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  1. @MegtheIt may be making the urge worse, but I will not ask her to stop. It's the only fulfillment of my kink I get in my marriage, so I will take what I can get. And since I am a bit of an exhibitionist, I like the idea of some people thinking that my wife spanks me ... even if she doesn't!
  2. My wife won't spank me but she will tease me about it publicly! We'll be hosting a party and she will come up behind me and tap my bottom several times in front of a bunch of people and ask, "Have you made the rounds to get drink orders recently?" (Or some similar question.) Our guests will smirk, and some will probably believe she spanks me. She's done it walking in a mall and several other public places. It's always as a reminder that is also a threat as perceived by witnesses. I sort of get off on the embarrassment of it, and I know she is trying to feed my kink. But I wish she would follow through and do it for real! But she tried it a couple of times and says she can't stand hurting me or seeing marks. So I have to live with being teased about being spanked by my wife but not getting it! (She will fine me instead; that is her go-to punishment.) As far as actually being spanked in front of others? I would be OK with it (and it would probably feed my kink) as long as the witnesses consented ahead of time. I fantasize her standing up in a darkened bar (adults only) and saying, "Does anybody mind if I turn my husband over my knee right here?" And if all are agreeable ...
  3. And what was your caning like? How many strokes? Bare or over clothes? Bent over ... what?
  4. Tell us more! Did you get to choose to go to caning court or was it mandatory? What offenses were sent to caning court? Was it instead of a fine? Is it still active?
  5. I have done the spankee dance when my bottom felt like it was on fire. Hopping around and rubbing furiously. My female disciplinarian laughed out loud at my willy bouncing around. She thought it was the funniest thing.
  6. I have been spanked by several men, and would like to find a straight male spanker near me in Indianapolis. While I prefer being spanked by a woman, I am married and since a spanking from a woman always has sexual overtones for me, it is better for me to get my spankings from a male.
  7. Some men have a hard time getting over the way we were raised: "You never hit a female for any reason." This can inhibit a vanilla who is being asked to be a spanker, and may be why he is only willing to do it in fun. It's one reason I am a spankee ...
  8. I've been a spanko all my life and I respond to corporal punishment. I have several health and behavior goals. I would like to meet with a spanking mentor monthly. I set goals, track my progress, and get punished if I don't meet them. I have no requirements regarding your age or gender or race or sexual orientation. I am willing to talk on the phone first and meet in a public place. I would prefer that the spankings be on my bare bottom but I am even willing to give that up if that makes the difference for you. I am safe, sane, and consensual. I am very serious about this. There must be a nonprofessional spanker in the Indy area who would be interested in providing this type of mentorship. Maybe a newbie that needs a bottom to practice on? Or a senior citizen spanker who wants to get back into it? Who is open to providing this service?
  9. Refusing a spanking is a reason to be spanked IN ADDITION to the spanking that was refused ...
  10. When I was getting spanked before my wife gave it up, she would take off her panties and make me put them in my mouth. She did not want to hear a single sound from me, and using her panties filled with her scents as a gag was a real turn-on too. I think the primary concern of others hearing is that they might think someone was being abused. If they hear no human sounds but just the sound of the implement, they could easily think it was something else besides a spanking -- or think that it is a spanking that is not at the level of abuse because the spankee is making no sound. For us that fixed it. Those were the days ...
  11. My understanding of the term No-Nonsense as it relates to spanking is that it was created way back in the 50s by Leon Dalman (LEDA) and the Nu-West folks in reference to their spanking women who they called No-Nonsense Ladies. There also was a newsletter published with that title that had great stories and black-and-white drawings. And now ... women can wear socks and underwear with the brand No Nonsense, possibly indicating that they spank their men! The idea of a No-Nonsense Lady is that she puts up with absolutely no nonsense from her man and responds to nonsense by spanking him HARD until he has clearly learned what her definition of nonsense is and that he better avoid acting that way. All of the specifics argued above are to me not part of the definition.
  12. Make her wear tight white slacks and the sharpie will definitely show through. Take her out for a walk and watch her keep looking over her shoulder in embarrassment to see who is behind her. An alternative to "bad girl" is "freshly spanked."
  13. Prostate massage takes practice (training), like everything else. Using a device designed for it is probably best at first. It could take 20 minutes the first time. I would keep up verbal directions, telling your man that you want to see his cum dribbling out of the chastity device. If it doesn't happen the first time, punish him for that as well as the other things you are spanking him for, and tell him you expect to see semen next time. With physical and verbal training, it will happen. This will maintain prostate health without erection or orgasm in addition to making a spanking more painful. Eventually he will beg for your finger on his prostate.
  14. The best pre-spanking procedure to enhance the punishment is release without pleasure. Leave him in the chastity device and use a prostate massager on him (or your gloved finger). Eventually his semen will ooze out of the device but without erection or orgasm. But he will have the same sensitivity and find the spanking much more painful. This way the whole process is punishment rather than having orgasmic pleasure before being spanked.
  15. Well every artisan has to test out each and every one of his products. I'm sure your brother knows that ...
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