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  1. A lttle "curbing" would be a welcome relief! Have not been on here in a long time, but the fact that I'm having to type this standing up kinda reminded me of the old days here! So many probably want to know "What's it like trapped in isolation with a legendary "ER" like MissBam? I can sum it up in a word; "Ouch" During a time when everyone is stressing, locked up at home, nerves on edge, serious cabin fever - try to imagine tip toeing around the house but constantly getting pulled over her knee for a hairbrush "reminder" that lasts 20 minutes....and then an hour later she decides that the arm of the couch looks "empty" so out comes the paddle, down go the boxers! Home from work, she has had enough time on her hands to place implements in literally every room of the house, and I'm pretty sure her goal is to try and see how many she can use in a day, and to see if she can keep my backside so tender that just the thought of a hand spanking is scary. I'm sure all this sounds wonderful to some, but if you haven't experienced what it is like to be spanked constantly, then you don,...oh crap, just got busted...here we fgo again helllp!
  2. And just like that.... he was gone again!

  3. From a couple long time, old SN veterans: So once upon a time, there was a frustrated and lonely guy who had repressed a lifetime of desire to be across the lap of a caring, loving woman. One night he did a google search and wandered upon a forum where there were other people posting all kinds of marvelous, wonderful stories about spanking, and being spanked....and then he entered his very first chat room - EVER!😀 Before long he began to build a few very real, very close friendships with a handful of people - one of whom fascinated him to the point of taking his breath away whenever she would send a pm, or address him in a chat room... That small circle of friends eventually gathered in perosn and brought their friendships off of the computer screen and into real life. Five years later that guy was no longer frustrated, no longer lonely and blessed by having MissBam agree to be his fiance'. Although we've all been largely absent for SN for periods of time, in the years since, a precious circle of the friends made here have become nothing less than family to both myself and MissBam. We reminisced this evening about some of the old stories, dramas and friendships - and it prompted me to come back on and share an update, hoping that it might serve as inspiration to others that fairy tales (and tails) really can come true. MissB and I are happy, healthy, together and still in love! Peace Dunben (aka: 2bspanked)
  4. Howdy Poison! Ben a long time ?
  5. Now that Miss Bam and I are in a full-time, live in relationship, I thought I would share some information and dispel some common misconceptions. Those that know her, know what a passion Miss Bam has for spanking, so the easy assumption to make is that I am subjected to the ever-present, constant threat of being spanked mornings, noon and night and everywhere in between. Nothing could be further from the truth. She doesn't do mornings... (most of the time)
  6. This is the 5th summer I have zig zagged across the USA camping up to the pacific northwest and back again.... With all the diversity in locations the forum members represent, I'm surprised we don't have a travel club like AirBnB What could the name be?
  7. Although not on here much these days, for those interested I'm alive and well now in the pacific northwest visiting Miss Bam...


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    2. gingerlee


      Ok EEs, this is your chance. MissBam has her hands full, it is now safe to be mischievous in the pacific northwest and not worry about the consequences. ;)

    3. Poison's


      Well I'm very glad to know this information!  I haven't talked to you or MissB in forever!!!!

  8. well, don't know about the other stuff, but you should definitely stop baiting your master! (couldn't resist - just teasing) Good luck in your search - it's worth the effort!
  9. For me: For the most part, the reason it works is more because of the accountability than it is the spanking. When we use spanking as a tool to deal with something like procrastination, it becomes an admission of failure - of "losing" so to speak. In my mind, it is almost like wagering a bet. Sort of "if I lose or am wrong, you get to punish me" - and two things I HATE are to be wrong, and to lose; so even if there is a part of me that likes/needs a spanking, there's a bigger part of me that does not like "losing". Now that said, I also have to admit that I've experienced discipline from someone who does not view it as any kind of "game" to be won or lost - assigned by my partner, she views a punishment as a pure negative consequence that should be negative and feared enough to be avoided - so when it comes to dealing with her, it's flat out fear (held in place by integrity) that provides the motivation. While the reality is that as an adult, I could simply say "no" to her if I screwed up - I place too high a premium on my word to go back on it. If I enter into an agreement and give my word that I will comply with the "terms" - then it's a done deal for me - there is no backing out. Lastly, I'd be surprised if most 'ees who respond to you did not confess that the WORST thing is the look of disappointment or hurt that you describe - the consequence of a spanking actually relieves the pain of that look in the eyes of someone you care about. just my two cents
  10. Thanks for all the sweet remarks and wishes
  11. hmmm - maybe it escaped you that I was barefoot outside, but certainly, thank you for your otherwise astute observational abilities
  12. Just know I did everything in my power to stop it....
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