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So, re entering after a while..Somewhat recently divorced and ready to live the lifestyle. Retired educator. Fit and do not look or act my age. Well preserved!  I am definitely looking for some kindred spirits nearby or maybe not so nearby to communicate with and play with at some point. In Atlanta GA...I am definitely a spanker, though I have switched a time or two. I am pretty much a  female spanker though I would consider the right male. I do not need sex as part of the encounter though I do not exactly oppose it either. I am very adaptable. I am not so set in my beliefs that I cannot accommodate what you want to accommodate what I want. The more you communicate your needs to me, the more I can help you get there, and I will get there as well. I think you will find me to be sane, reasonable, smart, funny, discreet, and very tuned into your spanking experience. I can be your fun partner or your very serious disciplinarian. I would like to get to know you first, so please be ready to communicate honestly and I will respond in kind. Status is divorced. At this point looking for women of any age to spank. I am also possibly looking for a LTR that involves spanking- age is open. You can be my age or younger. I am fine with being the older man in your life, or your equal in age. Ready to exit the vanilla world, so send me a message.

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