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  1. Thanks for this discussion.. A very good one. It's clear every situation and relationship mentioned between e and ee is totally different. The ee's that I have disciplined came to me with a desire to change some things in their life. So with each one the rules we agreed upon were rules they needed. This did not mean I was not and still am challenged at times to point the finger at myself and see if I need to change something in my life. One cannot be a leader without leading by example and working on issues in one's life. I like what some call a "time out" those moments when both the e and ee can have a open and honest conversation without the ee fearing they will be disciplined for sharing their opinion on things he or she sees in the disciplinarian. It deepens the relationship, helps one to be honest admitting if what one is told is true. It should also help the ee to trust her disciplinarian more.
  2. Seeking disciplinarian

    This is a GREAT site but not the only one that is out to link folks who believe in discipline spanking. If you are not already aware of it, another good site worth checking which incidentally is free, would be Ipunishment.com. Hope you find what you need!
  3. What's Your Prefered Ritual

    Good for you for starting this thread:). What I am sharing here is from a perspective from my practical experience. Disciplining in a non sexual way women who trust me to help them with accountability. This does not cover the type of relationship one may have with a wife, companion, adult daughter living in the same home. From my perspective, having spanked for some years (and still spanking) So much depends on the type of relations the e has with the ee. Every ee is a unique person with her unique personality. It is not easy, but essential for the e to truly understand any ee he is responsible to help and adapt his "style" and protocol accordingly. I generally require a written report to be sent to me prior to our regular meeting. It has to report on all the issues she has agreed to work on. When we meet for her accountability most times she will be standing in front of me. Hands by her side, or behind her back or neck. Then we go ahead with her report. Depending on what I discover she may still be dressed or required to take off some clothing gradually as we talk till only her panties remain. I like to change the procedure so the one reporting has no specific idea of what I want. So much can vary with the weekly report. If for instance there is no improvement on something specific since her last spanking then the scolding will be much longer and the spanking much harder. After the review spanking may start otk, then using various positions. I have dealt with women due to their physical condition weight, etc., where OTK would not be possible or advisable. I do require corner time. Sometimes before, always after. Standing with hands either behind neck or in front of them to make sure their is no rubbing to comfort the cheeks. With my daughter, adult and divorced, who lives in same home with me, the protocol is totally different from what i have shared above. But hopefully the spankings she gets result in a changed behavior! Always wanting to learn more, I look forward to reading more in this thread.
  4. Question/Any Answers

    Having been very close to been "outed" some years ago I share the views expressed that if the action of anyone was deliberate to tell others about my interests in spankings without my permission they would be 'toast' the next day. What I learnt thru the years is that without wanting to break the rule about telling others, there are times when talking or writing about one's experiences something can be said that could leads others to find out more about than they should. I learnt that the hard way and deeply regretted my error. I had posting on a yahoo group some details about discipline I had given to someone.. No name was mentioned but the details shared allowed others, who knew the one disciplined, to put two and two together. Lesson l learnt the hard way and since then stay away from sharing too many details.
  5. Don't want to ruin things.

    You said "recently".... So do not rush things.. If he is the right person for you he is going to pick up some good vibes from you. I assume he is "available" and you are not walking into a drama situation that could hurt a bunch of people. I wish you the best:)
  6. Spanker in the Netherlands

    Hi, I loved the times I was in the Netherlands... Generally you guys are truly very special people. Can you share a little about spanking in your area. Mainly within families and close friends or more open? Meet with friends just to spank? . I am aware of the large BDSM community in parts of your country but spanking is not the focus of the play they are into.
  7. its hard to look at the long term benefits when awaiting a deserved spanking.. A very human feeling. Keep reminding yourself of what you said I know its in my best interest and that I am improving as both a husband and a person in general. For those who truly understand the value of a serious spanking its great to hear an ee state that it is truly helping your marriage. After all the sting on your butt lasts only for a short time but the changes in you are for much longer:)
  8. BREAKING NEWS: Trump is a Spankee !

    love the creativity of fake news. When you listen to how he raised his kids who have all turned out to be bright sharp business folks I have a hard time seeing him bending over! However I have said for years congress needs some er's to help both parties changes their crazy selfish corrupt ways.
  9. Love to talk over coffee/tea in a safe place with ee's wishing they had help for things in their life they have little control over and are not proud of. I live in Pensacola but willing to drive a little ways to meet and see if I can help either M or F with non sexual accountability or stress relief. 

