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  1. So I am in a LTR with a vanilla and it is not a great relationship, but that doesn't really have much to do with spanking. We have just seemed to grow apart. He is very much a vanilla in all things bedroom related. He also doesn't have much of a sex drive...never really did, but as we have aged his has lowered even further. He knows that I like being spanked for erotic purposes, but since we have such difficulty having conversations about sexual interests, the thought of trying to explain my need for being spanked outside of the erotic aspect is too much. He knows that I visit spanking si
  2. Yes, but my father took it beyond spanking to a level of beating and abuse. That is definitely not what I look for as an adult.
  3. Just out of curiosity, what are the best positions for spanked to be in to receive these types of spankings?
  4. Welcome! Glad you are here. There are lots of great people on this site.
  5. Welcome! I'm a Georgian as well. I hope you find what you are looking for.
  6. Yep, Pjc. We definitely have fun in Georgia. ?
  7. Lol! Well, I am classically trained in acting. I also have a degree in psychology and business administration. Yep, I always say that I started working in the field of psychology, but didn't consider myself mentally healthy so I quit my job, sold my house and went back to school to major in illusion (theatre/acting). ?
  8. I love it! Of course, having a degree in Performance Theatre helps!
  9. Thank you for sharing gingerlee! I am glad that it has worked out for you. I love hearing about good experiences.
  10. Thank you all for your responses. This was very helpful. I really appreciate how this community really tries to help one another.
  11. AnnieMia


    I voted staying inside - but that is only for now. I broke my foot recently and am still unsteady. Once I get back into decent shape, I would love to sled, build a snowman and make snow angels- basically play outside. I am a kid at heart. For now, I am enjoying looking out my windows at the beauty of it all while drinking coffee and petting my dogs.
  12. Thank you for the replies! So, in general, a plastic hairbrush is a lighter, more stingy, less painful implement than a wooden hairbrush, but more likely to break? I realize there are exceptions to the rule, but as a general statement?
  13. Hi all, I have never been spanked with a hairbrush. Many people reference hairbrush spankings. What I want to know is do you use a wooden hairbrush or a plastic hairbrush? I was looking in the grocery store the other day and they had tons of plastic hairbrushes (including flat or slightly rounded solid back hairbrushes), but I didn't really see any wooden ones. What kind do you use? Is buying a plastic hairbrush acceptable for spanking or does it need to be a wooden hairbrush? Thanks in advance for any assistance and shared knowledge! Annie
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