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  1. Lotion Applied?

    You would think for most it would be but to each their own.
  2. I get that he doesn't like me knowing what to expect but dang do I hate when he switches things up! 

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    2. AfterGeometry


      You don't want things falling into a predictable rut, now...do you?  It keeps you guessing, on your toes. ;):P

    3. Poison's


      You two are horrible lol 😝 

    4. Child of Light

      Child of Light

      I need your address again, P!!!! I got a few things for him :) 

  3. Warning

    It's an iPhone but with Verizon. It doesn't happen every time. Very weird.
  4. Warning

    Warning- dangerous site This site may contain viruses, Spyware, other unwanted items. I get a message similar to this every time I try to access the site on my phone. I can go back to safety or continue anyways. If I continue, I can't post or reply to anything. Anybody else getting this warning message???
  5. New

    Welcome! I've always wanted to go to Switzerland. Hope you enjoy your stay here. I don't think many of us 100% know exactly what we want in the beginning. In time, we figure it out... For the most part. Good luck!
  6. (M)Canadian Spanker living in the Netherlands

    Welcome to the site! Hope you enjoy!
  7. Spankers multiple choice?

    I'm not an Er but I think a lot of these questions, either can answer. I'd get another spanking and likely an essay on top of it or added chores if I were to act that way.
  8. Nasty Side?

    I'm not sure what sort of scenario you're talking about. I don't know many people who like any sort of real punishment. I would think things had been discussed prior to where you wouldn't be crossing any limits. Hate to say it but some of these polls you put up are worded in a horrible way. If they're worded how you're intending them to be, good luck getting anyone to reply. Anyone who does anything without 100% consent, should be stayed away from.
  9. Spankers would you consider?

    We've used plugs for other reasons but never during a spanking that I recall.
  10. Lotion Applied?

    I've had lotion or oil put on prior to a spanking to intensify the sting. Sometimes afterwards, though not normally immediately, to help with bruising.
  11. Today I start working on cutting back on cigarettes to eventually quit. Wish me luck!! I'm going to need it! 

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    2. Poison's


      Thanks for all the encouragement everyone and for the laugh Gator! 

    3. NaughtyBabyGrl


      Not a easy thing to do...but you can do it...Good luck!


    4. JoKitten


      I'll wish you the best of luck with that cos cigarettes don't do us any good. Be prepared if you find however if you've relied on cigarettes to meet other, typically emotional, needs to deal with them as needed too. ((Hugs))

  12. New from Dayton Ohio

    Hey, welcome to SN. Hope you enjoy!
  13. Sometimes, you just need a hug...on the butt... with a paddle. 

  14. Never Ever Have I...

    I've been in quite a few. My current relationship has never exactly been vanilla entirely but not nearly what it is now. Never ever have I been spanked in public.
  15. Profile Picture

    And I can't imagine why on earth you would have such a thing!!! lol