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  1. Agree Child of light... To state one was spanked as a child does not cross into anything erotic.. Not sure why it was placed in the erotic section, agree it should not go there. Paul, there are many save spankers in the UK! Suggest you start searching for someone not far from where you live. The need to be spanked as an adult is VERY real for many so you are in good company! If you have any questions I might be able to help you with, drop me an email. D
  2. Welcome, I trust you find some folks here you can share with and will be encouraged.A little concerned when you state that play has been silent for last two years. Are you and your lady taking about that concern? I think we all understand the challenge with kids.. How old are yours? But honestly goals in careers should not be an obstacle to your spanking needs All the best
  3. I agree... Mentally there is a huge difference between spankings that are enjoyed and punishment. I use to spank a friend at parties, she could take some hard swats.. When she came to me for accountability she was telling me should not take the level she had at a party... To begin with I did not believe her but as we talked it through I came to understand the huge difference there is.
  4. Favorite? Its not what I like to use, I need implements that are effective especially for discipline. That would be a small wooden paddle, gift from a spankee friend, that has been used on many a bottom; Paddle I have with a series of holes in it; Cane of different weights and a Johnny Loopy. If spanking for stress relief leather floggers add a special touch that is appreciated by most.
  5. As long as one had ahead of time defined what "disrespect" means between you two then of course it has to be dealt with. For some the rolling of eyes when talked to is considered disrespectful. For some its tone of voice.. as in when one spits out "yes Sir" instead of saying it in a polite way. One has to make sure what is acceptable (I do not mind teasing for example, but she knows when she is pushing the envelope. So set up clear guidance is my recommendation.
  6. I came a while ago to accept that one can be a follower of Christ yet be an ER or ee accepting that spanking is part of who one is. Its not only spanking that can stir sexual arousal. We live in a world where we are bombarded all the time with sexually loaded movies. TV shows, Ads etc etc. One just needs to learn to control arousal during a spanking in the same one rejects the other stimuli. Not always easy I know but as Christians we are promised we are not alone when we are tempted.
  7. While self spanking with various implements can help with issues the ee is facing, I personally lean towards encouraging self spankee's to find someone who can direct their self spankings. Its very hard to be fair to oneself and a neutral party can I believe feel in that gap and make the spanking more effective. Let me know what you think
  8. picture of Johny Loopy. I have used it in hotel room and is very silent... and told by the ee's I have used it on can sting a lot!
  9. All the best as you are so close to dangerous fires.. Praying for your safety

    1. shygurl


      Thanks Davy. So far, so good. Just feel horrible for those looking for places to go. Our community has opened our churches, schools, etc. 

