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  1. It doesn't feel good I use s belt and it set naughty girls right it hurts
  2. CoreyB


    Thank u both of u and nobody will give me.one
  3. CoreyB


    It's my birthday today
  4. CoreyB


    It's my birthday today
  5. ... Not trying to start any issues with ANYONE but it is fair and only fair that EVERYONE is WARNED about CorayB do not come to him or pm him for his help or for a spanking or for him to be your mentor he will drag you on to make you seem everything is so real just to be a no show and make up some sorry and never contact you again! WARNING!

  6. I live close to u I love in Charlotte
  7. Hello im Corey if u are looking for a spanking maybe I can help I'm safe and discreet if u need help breaking a bad habit or just need a stress reliver u can message me on here for at coraybrendlinger@live.com
  8. I need a friend to talk to if u can help me message me
  9. Hello welcome u can message me and ican see if I can help u
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