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  1. I'm not really new here, but my needs have changed so I figured I'd make a general post. Anyone in the greater Pittsburgh area, or OH/WV, on this site? I also travel to Philly occasionally. I'm ideally looking for a female spanker, from around 25 to 55ish, but I might also accept a male spanker around 25 to 45ish if we connect well. Other than that it would be nice to chat and/or meet with other spankos in the area. I'd LOVE to get a spanking party started!
  2. Oh my, that is QUITE a combination of pleasure and pain!
  3. I would love this as well! Are you anywhere near Western PA?
  4. Ugh, having a partner not into spanking is so frustrating! I swore I would never date a non-spanko again but here I am, desperately needing my butt reddened and no one to do it lol! I love him to pieces, but I definitely have deserved a spanking lately. 

    1. Davyd


      You have my sympathy. I am very aware, thru friends, how hard that can be. They share the same frustrations. For sure its not easy to open up to a partner saying" I need a spanking". Most guys have a hard time understanding that getting a spanking to free them from guilt is normal for many women.

      It took me a very long time to understand that giving pain is not always abuse. Real men are protectors by nature of the one they love, and for many guys it can take a long time to understanding that spankings can help the one they love. 

       For one couple I know very well, their solution was to find a local spanker they could trust.  They defined limits (non sexual spankings-wearing a thong helps) and when she needed discipline either the disciplinarian came over or she went to him. This way without the husband trying to do what he clearly was not interested in  doing she gets what she needs and the guy knows what is going on. True not every relationship works out that way but its preferable to going behind his back.

      Its important for you to get the help you need.

      All that to say ... all the best as you seek the right solution. 


    2. OhioF4203


      Just take a drive to Ohio. I can spank you and send you right back to your vanilla BF. :) 

  5. I might be interested, but I'm very specific in what I look for in a spanker.
  6. I've always fantasized about being spanked in public, and having other people watch is a huge turn on for me. Right before Christmas I went to a local play party and got to fulfill that fantasy for the first time and it was the most liberating and exhilarating feeling ever! And I had bruises for a week and a half lol.
  7. I can and have been. God I miss those days lol!
  8. Also much closer to the tailbone and less padding, so please be careful.
  9. Mmmm, who knew the riding crop could feel so good? I think I might have found my new favorite implement!

    1. Gator


      it is probably my favorite as well. so much fun to use!

    2. badbecky


      maybe fun to use but not fun to get I have had it over my jeans and still hurt so bad

  10. I did 4.25 miles with my puppy today! Who needs a mentor when you have a dog lol?

  11. I also need to hold on to something and burry my face in a pillow, but sometimes it's not because of movement, it's because I'm too damn loud and I've always lived in apartments. I'm looking forward to my first hard spanking now that I have my own house lol!And I totally agree with what you said about dissociating defeating the purpose of the spanking, P.
  12. Came across this on Facebook and just had to share! I think it's hilarious. http://www.boredpanda.com/slap-it-butt-lamp-joseph-begley/
  13. Aw thanks Nick! I try my best to write both helpful and intelligent responses. I've always felt that just because you're on the internet is no reason to dispense with manners and grammar lol.
  14. My first spanking as an adult was similar to what Warwick said, and it put me off of spanking for two years! You have to have the right partner.
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