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  1. Congratulations. WE have a great mentor.
  2. I'm sure it's possible and has happened. However, it's really just a forum and a place to talk with like minded people.
  3. Lol. Curiosity kills the cat. Brattygirl02 had one and I tried it.
  4. Lol no you don't. And yea yep you have lol.
  5. It is if you need quiet. Obviously with 9 kids I do. But it is pure evil. I should have listened to RI's other girl when she said don't do it. Lol. Little stubborn me.
  6. Never had them but I have the devils braid. Holy crap that thing is painful.
  7. I also tell myself this too shall pass. Other than that just hanging out with my husband and kids. And talking to my mentor and my spanko family.
  8. Oh no!!!!

    1. mouthylilangel


      Lol oops. That was supposed to be reply

  9. Mine is the words lil angel because my nickname here. And my background is waves because h beach is my safe place.
  10. I would not do a pro. But I know it works for some. For me I need a personal relationship with the mentor/disciplinarian I'm working with. I need them to be there on a friend level too.
  11. Feeling mischevious today and my mentor is at work and my husband is working a case. Bahahahaha the fun I could have. 

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    2. Poison's


      Dang, I didn't realize it was only a week ago!!!

    3. RIspanko


      Could have but would it be worth it in the end

    4. mouthylilangel


      Yes Sir it would. 

  12. How about a feather duster? With a rule he can only use the soft side.
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