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  1. You know, you may think you're impartial but you may actually just be ignorant. It's pretty easy to stay calm about something that doesn't affect you. That doesn't automatically mean you know what you're talking about; in fact, often it means the opposite.
  2. All I can say is, make sure the part the 'ee is draped over is padded. I once ended up with a giant bruise on my lower stomach from leaning over a spanking bench with an unpadded edge. Every time I got spanked, the edge slammed into my stomach, and I am way more into spanking than I am into being punched repeatedly in the stomach.
  3. I think three and a half. Well, that's depressing. Though considering at one point I was getting one every three years, three in one year represents a huge increase!
  4. "Have you ever narrowly missed killing someone and then had your partner say, 'Well done! Let's have awesome sex!'" No.
  5. I'm on a computer and the site looks different to me too.
  6. I think it depends on the 'ee. If the 'ee wants a bedtime and/or is always tired, maybe. If the 'er wants to assign a bedtime just because they kink on assigning bedtimes...uh...no. And especially no if there's a valid reason for not having a bedtime. "I stay up all night playing video games?" Okay, maybe a bedtime. "I have to have dinner at 10 PM because that's the only time that works for my family and you want me in bed at 10:30?" No, no, no. At the extreme, if you enjoy the feeling of having a bedtime, maybe it should be later. "Your bedtime is 3 AM" doesn't so
  7. I've been spanked while blindfolded. Honestly, though, I usually keep my eyes closed during a spanking anyway so it didn't make much of a difference to me.
  8. Spankos who compulsively hang out on the internet are not--I would guess--the same demographic as spankos who do not waste all their time on the internet.
  9. I didn't have to take my pants off at the doctor's :D Dodged a bullet there!

    1. joe438


      Other than a little smirk by the staff, I doubt anyone would have said anything. I've had to go to the doctor's a day after a spanking. The first time the PA saw the suspiciously placed pink spots she simply asked if there was a problem (they always watch for domestic abuse) and I said there wasn't. She just smiled and that was that. Embarrassing, yes, but I'll bet they see spanked adults bottoms pretty frequently.

    2. AfterGeometry


      Omg, an incredibly rare Status Update from janet...we should be so lucky!  Now watch out for solar eclipses, earthquakes, and raining frogs. These oddities come in threes. 

  10. You answered a lot more diplomatically than I would have, gingerlee, so thank you for that I personally have no need to cry during a spanking. The last time I got close was because I was fervently wishing someone else was spanking me. So I guess, "Be disappointing" is another way to get an 'ee to cry in a pinch.
  11. Sounds like a good way to make a woman feel both interchangeable and condescended to. Granted, I can enjoy a bit of condescension from people I like and already respect, but it doesn't sound like this guy fits that profile.
  12. Too kitchsy I'm not THAT patriotic.
  13. I'm a thud person, but part of me feels like I ought to have a maple paddle for patriotic reasons...
  14. I disagree strongly with the cliched line that the sub has all the power. The sub has no power to do anything that the dominant doesn't also have the power to do. Sure, the sub can stop things at any time (in theory). So can the dom. So that's not the sub having ultimate power. I certainly can't make a dom play with me if they don't want to. And, furthermore, subs tend to put themselves in vulnerable positions that doms just don't (bondage, etc. That may not be as applicable to pure spankees, but since you used the term "sub"...) so while in theory a sub can stop th
  15. I've found http://www.unfuckyourhabitat.com/ very useful, particularly the concept of 20/10s: set a timer, work for 20 minutes, take a break for 10 minutes, rinse and repeat.
  16. At least in Firefox, on a computer, when the results pop up, press the down-arrow key until the result you want to delete is highlighted. Then press the delete key. I don't know what to do in other browsers/on mobile.
  17. We were just discussing this in chat the other day, actually. I was saying my dreams always seem to cheat me out of getting spankings I did dream a monkey was biting my foot repeatedly the other night. I don't know why my brain does this when it COULD be dreaming about spanking. (Though, that being said, I'll be quite happy without finding a monkey to bite my foot in real life.)
  18. If you log in to chat and don't see any names, here's what to do: At the top left of your screen [tessa a.k.a. devin a.k.a. whoever says it may also be the top right], you may see an arrow, a cog or both. If you only see an arrow like this, click it and you should then see a cog: Once you see the cog, click that, then click "Always Show Names"
  19. Yeah, to be clear: this isn't a bug in Firefox. This is a bug in the site that makes it less secure and Firefox is warning you about it while Chrome is choosing to ignore it.
  20. I've been told that the way you hold your hand (flat vs cupped, stiff vs flexible) can make a difference. That being said, I've never felt a difference Spanking always hurts my hand.
  21. What were you hoping to be told when you posted in the self-spanking group?
  22. The act of penetrating a woman's genitalia isn't one of those things (sneezing fits, having to use the bathroom, the toaster catching on fire) people have tenuous control over. People may not have control over whether or not they display arousal but they definitely have control--at all times--over whether they act on it. Likewise, right, we can't discuss every situation (sneezing, bathroom, toaster, the cops suddenly bursting in, aliens invading...). But whether or not things should get sexy is so obvious that people definitely can discuss it beforehand. And if it's not discusse
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