  10. Gov loves to mess up lives so agree that a private spanking with trusted witnesses would be the best way to go.... But I like the idea some judges have used in last few years... After the private spanking the one spanked has to carry a board that says "I have been spanked for (lists the details) .... " X amount of hours standing by lights on a busy street of the small town.
  11. I have a couple of F friends who actually love butt plugs inserted so for them one has to find another way to discipline them effectively. Spanking someone with bp inserted needs a careful spanker who is complete control of the implement he/she is using.
  12. Now that some folks are back to traveling again, just renewing my original offer posted a while ago. We only top. Before we talk on the phone we expect to get to know each other some by email.
  13. I am so sorry to read that negative thinking by someone who had not clearly taken into account how The Church (Catholic) believed for many years that physical discipline helped Christians. I am not a Catholic but believe that we all need Spiritual support especially these days.... So let me encourage you to start practicing again. There are many different views within the Catholic church about a lot of issues that are not primary ones to Faith... I hope you do find a church that can meet your spiritual needs. Davyd
  14. A little ironic to read that you feel there is no "Biblical connection" to spanking but add a verse from the Bible.... I assume you meant no direct reference to spanking in the New Testament. I differ with you when you say any response from a Priest or Spiritual leader is only his opinion. Church history has a lot of documentation on spanking. Many of the spankings areas where folks were publicly spanked in the UK were located outside churches with church leaders quite actively involved. Until the reformation which clarified a lot about the forgiveness of sins, young men training to be church leaders were disciplined physically. While its very true that the act of spanking is not mentioned in the NT, we have many clear references to discipline for people of Christian faith. Davyd
  15. Its a fact--as confirmed by friends-- that in some strict Christian churches--adult non sexual discipline spanking are still currently given. its a subject that has intrigued for many years and talking to married folks who are in a Dd relationship, they formally accept the "authority/rights" of their spiritual leaders to discipline. Knowing this is somewhat controversial I prefer not to go into detail here. But always glad to chat privately. 69heppy@gmail.com
  16. I have more than one friend where their adult children still living at home are subject to the rules of their parents. And yes, as legally adults they find out quickly they need to behave and follow rules set by their parents to avoid spankings. Interesting that he asked for a spanking instead of other disciplines such as been grounded. Young adult folks like their freedom and a discipline spanking is often preferable for most. Just do not go too gently on him so that hopefully he will learn his lesson this time.
  17. You have clearly defined 'standards' you have for a sexual partner. That is good to see and will help you when dating and getting to know someone you might have an interest in. What I do not hear is what are you looking for in a spanking partner? Help with 'stuff" in your life you feel spankings will help you "clear the state"? Some women are incredibly disciplined in their life but find that stress builds up to a point where they need a sore butt. I think it will help in your search for a spanker to be able to define exactly what you are looking for. All the best in your search
  18. Guess the Fetlife you claim to know must be a fake one! For sure with the number of folks who make up its membership there are some creeps but most are real genuine folks who feel free to share who they are with others. Having been a member of Fetlife for years I just want to share what I know. I disagree with many who are members but respect the site owners who seek to help those are drawn to aspects of the lifestyle providing them with options to know more. The site is not a spanking site and it takes some searching to find those who are into spanking.
  19. a good disciplinarian will spend time talking to the guilty one ahead of time so they know who is in charge! Easy to say "quit dancing around" but most of us add enough swats to get the message across!
  20. Maybe different in Europe, but at the many spanking parties I have attended thru the years in the States, and few in Canada, they are not times of discipline or very heavy spankings. Very much light fun times for both Spankers and spankees and that will for sure include a lot of comments. Some may feel they are brats... As one often spanks someone meeting them for the first time at a party, obviously negotiations go on...
  21. Everyone is different and I guess, like many, you have learnt who can help you! I think women mean business as much as male spankers. You do not say how tall, or heavy you are.. That can make a significant difference especially with OTK spankings and petite ladies whoTop. Having lived in The Springs for years and spanked at various parties in Denver I am sure you have a selection of effective M spankers! Good luck as you get rid of the snow:)
  22. I agree. Effective discipline is essential. As all ee's are different its going to be up to the ER's to determine what are the most effective ways to get the message across, ones that result in effective changes in behavior.
  23. googled OTK and came up with this one... https://www.govcb.com/government-vendors/profile-SAM00000000001586342-otk-architecture-llc-Foley-AL.htm Phone number on their site... You could call them for more info:)
  24. Davyd


    Cute picture.. Just wondering if she is going to stay in the clouds, or a spanking will bring her back to earth!:)
  25. Let me get back to something I do feel strongly about... Safe calls. The assumption is that when meeting for a spanking one asks a trusted friend to be available for a "safe call" In reality what does that mean if you are not able to make that call? Apart from getting your friend to panic what is the plan for them to come to your help? A few ideas to consider.. If meeting in a hotel room, ask the friend to stay in the lobby and once you are in the room, text them the room number. They can come and knock on the door if there is no answer and if no response from you at that time, they can call manager of hotel. If meeting in a private home for the first time, that can get more complicated.... The one been spanked must be ok with the idea that you may need to call the cops if there is no answer.... Some will think I am too extreme but know too many horror stories of folks hurt cuz they did not plan for a safe spanking ahead of time and ended up in the hands of a sadist.
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