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  1. Profile Picture

    Mine refers to my original name here “hopeless dreamer” and shows my sarcastic, bratty side. I had always been asked why I was so hopeless, so when I found this image, I knew it was perfect for me.
  2. Site Rule: Therapy vs Erotic

    Well that is exactly why you have gotten the reaction you see, you are questioning the organization of this site and trying to force it to bend to your wants. This site exists for a singular purpose, you may choose to accept that and remain or you may choose to seek what you want, which can be found in thousands of other sites.
  3. Site Rule: Therapy vs Erotic

    As you stated in your first post, you are free to leave if you do not like the rules of this forum. The site owner has put these rules in place to ensure the site remains within the scope it was intended. Im sorry you seem to struggle with the fact that many here do not identify themselves within the bdsm community, even the bdsm community sees non sexual spankos differently, that not a good or bad thing, it just is. No one is telling you that you can not post anywhere but in the erotic section just because you feel spanking is erotic for you. However, it is expected that what you post conforms to the rules, meaning you may post anywhere but should it be of an erotic nature or discussion then it must be in the erotic section. If you would like to explore the therapeutic or disciplinary style of spanking, then this is the right place. If you prefer to explore the erotic nature of spanking then there are plenty of other sites to do so, fetlife comes to mind. If you have an issue with the rules then by all means feel free to contact the site owner Spankmeal Otherwise this discussion seems only to exist to create needless drama. This is not a bdsm site, this is a safe place for our members to discuss their views on non sexual spanking, be it therapeutic, disciplinary, stress relief or fun.
  4. Thank you Miss

    Welcome to the site Tara and Sahithi. It is discouraging to read a thread such as this. It is a sign that our current repeat trolls are doing exactly as they hope to, disrupt a welcoming, caring environment. I am not admonishing anyone here directly, I understand the caution and concern. This is a very good community and very protective of others. Regretably so many recent trolls have made people uneasy and less trusting and the ones that suffer are those legitimate new members who like many of us, have come to find a community of likeminded people that they hope to share with. Let’s remember that attacking other members is not acceptable on this site, even tho well meaning, it is still damaging to our community. Any concerns should be directed to the site’s administration team privately. Don't let these trolls take away from the true nature of this site. This is a warm, caring, welcoming community, full of a rich mix of people who all have something to share.
  5. Removed for one year
  6. Slight profile error?

    It is how the site is, I can go in and change your age if you wish.
  7. Thanks to this group

    Congratulations on discovering what you need and being able to communicate with your partner and get your needs met. I felt the same way when I first found this site. I thought I was crazy for how I felt, until I joined here and found so many others that felt the same way. I love the community that exists here, and have made many wonderful friends. Welcome to the site.
  8. Lake Erie S.P.A.N.K.S

    Lake Erie January Party Hi Everyone! It's cold out there so come on in and warm up Lake Erie style. Time to do some tail gating or was that “tail” warming. Lets go all you coaches (spankers), players (spankees) and let's not forget the referee. Wait a minute, there’s a flag on the field, looks like a player is going to have to pick from the bowl of implement soup. Did I hear a whistle? The ref made a call of unnecessary bratting on the field, that’s sure to earn a trip OTK. Come Join the game and see if the teams wrack up the penalties instead of points, that’s how its played right? Don’t forget to show us your team colors or your favorite football wear for a chance at a prize. Come join us for a spanktacular time Sunday January 21st 2- 8pm. Must be 21 or over and be a member of the AFA (provisional memberships available upon entering) For more info or to sign up click Here
  9. Happy New Year!!!

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    2. AnnieMia


      Thank you! Happy New Year to you!

    3. oklahomaspankee


      Happy New Year to you  Hope and thank you for all you do for the site:D

    4. MisterVince


      Happy New Year from a new user from soCal. Nice community!!

  10. Happy Birthday to You

    Happy Birthday to You

    Happy Birthday Dear Hope

    Happy Birthday to You!!!!


    Happy Birthday Hope. I wish you a wonderful and blessed day filled with many surprises!

    1. oklahomaspankee


      Happy birthday (((( Hope))))


    2. AnnieMia


      Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day doing something that you enjoy. 

    3. FinallyFree


      Happy Birthday Hope.  I'm sure you're having a spanking good time.

  11. Merry Christmas Everyone!

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      Merry Christmas to you  Hope:D

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      Thank you, Hope! Merry Christmas to you as well! Hope you had a wonderful day!

  12. Lake Erie S.P.A.N.K.S

    Lake Erie S.P.A.N.K.S. January Munch “ Let's get out of the cold!” Date & Time: Sunday, January 14, 2018 · 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM Location: Fast Eddies 7729 W Ridgewood Dr. Parma, OH 44129 Cost: Whatever you order Dress code: Vanilla/Family friendly Description: Happy New Year everyone! Lets kick off the New Year with great friends and great food!! We will be discussing the upcoming February Party just in time for Valentines day. Everyone is welcome to join us. This is a great chance to meet new people and share good times. Look forward to seeing you there! You can find more info and RSVP here: https://fetlife.com/events/620388
  13. Your welcome

    I think you will find that many members of this community do not appreciate this level of attention seeking.
  14. How to delete profile?

    You can contact one of the administrators, such as myself, and we can delete the profile. You can choose to leave the posts but the name would be changed to either guest "screen name" , guest or we can remove them all together.
  15. Age

    The age that you entered will remain what you put when you joined. You must adjust it manually. It was something you could edit yourself but I see that is no longer the case. There are two places where age can be added, one is your birthday which tracks it accurately the other is where you put the age alone which wont change until you change it. If you wish I can adjust the age for you. Send me a pm and I will take care of it.