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  1. I just hope you appreciate the number of folks here who either passed politely on commenting, or who slightly indulged a rather transparent fantasy post with a response. I apologize if I'm off the mark - but patience is thin with this kind of think since so many other places on this forum have been made available for fantasy chat.
  2. Bingo! We have a winner!!! Give that lady a Kewpie DollπŸ˜†
  3. Nice to see several astute members reading this for what it is.... Personally, he lost me (and credibility) at: "...any demands/requests you have become void."
  4. I'm going to gently comment and hope that my intent is not misunderstood... First off - welcome! I hope you are as successful here as my friends and I have been. To that end, I might suggest you invest some time and resources in either spellcheck or grammarly in order to make your posts. It's possible that English may not be your native language, if so those types of programs will also help you to communicate effectively. It may be unfortunate, but I suspect that many ee's will make certain judgments about your stature based on things like how well you can present yourself. To be direct - if you're seeking the opportunity to "discipline" others to a higher standard for themselves, there's a good chance they will expect a higher standard from you! Good luck in your search - I hope this helps
  5. gotta love how spankers always refer to it as "favorite" πŸ˜‚
  6. I'm making a public confession:

    In the interest of security and seeking full disclosure, I recently did a deep dive to discover anything I could about one of our members - Ms Chawsee. Apparently she is a woman who appreciates her privacy, but I did manage to dig up one photograph of her, presumably out on on the job:



    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. michgal.k



      I'm guessing Chawsee doesn't have a direct line to MissB. That paddle does look suspiciously close to the EAW though

    3. goodboy_will


      I need to edit my above post and change it to say Ms. Mary needs that big paddle for Superbrat. :P :P :P

    4. Chawsee


      I see!Β Cute, Ben.Β It just so happens that a box of spanking paddles is en-route to MissBam, due to be delivered any day now. Talk about perfectΒ timing!Β :DΒ 

  7. Thank you for sharing your honest perspective ...and my bet would be that most male ee's believe your feelings to be the norm for many women - which contributes to why many males with the desire or need to be spanked remain in the closet. If you're a true female spanker, I'm curious about what you'll do with that need/desire/drive when you do enter a romantic relationship - how will that need find expression?
  8. I was recently chatting with a new SN friend, and during the discussion of professionals, etc - they sent me a website for a traveling "Domestic Disciplinarian" working in California. I was extremely impressed with her website for many reasons, most of all for how close to home she nails and addresses specific kind of 'spanking need" that some of us have. I'm really curious if anyone here has used her services and to what extent (she does coaching, etc that involves disciplinary spankings). Her name is "Maia". I'm not posting the website link here because I'm not sure it's allowable
  9. Welcome, In my opinion, your candor about yourself and where your interest lies is the best way of introducing yourself and making sure that those who respond have accurate expectations.
  10. Welcome to the pond! Be sure to look over the Safety & Guidance threads - it will enhance your journey significantly, and reach out to veterans with established reputations (check out profiles to see how many posts, length of time and reputation) whenever needed.
  11. Hmmm - as a male EE I would say "yes & no" My theory about why one might not hear as much from a male EE TFTB, is because the "topping" is different, and therefore does not look or sound like the "topping" classically associated with women EE's. My guess is that there should be a slightly different category called MFTB (manipulating from the bottom) - sort of the spanko version of "manspaining". It might start with "Here's the way I'd really like to get spanked...." or "Here's what it would be great if you would wear..." etc, etc, etc. That said, context and timing are everything in regards to this. It's one thing to have intimate discussion separate from any spanking activity where both partners discuss preferences, desires, boundaries, etc. It's totally a different story for someone who is face down with their pants at their ankles, to take over the role of producer, director and screenwriter for the scenario. Regarding "safety", in general I agree that from a purely physical standpoint, males have more security, but it's also worth mentioning that when we're talking power dynamics, there's other kinds of abuse besides physical.
  12. Wait a minute! You mean every Wednesday isn't World Spanking Day? I can't believe I fell for that πŸ˜†
  13. For newbies, when you read here about "red flags", this sentence would constitute a "red flag"... In and of itself, it does not constitute deception - but it should register with you that this person is fishing for an obvious response. It could be perfectly legitimate, but common sense says that anyone asking that question about that photo already knows the answers they'll probably get. If I were interested in reaching out to this person, the next thing I would look at is how long have they been on the site and the information on their profile, followed by a search on their content. No disrespect intended to the original poster - just an object lesson in forum safety.
  14. ....and this is why I quit being an admin on other sites! πŸ˜† "Hats off" and kudos to the admins here for meritorious patience, tolerance and respect. (Btw, I never go in chat, but read the Forums almost daily)
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