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  1.  I’m 69  newbie and desire to be a spankee.I am willing to be both. I am not far from Greensboro

  2. It's a bit strange for me to make such a post...I've been nothing but a spanker for many many years now, however for the past few years I've felt a growing need to be spanked, I'm not sure if it's for experimentation or because I feel I need it for some reason (I have made some bad decisions that I could admit I probably do need to be spanked for). I'm looking to meet someone sane and who is willing to respect the spankee. Most I've considered in the past have been all "I'm going to tear your cloths off, tie you up and spank you till you cry like a baby" Uh...no... I'm fine with OT
  3. I know this is a tad late, I haven't been to this site in a while but I'm in NC! I'd love to talk and stuff, feel free to message me on here or on Telegram at @StreakDragon
  4. I'm a daddy in the Greensboro/High Point area of NC looking to give some sound discipline to a naughty boy or girl who needs it. If you're in need to a good sound spanking to help you behave then please message me.
  5. I have to Agree with PonyGirl here. Where as it is generally accepted that the length between swats should have some delay between them, it really depends on the one you are spanking. Each person is different and knowing what best corrects that person is instrumental in the punishment (or arousal for that matter). One person may find that the point is driven home far more with the slower, wait between each stroke, spanking. Where as another may find it does a better job to spank them faster, with less delay. I also find that if you time it right, moving from one check to the other can sup
  6. Well, I'm feeling better now. Much better actually. So, what's next.......

    1. Baubo


      re-cooperate hahaha

  7. Eleven canes a swinging Ten belts a flying Nine spankee's crying Eight Spankee's Waiting Seven riding crops Six minutes in the corner Fiiiiiive lexan paddles Four Crying Boys Three Bare bottoms Two spankers lecturing and a switch from a pear treeeeeeeeeee. Not the best I know, but still XD\
  8. Ugh, getting sick and not overly happy about it.

    1. shygurl


      Feel better soon!!

    2. Dariachick


      *makes kaanha some chicken soup*

    3. Kaanha


      Thank you both! After waking up this morning I do feel better.

  9. I'm currently looking for a Spankee in my local area of Greensboro/High Point, NC who is in need of some good discipline. I'm an experienced and safe spanker. I use various implements depending on the issue that needs correction, these implements include but not limited to hand, belt, paddle, hairbrush, switch, etc. I am a firm believer of giving a well deserved spanking. I am also a firm believer of it being safe, for both individuals. If you're either a boy or a girl who needs a firm hand of discipline then please reply here or PM. I'd love to talk to you before we move forward with an
  10. Hoping to meet someone in my area.

  11. Hi all, I stumbled across this forum while looking for girls in the Greensboro/High Point area who are need of some discipline. I am an experienced disciplinarian who knows how to correct bad behavior. I do want to be clear about one thing though, I do not beat...I spank. I know for a lot of people it's a fear they will get someone that will mercilessly beat them, that's not me at all. I believe in giving a good spanking till you learn your lesson. I spank in various ways. OTK with the hand, paddle, belt, brush. Bent over with all those implements. Diaper position, etc. I also do bare
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