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  1. The Chase & Sanborn coffee ad shown below (probably from the 1950's) couldn't be made today as mores have changed. Can you remember other ads or commercials that of a similar vein?
  2. Do you think that getting spanked as a child lead to being a spanko?
  3. What were the circumstances of your most unexpected spanking? Either as a ER or EE.
  4. How many times a day do you think of spanking? Anything trigger the thought or does it come naturally?
  5. I used the grip and it got me a hole in one using my 6 iron
  6. Do men and women view spanking differently? Are there more men or women spankos? Do gays and straights view spanking the same?
  7. Spanking videos are often found in the pornography category of videos. Is erotic spanking a form of porn? Are spankos addicted to this type of porn?
  8. What is a memorable spanking scene in a mainstream film that caught your interest?
  9. Some ERs require EEs to say "thank you Sir may I have another" or something similar. Do you include this in your ritual? Is the effect obedience and humiliation?
  10. This is a list for those in the New England area of USA. https://www.therapyden.com/therapists/us/ma/boston/kink-sexual-outsiders
  11. Therapy by a licensed counselor is often sought after for a wide variety of emotional issues. How many of you would feel comfortable confiding in your therapist that you are an avowed spanko if it was central to the concerns being addressed?
  12. When giving or receiving a spanking do you have limits that cannot be crossed and are they clearly articulated prior to the session? What limits do you insist on?
  13. Literature, still image, video, audio watching a spanking in real life giving/receiving a spanking in RL.
  14. Have you been spanked outdoors? What were the circumstances or place? Did you feel differently about it than being spanked indoors?
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