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  1. Acceptance. Social anxiety hits me hard due to previous bouts with depression... and I find that I have trouble in just being "me". I fear what people think, what they don't say, if I'm someone "worthy" of being a friend or not. Then to make matters worse, you can apply this same fear to me directly. Do I accept myself? I want to lose weight, but then this hits me and I realize that's not something I can ever do. That's not who I am, I'm just "me-h". I will never truly love myself for who I am and why should I expect anyone else to too? A constant battle...
  2. Yes which makes it even more confusing sometimes never received nor given...
  3. North Florida has been a dry spot sadly. See people in Georgia. Alabama. And of course Central Florida... yet nothing out here to the west of the Panhandle. Hello though fellow Northern Floridian!
  4. Same here buddy. Don't lose heart.
  5. Best thing to hear from someone
  6. Of course you have to be on the other side of the bloody state... I need Florida to be divided up into 3 states or something....
  7. Hello and welcome from NW Florida! Where in FL are you at about?
  8. I am, we've talked before. Still waiting for teleport technology... but posting here in case anyone else near me sees this Or if they need it and see me. I don't know if I'm an -er, -ee, or switch yet.
  9. Least you are where you are. I'm still at the stage where I haven't found someone to spank or be spanked. It's just a curiosity that festers... never letting me go. You'll have to tell me later what you're finding about yourself.
  10. Laree


    That's the best way to start! Hello and W.E.L.C.O.M.E. welcome!
  11. Hello! NW Florida here. Get to know people first
  12. Tampa and Orlando are prime spots. I'm sure you'll find what you need!
  13. There's a lot of what you said that I can fully understand. I have a similar desire, good luck to us both
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