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  1. 3 hours ago, DunBenSpanked said:

    This is a tiny bit off topic, so please forgive me if too much so...

    We've never been walked in on, but a few years ago we were camping in a state park in the pacific northwest, had a nice large site with some distance between us and any other campers - but late in the evening, breaking through the evening silence - the entire campground was treated to the very enthusiastic and vocal sounds of a couple in the throes of passion.  Think "Harry Met Sally" moment out in the woods...

    Like a bad kid, that spawned an idea...

    Every once in a while when camping, we have deliberately and "just loudly enough"  role-played a very real DD scenario, complete with an argument, followed by a scolding, followed by a spanking, followed by a lecture and an apology.......just to enjoy the idea that we've given a few people a great story to go home with.  We've usually done it right before we're about to scoot out down the road so that we stay pretty anonymous. (I always tell MissBam that if we don't pack up and go right away, she'd have to contend with a line outside the camper😂)

    Somewhere in the country, there is someone telling the story of how they were camping on time and heard this guy being sent to fetch a switch that got used on him for talking back😉

    A very long line indeed.😁

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  2. On 11/6/2022 at 6:13 PM, MissBam said:

    Think of a spanking pro as you would think of any other kind of professional. 

    When you need a doctor, or a therapist, you have some options. You can go to a registry. You can ask your friends if they recommend anyone. You can just use Google or Bing or Ask Jeeves. You look up the person's info. You look for reviews. You find one who you think is the most likely to fill your requirements for a doctor or therapist. You don't expect this professional to meet all your needs on a first meeting, but you're hoping for a connection that will grow to meet/understand your needs if not now, then maybe in the future. You don't always get it right the first time, but even if it's not quite the fit you're looking for, it will give you not only a better idea of what you're looking for, but the confidence to move forward. 

    Keep in mind that Pros also need to vet their clients. There's a lot of craziness out there in Ee and ER world. A pro should be able to do that with just several emails and maybe a call. They most likely will forego the tea and crumpets. A pro is more apt to be able to provide that level of discretion that you seek. A good pro will also be able to fill some of those spanking related emotional needs (as opposed to other emotional needs which spanking will NOT help no matter how hard or loving the spanking may be!). The other advantage to a Pro is that she can actually set a calendar date AND MAKE A SPANKING FANTASY A SPANKING REALITY! 

    As far as the emotional/money angle is concerned, you would pay a doctor or a therapist for services and these are all personal/emotional services, so why not a professional spanker?

    It appears that you are trying to run with one foot nailed to the ground that's keeping you spinning in circles. Many an Ee has spent months or even years seeking and waiting for that very first spanking. I say toss the angst, do your homework, and dive into the deep end of the pool! (You might like it!)

    Keep us posted!


    P.S. If you do happen to meet someone where there is the possibility of another kind of relationship in addition to a spanking relationship, I would think it would be a 'red flag' if they hold it against you that you ever went to a pro. It just doesn't make sense.

    Ooo. Is MissBam going pro? I think that's an excellent idea. Need someone to hand you implements?🥰🥰

  3. Hang in there newbie. The road to finding a match is often fraught with people looking to take advantage. I started out with a professional female spanker. Besides taking away the sexual component, because she was a pro, the sessions were tailored to my needs alone. Also, she was a wealth of information on safety and how to articulate your needs. I highly recommend trying this first. Good luck. 


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  4. 9 hours ago, DunBenSpanked said:

    A- (from an Ee) - "I think I need/want a spanking, please give me one"

    B - (from an Er) - "I think you need a spanking, it's time you got one"

    I don't get much from A

    B makes it real for me
    I essentially agree with Chawsee's view that the sub has the largest part of the power.  I once heard "if you can't say no in a relationship, you have to say "no" to the relationship".  So in scenario B, I would always have the ability to say "no". 

    As a last thought, I wonder if a case could be made that bratting for a spanking might be a form of coercing the spanker?

    Yup. ☝️This right here. I get absolutely nothing from A, blatently asking. Actually (IMO) it feels a lot like topping from the bottom. So I pretty much always need B. However, this requires more awareness/insight on the ER to know when the need is there, so I may use playful bratting as a cue.  I recently heard an ER say that "If you brat me, you're simply giving me an invitation". I liked that interpretation.  

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  5. On 9/7/2022 at 10:00 AM, bpbboy said:

    The great Jillian Keenan on YouTube did an interview with a doctor. He said that all bar soap sold in the United States is actually safe for mouth soapings. Obviously you should still not swallow it or much. But liquid soap should NOT be used.

    I'm going to disagree and here is why. It would be very difficult to not consume/ swallow some of the soap and once ingested it can cause significant GI distress including  nausea and vomitting and even more problems if the person has a history of IBS, UC, gastric bypass, etc. Be careful. 

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  6. 3 minutes ago, DunBenSpanked said:

    Actually, answering my own question right away instead of allowing others to comment would be self-serving.  The motive was to find out how others feel, not just tell everyone how I do...

    But if I remember, the "tattletale" thing used to be a pretty clear cut case of bratting...

    But I leave that up to Ms Mary to decide😉

    Silly @DunBenSpanked, everyone  here knows I'm a professional super duper brat! Besides, if we read Ms. Mary's reply, we see that she agreed with ME that you should be spanked. So, now that that's decided......

  7. 10 hours ago, SwitchAlot said:

    Hello :) I'm would love to hear any tips, tricks or techniques from the veterans to get wrist firm and spank strong! I specifically want to get better at being the Spanking/bully! Thanks!



    If you're trying to get your hand/ wrist strong so you can give longer/ stronger spankings try practicing on something firm but curved, like a basketball or soccer ball. It will allow you to desensitized your hand as well as strengthen your muscles. Good luck! 

  8. Hi from a fellow ee. Welcome to the site. Take your time getting to know people and if you need any help with anything feel free to shoot a message. Good luck in your search and probably a goid idea to look up Christy's 'Power and Control' post. Has great info in it. Be safe! 

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