such a good time before and ppl liked me.So I get flown 1st class to Atlanta and put up in a nice hotel with per diem and 1000 a day for a week. 14 hour days tho! Also I got a new kitten SO ^_^CUTE her name is YIKES!
  4. I got a new kitten! So Cute ^_^

  5. Got a great job as a booth girl that lasts for a week in Atlanta!

  6. Remember you hated me first. Ill stay out of your way if you stay out of mine.
  7. I gotta calculator but the numbers are in engrish. >in b4 numbers in the west are Arabic.
  8. And I'm Korean. I know we all look the same. Chinese are the people of the US owe 100000000 trillion dollars to. They are trying to buy all Muricas oil and make a mean set of sneakers. Koreans are the ones that eat dogs.
  9. I agree with elzorro on this one. The desire to be dominated and spanked can borderline or become obsession and we know what lengths a soul obsessed will go to. I think for most it remains a fantasy while others may sneak it in now and then via sex workers etc. Others decide to remain on the fringe of normal society the price being outcast by straight society the payoff being who they want to be despite judgement ridicule and sometime worse. Also don't forget about victims of abuse whose pain/pleasure centers were destroyed and relive there experiences because that is the only place they feel comfortable as hellish as that place may be. Some call it PTSD others call it a weak excuse to take advantage of the system.
  10. I think it helps ease the guilt-real or imagined-that you rack up living everyday life. Also offering yourself up like that is a very freeing experience. No worries,nothing you can do,your minds a blank not thinking beyond the next snack of the brush. The closeness you feel to the other person-besides sex can you get physically or mentally closer to a loved one. And being able to trust someone that much? And the cathartic cry you get during and after. And after all that the one you love and trust above all others holds you and tells you all is forgiven. Who Wouldnt love that?
  11. This sites sets off all sorts of warnings on my laptop and its hard for a phone to get a real virus just adware mostly which is most easily cleaned up.
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