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  1. I agree, made me laugh. What bold candor. Of course, around 70% of the women I know, fall into that category. It goes with the territory.

    1. AfterGeometry


      Only 70%  ?????   Unreal.  Sounds like Shangri-La !!!!!   :D

  2. How much fun can 1 person have? Not much. It's better with a partner in crime. We are all pirates here at the TX coast. Have a great weekend! Hey AG, I sent you a note about the demo. Rock on!!

    1. oklahomaspankee


      Have yourself a good weekend also...

  3. We have a place at the Tx coast in the middle of nowhere around 60 miles from where the hurricane touched down. I checked on it Sat. Wasn't too bad. Just general debris & a few downed branches. Also, 3 beach loungers & an old chair I use (for the bratty band girls) flew off the balcony. We got lucky. Hang in there and keep praying for every hurricane survivor. Life IS sweet.

    1. Powpaulie


      Glad to hear all turned up okay for you. I have friends in south east Texas in Beaumont, Orange and Port Arthur who had lots of flood damage...some worse than others. Even in the midst of the devastation, loss and sadness, they stand strong and are grateful they have each other (their spouses, children, and parents). Things can be replaced, but not loved ones. 


  4. Captains log, stardate 81817. Jenni the bass player said "let's go to the coast". Didn't know she meant Charleston Harbor, SC for the eclipse, a topic we discussed almost 2 yrs ago. She planned way ahead. I LOVE this girl!! Stayed awhile because of the hurricane. Just got back, wishing all Texans well. 

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    2. AfterGeometry


      (Whoops bumpy road...) Well my friend...it sounds like you have a bonafide 'Fleetwood Mac circa Rumours' situation on your hands. Ha.  (I am sure your band rocks a bit harder though.)  

      I would love to hear a demo...will shoot you my email via private message.  Another thing, keep Jenni within eyesite...she sounds like a winner. A cool chick with brains...a win-win-win situation. 

      I wanna be like you when I grow up!   Wish you and your gang the best! 

    3. otktradition


      Bon Dia  Amigo, how are you my friend? I will send that demo today or tomorrow, I just wanted to say this is the song that broke me and Desiree (the drummer) up. So sad, BUT... Hello Jenni. I will keep my eyes on her, even though it kinda hurts to look directly at her. Yes, she is pretty. Yes, I am shallow. Why lie? But she's sort of like, if you went to the "Chick Store" she would be the floor model. She's that fine. AND, she has a very cute attitude. Animated, always smiling. She even giggles in her sleep sometimes. I've met a lot of beautiful women in the music biz, but never one like her. Smart girl, except for the fact that she sleeps with a guy like me. Her folks are not too crazy about me though. They are both doctors. Oh well, I got lucky!!!  I hope you like the demo. At 2:28 there will be a slight pause in the bass pattern, where she took a second to curtsy in her little summer dress, the one I could see through as she stood in the door frame. I ruin more jeans because of that girl. Yeah, life is sweet.         

    4. otktradition


      Hey Amigo, I was kind of in a hurry last week when I sent you a demo, but I did not double check to see if you actually received it. If you did not, I will resend. If you did, mission accomplished. Keep up the coolness, and rock on!!!

  5. Hey Neighbor! Texans are always good company. 

    1. Powpaulie


      Yes, for sure! Hope you have a great day - TGIF! Guitar Center sure does sound like the place to be today ? Haha! 

  6. The landscape on this site always seems to morph every time I return for a visit. Interesting. Life is sweet.

    1. AfterGeometry


      You sound like a cool dude, cheers my friend. 

    2. otktradition


      Howdy my friend. I meant to reply to this message when I read it. but I was distracted at that particular moment in time. Thanks for the "cool dude" vote, but I've got to say, your brilliant commentary and overall political analysis is dead center every time, you are indeed the cooler dude. If you ran for public office, you would definitely get my vote. Keep living La Dolce Vita.

    3. AfterGeometry


      Remarkably kind, I don't deserve that sorta praise. Well I'm glad we're on the same wavelength. Maybe I should run for office someday. Lol. Appreciate the kind words...take care and don't be a stranger. 

  7. Just woke up with my Gibson SG on one side and Jenni the bass player on the other. Long night session. Don't know which one to tune first.

  8. Just woke up with my Gibson SG on one side and Jenni the bass player on the other side. Long night session. Don't know which one to tune first.

  9. It's been a pretty good week. Had all kinds of goodies to enjoy. Then there was Thanksgiving too! I hope everyone else is having as much fun as I am.

    1. AKS


      Good to see you

  10. On my way to the coast again with one of my beach bunny friends. I must be part amphibian.

  11. We thought it was going to be cooler when we got to the coast. We were wrong. But things are going to heat up later anyway.

  12. Does anyone else think the blue fairy in the Sparkle commercials need a red bottom for her inadvertent mischief?

  13. The girls in the band were discussing the possibility of creating our own version of the Olympics sometime in the near future. Sounds like gold to me.

  14. We're on the gulf coast listening to Moaning Lisa Smile by Wolf Alice before we step out. Sweet rock. One of our own here has a daughter with killer vocals too.

  15. That's the episode that made me a Big Bang fan. Well, maybe not a fan, but it did get my attention. There was a Thanksgiving episode where Sheldon had a beer buzz going on and gave Amy a good swat that made her smile.
  16. Spring Break! Jenni, my favorite bass player, will be flying in from NY state where it's been freezing lately. I'll be happy to warm her up. Life is sweet.

  17. Ladies, have a SWEET Valentine's Day, I hope life is sweet for YOU everyday TOO!

  18. The weekend was a pretty good ride. I ran through it like a loose puppy in the Alpo factory. Life is sweet.

  19. Well stated Special K, I too was diagnosed with BD/SM many years ago, however it is sometimes "a cute" kind of malady. My screen name is Otktradition, and I approve this message.
  20. Living the lifestyle 24/7. Don't need Hollywood telling me how to do it. Life IS sweet.

  21. Thanks to Stephanie (journalist/techie) one of my laptops is better than new. She's a genius and a beauty! Life is sweet and so is she.

  22. It's supposed to get cold and wet this weekend, so say the weathermen, but how many times do they get it right? Either way, I say bring it on. Indoors or outdoors, life is sweet.

  23. It's a beautiful day here in my part of Texas. Meanwhile, my beautiful friend Jennilee is surrounded by 100% snow in New Rochelle, but she likes it. Life is sweet for both of us.

  24. Here comes the weekend ladies and gents. Let the games begin.

  25. The girls in the band have really been improving their focus on studying, and of course, I am always glad to give them a "hand" whenever they need guidance. You gotta love these college kids. Life is sweet.

    1. sparklegirl87


      hahaha I couldn't help but laugh at the "hand" you rock!!! *kisses*

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