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  1. Miss talking to you my friend :)

    1. RIspanko


      Been a long time since I have seen P doesnt even answer emails

  2. A tried to join the Submissive club, attempting to allow my submissive side emerge - as it has for 3 months now. Rather difficult for a once dominant figure, but I'm trying to read all I can on FLR and really admiring strong women much more than the submissive types. I hope u can let me learn more here. I haven't had the first hard spanking or a strap-on yet.

  3. I've heard about plenty of EEs getting ghosted but not ERs. Sorry that happened to you.
  4. *peeks in*

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    2. RIspanko


      Hi P been too long hope things are well

    3. Poison's


      I'm trying!  I really am.  Miss you all!

    4. gingerlee


      Stay this time, please?

  5. Too early to be irritated... 145
  6. I thought you moved 3 not 4??? 136
  7. I merely want to add that anti depressants are not only given for depression. There's also several different types!
  8. 136 Is it really winning doing it this way Geometry? Lol
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