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  1. Have you been spanked outdoors? What were the circumstances or place? Did you feel differently about it than being spanked indoors?
  2. Have any of you ever been to the electricity social club on Manton Ave in Providence RI? Or for that matter any social club that is geared toward kinksters, swingers and exhibitionists? Apparently they have theme nights that may appeal to some who frequent here. This club is located in a repurposed mill in a remote area of town. Any thoughts or reviews on this concept are welcome. Spank you very much.
  3. Getting your temperature taken before having close contact is recommended by the CDC Well played.
  4. This past year I was contacted on here by a student from China who was studying at a large university about an hour and half from where I live. She wanted to be disciplined in her dorm (most students were away due to the pandemic). I considered the request but ultimately passed on the opportunity due to the virus and the distance needed to travel. Perhaps if she reads this maybe we can reschedule.
  5. or in other words just being a typical moody teenager in class
  6. Do you have "triggers" that when activated makes the thought of spanking front and center and in need of action? What are they? Do triggers vary in intensity?
  7. If there is such a demonstrated interest in spanking one would think some entrepreneur would devise a social media app that appeals to spankos and spanko sexuals. I think people who are passionate about this activity would gladly pay a modest membership fee to chat with and possibly meet like minded folks. Any ideas for or against it?
  8. How can you do corner time in the Oval Office? Asking for a friend.
  9. Making someone wait for a serious over the knee bare bottom spanking can be worrisome for the spankee. Can it be worse than the actual spanking itself?
  10. When real life spanking isn't happening do you sometimes resort to reading spanking fiction or watching spanking videos? Why is one more appealing to you than the other?
  11. When you give a playful smack on the butt and the recipient says in reply "Is that all you got" is probably a good bet he/she is a spanko.
  12. Do you often dream about spanking? If so, do they add to your spanking ideas or give you ways to enhance the experience?
  13. You can post a somewhat cryptic message under "missed connections" in your local Craigslist. Just don't make it look like a personal ad.
  14. Spanking for many is an erotic experience. In your opinion who gets the most intense erotic sensation from spanking the spanker or the spankee?
  15. Some areas of the world seem to be more relaxed to spanking than others. For example, the southern part of the USA seem to have a cultural history of spanking as part of child rearing that continues into adulthood "spare the rod spoil the child". For those that may know such things what parts of the world are not adverse to spanking activities and/or those where it is not allowed or frowned upon? Asking for a friend.
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