  10. It's hard to find a S.O. who JUST spanks!

    No you are NOT been picky. One has to face the fact that for most e and ee spankings are erotic. I knew Christian couple who when I met them had decided to wait to get married before they had sex. They were into discipline spanking but found it was getting very erotic. So wisely looked for a disciplinarian. What I suggest is that before you accept any disciplinary spanking you clearly state that while you are ok with disciplinary spanking you tell the e that sex is not going to be part of your discipline. Then send him a written note so hopefully he gets the message. If he expects to spank you bare butt, wear a thong. Never allow yourself to be tied up and if fingers start wondering just get up and walk away. I have a young f friend an e, who lives in another state. She make it very clear she only wanted spankings. Period. Nothing else She found a spanker who apparently could spank well. That was good news as its not always the case! What surprised her is that after the spanking he abruptly asked "what do I get out of this?!!! So sadly you will come across males who assume they have liberties they were not given. Stand firm for what you believe! You do not want to feel sick after a spanking cuz something happened that you did not want.

    Having move to Pensacola, FL last summer from CO I could echo your comment. Colorado Springs and Denver has great safe places to meet e's as well as chat with folks into spanking. So far where I live have have not come across e or ee's living within reasonable driving distance. Murthy's law.. They all seem to be elsewhere!. But if any of you get close to our beautiful beach and feel like chatting that might lead a butt warming both my close F friend and I will be glad to have a coffee/tea with you to start with!
  12. I need to get spanked!!👐

    all the best in your search. Have you ever considered spanking under direct orders? Not the best for sure but for some its a way that works well to help them.
  13. When I discipline--or spank to provide stress release--my goal is to help the M or F who has asked for help. What works for one person does not work for another be it the scolding given or the amount of swats or what implement to use or how many clothes they keep on. The challenge any e has is to assess what is effective for the person in front of them, One fact I learnt quickly when I started to discipline years ago is that a spanker has to be able to read effectively what the ee needs each time. I had watch someone enjoy been spanked at a play party and there she could take a lot of swats. However when we started on a accountability program she asked for she could not take the same level of pain on her butt. Emotions, stress, time of month impact ladies in a huge way, A way that is often a mystery to male spankers. Men struggle less with some issues but the e needs to learn to know what is best for them. I agree that a spanker to be able to help someone effectively has to get something out of their work. I struggle with the word "enjoy" as I am not a sadist but I need to be satisfied that I have truly helped the person by the discipline or stress release I give. When I see gradual positive changes in bad habits in someone I spank there is a high degree of satisfaction knowing that I have helped them. Some ee's can take a blunt talking to, Others more sensitive feel they are been humiliated so the e has a lot to learn about each person. My personal approach is to go slowly for our first meeting. Obviously making sure we talk about any health issues ahead of time. Then I require written honest feed back within 48 hours on how they felt the session went. That speeds up the learning process for me and helps me to do a better job next time.
  14. New Year Resolution...

  15. Benefits of self spanking

    You do have a point. For sure the ideal is self control, self management of one's life, making it by oneself.. BUT for many the ideal does not work. They get going, stumble all over their goals often very quickly and then get back into bad habits they hate. As one who had done a lot of mentoring, and directing self spankings to help them I am a realist. Better to help someone struggling who for a while may need some help then to be dogmatic and state they should do it by themselves.