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  1. Can't sleep. 😡😠😡😠

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    2. Ill Tempered Brat

      Ill Tempered Brat

      I hate when this happens 

    3. Lotsapappa


      Assume you mean Um…no - not reading couple pages Gravity’s 🌈. I understand that one is tough but get through it and you will understand the circular or circularity of life new beginnings. Did I just make you & ITB roll her eyes? If so, I bet you are both sleepy 💤. Night night. 

    4. michgal.k



  2. Heh, heh, heh. **HAPPY** BIRTHDAY



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    2. dmirk


      I thought that might be how it will go...

    3. michgal.k
    4. michgal.k


      Well....considering someone is on the *injured* list, looks like i won't be taking any spankings for a while. Very sad. ( wipes fake tear from dry eye) 

  3. Might be these. You can Google for images. Petechiae are pinpoint, round spots that appear on the skin as a result of bleeding. The bleeding causes the petechiae to appear red, brown or purple. Petechiae (puh-TEE-kee-ee) commonly appear in clusters and may look like a rash. Usually flat to the touch, petechiae don't lose color when you press on them
  4. Lotsapappa is banned because 1) I am also following the trend of skipping. 3) Thinking anyone but him would support Granf Funk and... D) Because I'm feeling bratty. (THROWS GLITTER EVERYWHERE!!!)
  5. Sometimes, being naughty is worth it.......



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    2. Rand E

      Rand E

      You are tying to tell me that you behave like a brat, and the thought of being spanked for it has no bearing on your motivation to behave like a bart.  Color me skeptical.  :P 

    3. Rand E

      Rand E

      I meant Brat.  Although, Bart Simpson is a brat too.

    4. michgal.k


      Correct. Otherwise I wouldn't brat vanillas. However, I must admit bratting ERs is (usually) quite fun. 

  6. Lotsapappa is banned for speaking French and using the phrase " can you dig it". Also according to Whitney the only thing whack is crack.
  7. Lotsapappa is banned for stalking my page...and gets a yellow card for not threatening a spanking.
  8. Zhev is banned for pointing out everything.
  9. When you sass your ER one too many times....20210102_215402.jpg

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    2. ukspanko


      I could do with a regular dose of this.

    3. ukspanko


      Amd yes for the right person that would include wearing a red and black dress and white panties...:)

    4. goodboy_will


      I thought you knew better than to sass your ER (page 324, subparagraph 24  in the Brat Manual, I think) , but then again you find yourself in that time honored over the knee (lap) position to be taught and learn a good lesson on why you should not sass your ER (well maybe you learn  😟 )  .  😄

  10. Anyone traveling to Jackson. Area is safe. Ms Mary has a Charley horse in her spanking arm. The lord works in mysterious ways ( and OBVIOUSLY has a soft spot for ees) 😁😁😁

    1. Ms.Mary


      Yeah how'd that go for ya Michgal?

    2. michgal.k
    3. michgal.k


      Ok so I got like 1/2 a spanking. NBD. 🤨

  11. Be waiting for you in the sandbox. 😡😡
  12. OMG is this finally going to be over?
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