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  1. This is a great thread. I enjoyed reading it. Thank you to all who posted.
  2. I appreciate the responses. To be entirely honest, if it was an option, I would have edited, deleted, or locked this post about 3 1/2 minutes after posting it. And, Shy... I do know the answer. And I think at this point in the game you know me well enough to know that spanking (and the whole dynamic) is a fundamental part of who I am, too. My post was truly just random thoughts brought to life. A moment of weakness, if it’s easier to call it that. I have experienced many wonderful, spanky things within the confines of a relationship. This is evident in my (now infre
  3. So...this is just a random pondering... I know of a few here who are in real (meaning day to day) relationships that involve spanking in a healthy and happy way. But...for most of us, is this just an outlet? What I’m saying is...at the end of the day is it anything more than longing? Is it anything more than a steam-blow for wishful thinking? Is any of it real?
  4. LeighOTK


    Thank you, Sillygirl, for your kind comments.
  5. So when I started reading this thread...I was gonna type a real response...but ready pretty much said what I was thinking lol. Well done and very accurate. I will add that punishments are most effective when the spanker isn't making arbitrary rules to begin with. But rather is addressing areas that the mentee has expressed are areas they WANT to work on, and are ready to change. Punishment should then be confined to these areas or to anything that would keep the mentee from reaching their ultimate goal. As far as a mentee misbehaving in order to receive a punishment....I would think if the re
  6. I won't address the reasons she may need to be punished this often. That is between the two of you. I will say however, that just because it is a punishment doesn't mean there can't be a warm up. As one of the things you posted said, this gets blood flowing to the area which does lead to less damage and a speedier recovery, in my experience. A warm up hand spanking can be done in a very no nonsense manner and might afford a nice time for the scolding. Just my thoughts.
  7. Sitting Gingerly by N.G. Spankytush
  8. LeighOTK

    Lap Time

    And an even more beautiful memory...
  9. I answered therapeutic, for voting's sake, but many are erotic as well, and when isn't that fun? Lol. Spankings, for me, affect every part of my being. Thus, trying to label it as just one thing is pretty difficult. Sir and I only have 2 distinctions. Discipline (think teaching here, not the more commonly used definition of discipline) includes stress relief, focus, maintenance, erotic, and the reinforcement and deepening of submission. Our other category is punishment, which is self explanatory. Both are needed and necessary at different times, tho I'm happy to say true punishments are ra
  10. Welcome to the site! For what its worth, I identify as a submissive, but that does not, by any means, mean that I am submissive in every aspect of my life. My Sir encourages my strength and independence, and gains enjoyment from it when I am strong and successful. Take your time and find someone who has interests and outlooks similar to your own. Be honest about your needs and your boundaries and you will do fine. The forums with past questions and conversations are a great place to get useful information as well. I wish you luck and much joy on your journey. Be safe and take care. ~Leigh
  11. I am one very very lucky girl
  12. Here is my opinion on this, for what it's worth... As others have said...no one is perfect. But with that said, I will say, once you have found the right person, you may find that your opinion of yourself will change a bit. What I mean is, I found for myself (I don't know if others feel the same) that when I started getting spanked, and my fella was more than enthusiastic to bare my bummy, it did improve my self esteem and self image. I don't think this is only because of him liking my bum tho. He helped me see myself differently. I learned to accept myself and my needs on a different lev
  13. This truly is a great topic, and as others have said, there is some great input here. I will give some info about my experiences and thoughts. First of all, it is my opinion (and that of some others, though less discussed) that there are actually 2 types of subspace. There is physically induced subspace, where an altered state is the product of chemical reactions that happen due to feeling the pain of a spanking. The way it feels for me is a sense of acceptance and release. As the intensity of a session increases, at a certain point there is a conflict between the mind and the body. I gues
  14. LeighOTK


    Definitely a spanking. I have 2 tattoos and would like to get just 1 more... A tattoo, to me, felt like if you rub something scratchy over a bad sunburn. Sure, it hurts a little but it's totally tolerable. Being spanked by Sir on the other hand, feels more like...the fire of a thousand suns has erupted on my backside...much less tolerable, but MUCH more desired! :-D
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