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  1. I think it happens pretty often. I think there is a bit of disapproval of that on the site though...
  2. Make that 177 visits...Be brave send me a PM. I do not bite. I might spank though.
  3. It would be nice if a few more of those 142 visits would send a message!
  4. Yes. The deadly serious are not always easy to deal with or spank...
  5. Did I mention I have a sense of humor? I do. This is sometimes required! Also very discreet!
  6. I am looking for opportunity in Atlanta and also Southern OH around the Cincinnati area. Atlanta is home where I am ISO some spankee(s) for play and recreation on a friendly basis. I will also probably be in Ohio for some R&R around the holidays, which might be more of a fling. That has worked in the past. In either case, I know we would need to get acquainted first and check our individual needs and see if they match. I am reasonable and sane and want you to be the same. I am a genuine article, open to negotiation and agreements. I am inclined toward females but would consider males as
  7. While in the past, my spankings were mostly sexual , my later partners had different needs. I found that I got a great deal of satisfaction providing these women with what they needed. They trusted me to do that, and I did. I also get a huge buzz from performing it. It is very much like the best drug ever. I become very calm and confident. It is a marvelous feeling. As sessions grew longer and more complex, the need to perform sexually took a backseat to fulfilling the needs of my partners, and providing the elixir that I craved. It has been an interesting and transformative experience.
  8. EEEE....I had a number of relationships in the past where there are probably 10 or 15 women who know about my kink, which include an ex wife, old glrl friends, some spanking partners, and I think I actually told a sister -but it has never come up ever again. I do wonder if they have ever dished on me to other mutual acquaintances? I guess I will never know. However I was recently contacted by one former girlfriend who wanted to revisit our relationship, ie "what happened ?" I was surprised that the spanking topic never came up in what turned out to be an incredibly difficult and weird conversa
  9. So. Non verbal cues seem to be a NO...But verbal cues ? I have heard some of those and seen some in print. A girl i really wanted to date in high school actually told me her boyfriend liked to spank her...Yes, that killed me! A more recent case was one I instigated on FB. There was a post on our high school page about teachers we liked-which also soon included teachers not-so-liked and there were lots of spanking/paddling comments, so I actually asked if there was anyone who had a spanking story they want to relate... By the next day there were 50 responses. I was pretty amazed. Of cours
  10. What a great post. Good luck in your search!
  11. I am guess these are a go-to for many of us. I admit to liking some of them and it certainly is a lot easier than it used to be. I usually go to spankingtube. It is free and the variety is amazing. Lots of pay sites but I would feel unsafe giving a credit card to any of them. Is there a certain type of video you like? Don't like? Reason and rationale is always welcome. My guess is that everyone can weigh in here. I sort of like the ones where folks are just getting spanked because they like it by someone else who likes to do it...It isn't Uncle or dad fantasies or mom spanking bad daughter...
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