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  1. Bwahahaha, I ABSOLUTELY did! But relax, there's not enough glue in the South to glue all your toys. Come to think of it, probably run out of ceiling space too🤔. No worries. I have lots of ideas. Just ask my brat crew.... @candyapplered @Nightowl08 @goodboy_will @Yoda2021
  2. Got into an ERs house while they were gone and glued their implements to the ceiling. 😁
  3. Happy Memorial day SPANKERS! In honor of the red, white, and blue,  it's your duty to turn all those white bottoms a lovely shade of American flag red. And for certain ees 

    ( cough cough @goodboy_will and @Yoda2021) feel free to throw in some lovely blue stripes. 😁🇺🇸🇺🇸


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    2. Yoda2021


      Haha @michgal.k we all know who really deserves to proudly wear the blue stripes here on the already red bottom @goodboy_will I most certainly agree with you 

    3. goodboy_will


       Very well stated and I kinda figured you would agree, Yoda.  😊 . Hope you are having a great Memorial Day weekend too. :)

    4. michgal.k


      Well I guess @cowboy and @DunBenSpanked will have to stand and show you how pateiotic ees ate supposed to behave. I would LOVE to, but alas my ER is unavailable. Very sad

  4. We don't need no stinking rules! 😅🤣😂
  5. Cant spank a girl if you cant find her. ( Or catch her )
  6. Always watching in the shadows. 😎😎
  7. Any of my brat trainees are more than up for the challenge. May the odds be ever in your favour. 🤨
  8. Only been here an hour and already stumbled on the superbratz profile. Impressive. Have fun giving these ee's, especially @candyapplered@rubyredd exactly what the deserve!
  9. :wedgie:  :trouble:   Hello! Just poking at you and stirring the pot. 

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    2. shygurl


      Hmm, maybe the attitude on display when you're with her? When I've been with her she's a sweetheart....but I'm a sweetheart as well. Haha!

    3. candyapplered


      I can vouch for a certain brat's pot stirring capabilities, especially if it will get her spanked. :spank: ☺️😝😇

    4. michgal.k


      @candyappleredAnything worth doing is worth doing well or in my case....to perfection. 

  10. Ditto. Im an ee. I'm INTJ on MB and I just did the ennagram and am a 5.
  11. Like the saying goes " People in glass houses..". My mother would add "...and we all live in glass houses ". 😘
  12. I might have to call in the BRAT RESERVES and circle the wagons! These ERs are getting feisty. 

    @goodboy_will @shygurl @candyapplered @Nightowl08 @Ill Tempered Brat

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    2. goodboy_will


      @michgal.k Thanks super brat. :)  Yep I need your expertise on how to avoid those treacherous laps and brushes.  :unsure: :D

    3. candyapplered


      @michgal.k, at your service! 😜

    4. dmirk


      Nah. You brought it on yourself. 

      you just have to submit to each one consecutively. 

      That’ll teach you. Or not. Only one way to find out 

  13. I would like to point out that I have done an excellent job of restraint over the past few days. I think CoL should give out gold stars.😁

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    2. michgal.k


      Yes I am and i am told even MORE FUN across a lap. 😁😁😁

    3. dmirk


      I’ve heard the same. 

      Come by some time. I’m a fun guy. Or was that a fungi?

       I’m so confused..,

    4. Overrmykneemiss


      I might image that you have a calloused bottom 😏😁

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