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  1. I am guess these are a go-to for many of us. I admit to liking some of them and it certainly is a lot easier than it used to be. I usually go to spankingtube. It is free and the variety is amazing. Lots of pay sites but I would feel unsafe giving a credit card to any of them. Is there a certain type of video you like? Don't like? Reason and rationale is always welcome. My guess is that everyone can weigh in here. I sort of like the ones where folks are just getting spanked because they like it by someone else who likes to do it...It isn't Uncle or dad fantasies or mom spanking bad daughter...
  2. I will add my name to your list of potential suitors! Look forward to hearing from you.
  3. Thanks for commenting on my posts. It is nice to be acknowledged.

  4. Nice stripes! Nice bottom.
  5. A new pic!


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Spankenstein


      I drew it. It was a quick during a boring moment in a training class. Absolutely fun for this. I need to work on the proportions for the next one.


    3. shygurl


      Not bad for a quick drawing. Fits you!! I can barely draw a stick figure.

    4. Spankenstein


      I used to teach Art...and you could. Part of it is believing you can and realizing it does not need to look like a photograph. Thanks for the compliment! BTW. Hope you are okay in your town!!!


  6. Lots of interesting thoughts here. I personally think I am to the point where I would consider this as a possibility.
  7. I sent you a PM. Write me back!
  8. Wow. 67 vows and no offers. I guess I should not be surprised. Still looking around in GA as well. If you are looking I am too.
  9. Some interesting answers here. I did look at selfies on site...It seems than more than a few folks seem to like to do that. I am also pretty amazed sometimes at all the folks who post videos of themselves spanking or being spanked. I am not sure I would do that either, for money or jollies. I get the idea that the folks who do that do not hang around this site...Spankingtube comes to mind. Massive amount of free content.
  10. Glad to hear that. Things are still very strange. Hoping for relief.
  11. So I see your photo is headless..That says something. Is your spanked bottom our there? I have not looked to see your photo record. Is there one there? You seem pretty active. Do you do photos in one way or another? I am curious. Apologies- this sounds pushy.
  12. I am sure seeing the proof is pretty reinforcing and fun too. As I mentioned, back in the day we had Polaroids and if you were brave, you could drop your film and take your chances at the photobooth.
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