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  1. Spankenstein


    I like your bare bottom shots! I also like that you seem to have a bush! Cute!
  2. So, I am entering a new phase of life and a new status in the SN universe. I am on the verge of divorce and soon to be officially single (and available...) Though I usually get sympathy for this, I am not entirely unhappy at this moment. As many of you have shared, sometime the "spanking gene" takes a toll on the relationship, and it certainly has on mine. What was tolerated for years at some point became a "problem" and I was abruptly cut off, which of course caused more issues. This however was not the only issue confronting us, so we have decided to part ways. I know there are others in a similar situation, and I feel for you. For me it is sort of a relief. I know there is no compromise available in the spanking department. I am hoping that I can connect with others to remedy my need/desire and maybe find a person who can be a LTR as well as a spanko partner. I know this is a tall order. So, currently looking in GA to find l like minded women to partner with in play. I also will be back and forth in OH for the same. I am looking for women who can enjoy, tolerate or enjoy a man of my age who spanks well, but is attractive , sane and well preserved. I would also be looking for a switch if you are in that space. Be prepared to communicate before we meet. I am comfortable with an age range of 30 to 60 or so. So if you are interested in relationship and are not currently involved I would love to hear from you. Looking for someone in moderately good shape at least as good looking as me (no, I do not look like Frankenstein's monster!) and in general pretty normal except for the spanking thing. I am adaptable to desires and styles- I just want to indulge myself and you at the same time for my remaining years on the planet. Open to many possibilities. Please do not be addicted to substances, crazy, or religious. I absolutely prefer a private message. This isn't for public consumption. And if you know someone, tell them. I am ready for a new phase. Thanks for reading. I have lots of content if you want to check me out. If it looks interesting drop me a line. I am ready to go.
  3. Once again, I wish to thank all participants for their comment on the "post that refuses to die..." It is very cool to have contributed something that so many relate to. Keep it up. I am sure many others are enjoying the continued comments as well. Obviously as a group we really like buttholes!
  4. So another update... This post does provide some opportunities. I will be back in OH in December. Actually in Cincinnati. If there are some women of any age looking for a guest spanker, I may be your guy. Inventive, perceptive, and adaptable in providing your OTK, paddling, or whatever experience you are looking for in a safe environment. Not adverse to sex at all, but if you do not want it, it can be off the menu. If you have a need or want drop me a PM so we can have a runway to discuss a plan. Happy to drive within reason.
  5. So I am going to be back in town ( Cincinnati) over Easter...I am vaccinated and ready for some recreational bottom spanking for some lucky females who are as anxious as me! I am what you need me to be- that strict former teacher or the guy who administers funishment. Can travel within reason and will have a place to host. If you are interested, I do prefer private messages...However if you like to be public, go for it.
  6. So I do have a question...To the point of masochism and its sister/brother sadism. I do find it interesting that some of you do not see this as a classification that includes spanking. I have had it brought up as a personal question when asked "Why do you like/enjoy spanking people" causing pain to others etc, and it does not seem to be an unreasonable assumption or a totally unreal diagnosis. Same for masochism if you are a bottom/spankee. So what exactly divides the spankos from these categories? The expressions do elicit some strong reactions from the crowd. I do suspect that the comparison is a great deal of the reason that we are so secretive and insular with our needs and desires. Public opinion probably would not swing our way on this. So to the point, what makes our condition different or unique from the two broader categories? Are we a sub category or something different altogether, and why do we think that way? If it to spare us an inconvenient truth and make us feel better about our identity? I think the basic ideas also have their roots in sexuality which also are mentioned in this thread...
  7. 23... I don't believe I have that many, but I can relate to the experience. Of course there is NEVER an explanation. It does make one wonder about the social dynamic, since many of these women seem to want a strong authoritative, dominant sort of guy who takes charge, but that is really hard to do online when the other party chooses to disappear. I usually am not a pushy sort, and I do not like to beg so I just have to let it go. But those big strings of emails are a drag, and it does make me wonder what exactly it was that I said wrong, if they got a better offer, or if they were just jerking me around to begin with. I do not expect to find an answer here, but it is reasonable to vent I suppose. If this has been you doing this, please take a hint from the guys you are doing it to. Please don't. It is mean.
  8. On the age discrimination issue, I would tell you that I have definitely experienced that...But you know I never thought I would be 66. I don't feel differently and in some ways I am better the the 30 year old version of myself. I certainly know more than I used to, and I have a lot more self control as well. I prefer to think that maturity may be a trait to consider and one may find that in an older person. So I hope those of you who eliminate the "older guy" at first glance may reconsider next time. From personal experience, I think the partners (all female) have been about half and half age wise. I don't think anyone was under forty and one was close to 80. Whatever the age we were on the same page about what we were looking for and when we actually met, it seemed to work out, mostly die to the pre discussion we had beforehand. One might compare this difference to height or weight or looks. I have found that the major reason these folks and I noticed each other in the first place is the most important reason and superseded everything else. I cannot be accused of being a spanking snob. I always appreciate a sincere and honest offer.
  9. One think no reason except both parties are willing, ready and able seems to work fine for most folks...
  10. I am fine with whatever folks want to add, whether that is a question or comment, or a statement of personal experience. Conversations work that way. I am just providing a topic. I am interested in what you may think number are like in the spanking world. One could also speculate from spanking sites like spanking tube. Just what kind of population do we have? Where do we rank? I do wonder how we compare to other stuff. How unique are we?
  11. I do wonder if one advertised that HE had been spanked would take one off the radar so to speak...While one likes to think everyone is 21th century , woke etc. This may actually be a detriment to some females, as it makes them less dominant - Like once you stray from the path, you cannot get back on... I think a few on the site do look at the population as being black and white in the realm of EEs and ERS.
  12. I will say as a spanker, the act is erotic to me...and it has been in the majority of partners I have spanked even though it was not originally advertised that way. I think perhaps as the spanking occurs, the endorphins released are more concentrated in the person experiencing the actual pain and physicality, but in the spanker something similar is happening that is more like a slow burn- not as extreme but no less satisfying, and sexual. I like sex and I like having an orgasm , but performing a spanking over a longer period and being in control, fully clothed, is an incredibly awesome feeling. There were a few times I really was too sexually exhausted to perform at the end. Spanking has really improved my ability to forgo instant gratification.
  13. So. anyone else want to comment on this? I do get the idea that lots of folks on site do not actually participate in person with anyone else or self spank.
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