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  1. Fantasy Island, but all the fantasies are kink related. 😁
  2. Need Discipline is correct so be patient. They are out there.
  3. Most memorable was in New Orleans. Was going up to my hotel room with my ER and maids were servicing both rooms on either side of mine. Needless to say, they heard everything and when we left shortly after, they were still there, desperately trying to avoid eye contact, as was I. 🙈🙊🙉
  4. MLA formatting is single space. APA formatting was double space after a period up until 2019 🙄. I was constantly going through my research papers checking the spaces after each period.
  5. OMG, watching 'Bonding" on Netflix. This is hilarious!

    1. michgal.k


      And then it got boring. I see why it was cancelled

    2. MichiganHeadmaster


      Ozark is much better


    3. michgal.k


      Ozark was awesome.  

  6. It's the ERs job to control the spanking. No fair blaming the ee for doing something that is completely reflexive. In fact, I would think it is a sign of an effective spanking. If I don't feel the need to protect my behind at sone point during a spanking then someone is not doing something right. Just sayin🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
  7. Silly @goodboy_will Unless you're a super brat like ME, you better shape up before someone gives you their "get across my lap" look! 


    1. michgal.k


      Wow, I tried to  post this like a week ago! Figured it didn't go through and got "eaten" by an SN bug. Oh well, still true even if a little untimely

    2. goodboy_will


      @michgal.k *Sniffs* You haven't taught me how to be a super brat yet. :( . Maybe I can shape up by showing my good boy persona or that I'm misunderstood.  :) Or maybe, with that look,  I just need to get across her lap since it seems inevitable .*sighs* 😟

  8. A challenge? Nope. I find on the rare occasions I tend to attempt this that the ERs quickly nip it in the.....👉
  9. Bedtime spankings are the best! If I lived with an ER, I'd get one every night and sleep soundly.
  10. Ooo. Is MissBam going pro? I think that's an excellent idea. Need someone to hand you implements?🥰🥰
  11. well look whos back. LOL. I just sent CoL as message that you couldnt get on here. Looks like you resolved that. 😘

  12. Hang in there newbie. The road to finding a match is often fraught with people looking to take advantage. I started out with a professional female spanker. Besides taking away the sexual component, because she was a pro, the sessions were tailored to my needs alone. Also, she was a wealth of information on safety and how to articulate your needs. I highly recommend trying this first. Good luck. K
  13. Hmm, 5 things. 1) Love solving all kinds of puzzles. Word, numeral, jigsaw etc. 2) I'm a fifth generation Michigander 3) I'm a South paw 4) I love all things science fiction. Movies, novels.... 5) I'm a polyglot 😏.
  14. Yup. ☝️This right here. I get absolutely nothing from A, blatently asking. Actually (IMO) it feels a lot like topping from the bottom. So I pretty much always need B. However, this requires more awareness/insight on the ER to know when the need is there, so I may use playful bratting as a cue. I recently heard an ER say that "If you brat me, you're simply giving me an invitation". I liked that interpretation.
  15. Birthday spankings. Yea or nay?

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. wanttospank


      did not realize it was your birthday, otherwise might have go you something nice. Like a nice soft pillow to sit on after being over all those knees. lol

    3. michgal.k


      @wanttospankGood thing there were lots of ERs "under the weather" or else I might have needed that! 

    4. MissBam


      Hehehehe...YAYYYY!!!! ( A little late but I WILL get hold of you one of these days!!)




      Three...What did you say? 


      Two...wait  minute


  16. I'm going to disagree and here is why. It would be very difficult to not consume/ swallow some of the soap and once ingested it can cause significant GI distress including nausea and vomitting and even more problems if the person has a history of IBS, UC, gastric bypass, etc. Be careful.
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