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  1. For me, it's most definitely the attitude I can get.
  2. Unless I'm missing something here, the original poster said nothing about spanking her out of anger or about spanking her because she was angry. As far as her having an appointment, it seems like this situation has never been discussed before or never has come up. Maybe something you both need to have a discussion about.
  3. I've seen this turn into a pretty heated debate in the past. My Dom is also my romantic partner and we are in a committed long term relationship. Sometimes we have sex after a punishment and sometimes we do not. We don't go instantly from spanking to sex. Like shy said, it's long after once everything has been forgiven. For us, it doesn't take away from the punishment itself. I'm forgiven...so why shouldn't I receive a "reward" from time to time as some call it?
  4. You're quite the smartass aren't you? lol
  5. Sadie is banned simply because she banned DarkRose and she is my friend.
  6. The ERs that think they know everything and have some sort of respect owed to them simply because they are a top. Or if you're talking merely as friends and they end the conversation with "be a good girl" or some crap along those lines.
  7. I can definitely say that I've been on my best behavior!
  8. Ummm that makes zero sense. IF his entire reasoning behind having the rule is that it's illegal, then you shouldn't be able to drink on any other occasion regardless of permission. Like many have already said, he's a mentor. The things that change are the things YOU want to change. I see you agreed to the rule in the beginning. Why? Not that it matters. You no longer do agree. The topic needs to be discussed again. Keep in mind it may be one of those hard rules for him so to speak. And in the future, always think it through before you agree to a rule. Good luck!!
  9. Not that the general question isn't a great topic btw! https://www.spankingneeds.com/board/index.php?/forum/7-external-links/
  10. This may be better put in the links section. Aside from munches that go on in certain places, I can't say I know of a place that I would consider exactly safe. Good luck with your upcoming spanking!
  11. Um you're welcome though I don't think the recipient will appreciate it lol. Cane-iac is where we got our set from too. A "nice" loopy, otk cane, and larger cane.
  12. The deadliest myth about Dominance and submission is that one partner has to be weak.  The best D/s relationships strengthen you both!!

    1. AfterGeometry


      There is nothing weak about D/s.  That's just the propaganda from ignorant fools.  

    2. JoKitten


      You need a  bit tension in that dynamic

    3. Poison's


      I'm not sure what you mean there Jo.

  13. *is very proud of shy for all of her accomplishments* And thanks a specific person for their assistance in that! Great question btw shy!!! Me not opening up has always been a huge problem for me. It leads to me being in a constantly annoyed mood and taking it out on others. Those others just typically seem to be the people I care about the most. While I still have the problem from time to time, it's not nearly as bad as what it used to be!!! Cooking...I literally used to cook EVERYTHING out of a box. Even if it was fried chicken, it was frozen and in a box. It may seem like a trivial thing to some but my family loves the home cooked meals and they're more cost efficient and healthier. The house. Due to some health issues, I haven't worked in quite a long time. Once all of my kids were in school, that left me home alone all day. I remember being on this site nearly 24/7 and literally sitting in my room most of the time. Now I don't exactly have a list of things to do during the day but I have to write down what I've done all day. It's typically the same thing as in doing the dishes, sweeping/cleaning the kitchen, picking up the livingroom, and prepping dinner, etc. It keeps me more focused and prevents me from basically sitting on my ass daily. There are still plenty of things that I am working on but I'll get there..with his help!
  14. Geometry is banned merely because I have nothing better to do atm.
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