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  1. Anyone find a spanking partner on Craig's List when the personal section was allowed?
  2. long pants at the beach, sweat pants in gym class, sitting on their coat or sweater in class, overhearing "did it hurt much?"
  3. Facebook has over 30 spanking pages some private some public. A wide variety of topics. Do you know of any other social media platforms that carry spanking topics?
  4. buttocks, trunk, gluteus maximus, buns, cheeks, tail, patootie, tukhus, (never refused one because of what its called). By the way the term for wanting ass is called Pygophilia: Sexual arousal from seeing or touching the buttocks of another person.
  5. spankee naked over my lap while I'm in my business suit with erect penis sticking out before, during and after the session.
  6. Have you ever held the bare genitals of a partner while spanking their bare bottom over your lap? Did it achieve orgasm or was it done for dominance/humiliation?
  7. As a retired educator I have used detention and suspension slips, report cards and parent notes to spice things up. Being handed a note written by a "parent" indicating that "student" needs a spanking works for me.
  8. Spankers: do you have a preferred implement to spank with? Spankees what implement do you fear the most? Do you agree with the sting levels identified in the chart below?
  9. Wellred Weekly: Vol. 1, No. 12 - Consent
  10. Have you ever had someone sign a waiver or consent agreement to engage in a spanking session?
  11. Have you ever given or received a spanking as a gift to express one's love or affection to the other person. A Christmas spanking as an intimate way to celebrate the season.
  12. In the 1950's kissing booths were a fad at fairs and festivals and raised money for good causes. Would you ever go to a spanking booth now and pay for a spanking (or to give one) if it was legal and authorized?
  13. When your ass is on fire nothing else matters even the real or perceived problems you might have. After care makes the boo boo go away.
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