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  1. Is it possible to tell who is a a spanker or spankee through body language or other non verbal cues? Has it ever happened to you?
  2. For those that have not ventured out of the Mf spanking arrangement perhaps any perspective on Fm, Ff, Mm or any other dynamic would ne enlightening.
  3. Some people seem to enjoy the activity of spanking oneself. I myself need a partner to make it worthwhile. What about you?
  4. Has the pandemic curbed your spanking activity? Or just limiting to a trusted partner?
  5. In my younger days I use to go to strip clubs now and then and had a dancer who I found out liked to be spanked. I asked her why she liked to be spanked and she said having the marks visible to others helped business.
  6. Have you ever been caught in an awkward situation where an onlooker stumbled upon you and witnessed the spanking in progress? How did you handle it? (Spanking outdoors, in cars, in offices, etc).
  7. Humiliation can occur far before the spanking by having role play involved such as driving to your spanking location in schoolgirl uniform without bra and panties. Having to go into a store to have others see you (perhaps with collar) buy rope, belt, etc. The sexual overtones can contribute to an intense experience for both parties.
  8. For a spanker the urge is to offer the discipline and yes the pain and humiliation that a bare bottom spanking can only provide. It is also a turn-on for the spanker to see a spankee in a naked vulnerable position. A considerate spanker also enjoys the aftercare.
  9. Has your interest in spanking changed over time? Does your age or station in life alter one's experience? Do you wish you had started earlier?
  10. Based on your personal experience do you think that alcohol and/or drugs make the spanking experience better or worse?
  11. The Ironwood School series by Don Winslow (not the famous Don Winslow) were a series of erotic fiction books in the 1980's that chronicled discipline in a private school for girls aimed at preparing young ladies for a life of sexual servitude. Out of print now and rather expensive to buy on eBay or Amazon but got me interested in my younger days to the whole spanking experience.
  12. Have you ever given, received, or witnessed someone receiving a hard spank on the ass and knew others saw it happen? As a former educator in high schools, I witnessed more than once someone coming up behind another student and administering a hard smack on their butt.
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