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  1. The Fiscal Cliff, of course.

  2. Hope ebveryone enjoyed the holidays, which can sometimes be stressful. As for myself, I had a bad case of bronchitis from 26 Dec to New Years. At least I got a lot of reading done.

  3. Sobering stuff. I'll just add my best wishes in the hopes that good karma travels.
  4. Cute. Enjoyable. The perv in me wishes it was bare. But, as you said, it's network.
  5. Well. this is one thread that I've found very interesting. Please keep the updates coming.
  6. Welcome. This could be a good place to "unconfuse" yourself.
  7. Greetings, shy. Welcome and Happy New Year.
  8. Dear someperson, welcome. I'm relatively new here and can only echo what's been said above. If I may offer one bit of advice, visit chat. I'm not a big chatter, but my brief visits help me to feel connected. I've also picked up a little wisdom and had a couple of laughs. Best.
  9. This was moving. Very real. Strongly felt.
  10. 1. That respect is earned, not inherent strikes me as a given. 2. That manners -- an appreciative nod goes here to Miss Lamour -- provide the agency of civility while someone negotiates that equation, likewise seems a good rule of thumb. 3. Anyone who consistently or regularly (the redundancy is intentional for emphasis) is ill mannered or disrespectful should not be allowed to spank or be spanked. If an ER should occasionally fail this test, they should chide themselves severely. Should an EE slip up. Well, pants down. 4. So there!
  11. Rude of me. aaron w: thanks for posing this question.
  12. PonyGirl raises an interesting -- and important -- point: Change. Over the years I've encountered some women who were more or less in the same spot regarding their spankings. Not averse to change, but keeping their orientation,, their mind set, within what I might call a family of action, like someone who might drink many different types of wine but sticks to a basic color -- white or red. And then there were others who were more dynamic or protean, changing and evolving -- usually slowly -- all the time. Sometimes that might be physical, as in terms of extended boundaries. Other times it is psychological, becoming more open to play, or requiring something more purely disciplinary. In an over simplified way, you can see the varieties of spanking needs and/or tastes here on this site. College girls or post-college boys seeking behavior modification or help with focus and accountability in non-sexual trips across maternal or paternal knees. More mature men and women seeking something perhaps richer: or simpler, just a good old hot backside.The newbie stepping out tentatively. Maybe or maybe not knowing what they want, but still keeping their cards close to their vests for a variety of reasons. To PonyGirl's change, I would add it's cousin: variety, which is usually nurtured by time and experience.
  13. Change, alas, is a constant. As I get older, I'm not sure how much I luck that. But this is an eloquent response.
  14. Ladies, I tip my hat. Thank you for your heartfelt responses. -- LTD
  15. What does a soundly spanked girl -- or boy -- think about during their time in the corner? How to improve their behavior? The next installment of discipline? What's on television that night? Shopping?
  16. Yikes. Situations such as this remind me that THERE are objectionable people out there.
  17. Not all. I think the smarter, more impressive the spanked, the happier the spanker.
  18. The saddest thing of all is that this can happen again. And that's beyond wrong.
  19. Sounds like a number of ladies sit gingerly in and around Seattle. Good luck.
  20. Welcome. I, too, am a new comer here. I was going to say it may take a little bit, but you will find some wonderful friends. But it looks like you are off to a good start. You must have a powerful aura.
  21. Caning Martha Stewart would be wonderful. But talk about topping from the bottom.
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