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  1. Poison's

    new male spankee here

    Welcome to SN and good luck!
  2. Poison's

    Being over heard

    I agree with Gator. I have kids myself. As long as she won't be right in the next room, you should be just fine.
  3. I wouldn't have to manage my anger, if people could learn to manage their stupidity.

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    2. shygurl



    3. Poison's


      *hugs Brat*  Asking a lot on both sides Geometry!!  

    4. Bha


      This is great!

  4. Poison's

    Hello from CA

    Welcome to SN and hope you enjoy! We also have a Submissive Lifestyle group if you'd be interested in joining that.
  5. Wondering why I said I'd be good.  Seems awfully boring about now.

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    2. shygurl


      Poor baby...C was keeping me busy!!

    3. Poison's


      You're forgiven but only because I love you soooo much!!

    4. shygurl


      Aww, love you too!!

  6. Poison's

    Lead By Example

    Obviously I wrote this wrong. When I said Ers, I meant anyone who claims to be a top. I wasn't speaking about a specific group. Currently, it is generally those who claim to be a Dom but in the past, it has been others. Or you have the ones who attempt to spank or regulate so to speak in chat. While it may be "just" chat to some, I find it highly disrespectful.
  7. Poison's

    Lead By Example

    I agree Bha, there are some great ERs on this site! I've also run into some not so great ones in my opinion. Those that don't seem to respect the fact that you already have someone. Or ones that seem to think for one reason or another, they are above you.
  8. Poison's

    Lead By Example

    I've always thought, seen others say, and been told that Ers are supposed to lead by example. If that's actually the case, how come I run into so many that are disrespectful or possibly behave worse than some Ees??
  9. New day with a new outlook. I got this!

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    2. geeky_child


      You're going to do great! 

    3. Poison's


      Thank you!  By the way geeky, the random wave that came through fb messenger yesterday, that would be me.

    4. geeky_child


      Ohhhh!  I've messaged back.  Sorry, your name seemed familiar, I just couldn't place where I knew you from.

  10. Poison's

    Non-Spanking Punishments

    What an excellent idea!!
  11. Poison's

    Non-Spanking Punishments

    I've be given quite a few punishments that weren't spanking. I think most have been mentioned. Can they be worse than a spanking, definitely. I'd much rather be spanked than to be grounded from something or to be on a time restriction when it comes to being online. Oh and that stupid cream. Worst thing I ever bought.
  12. Poison's

    Older men

    I believe there have been topics that bottoms explain what they each get out of it. You could always start one too?
  13. Can't shake this feeling of losing control.  Really wondering what would happen if I said screw my goals.

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    2. Wifey


      A few things will happen. Maybe a less than pleasant sensation on your bottom. But more important you will be further from accomplishing what you want to. Assuming your goals are reasonable of course! 

    3. AfterGeometry


      Goals are overrated.   Focus on the here and now.  One day at a time. 

    4. Poison's


      Couldn't' have said it better myself Geometry!  

  14. Poison's

    My Two Sides

    Damn typo lol. That was supposed to say can obviously.
  15. Poison's

    A spankee"s Book of Excuses

    You innocent? pffft lol Someone needs to fill him in.